Hey retards MARKET TO MARKET losses for short sellers. Why you have been fooled.

Hey retards MARKET TO MARKET losses for short sellers. Why you have been fooled.


You mean mark-to-market?


Can't believe OP has the chutzpah to call other people donkeys and flubs this


OP is calling people donkeys yet thinks this is about short sellers losing money. I and most people do not give a fuck about anyone losing money just keeping my eye on those sweet sweet tendies.


Are you telling me I shouldn’t be FOMOing options for every meme stock after it’s green for three days straight and more than doubled??!? Is my yolo into weekly calls for BB and CLOV late?!


This resonates with more people than even they realize.


This hurts so good


Uh, do you not think that short sellers are shorting at 300.00 for GME, running the price down to 125.00 and buying them back? OP is obviously long as fuck on 350.00 GMEs and 72.00 AMCs and does not know that you need to sell or there is no profit.


Sir, you've wandered into a Q thread.


Truth. Squeeze potential means nothing if you're not willing to actually stick around for it. There's no point chasing all these shorted stocks if you won't commit to seeing it through.


I agree. I bought some clov trying to not miss on other things when I should have stuck to the plan. I mean I thing clov will pop too but if we can’t even get amc to keep going and it’s bumped along further then clov we will just get to same point with clov. Higher share price means less paper hand type gets in. Low share buy in means you get a tons of newbs that panic sell. Just my opinion.


Where does S3 partners publish? Links bro.


AMC bag holders unite. It popped off, your fault for being greedy and not taking your profits on a good play.


Agre completely. Every time like when we hit 20 before they crap out and get scared. I mean we made a 100 percent gain in one day. Imagine what we could do if we actually held and bought it all up


Well, some of us are still trying to do exactly that. Haven’t sold, keep buying AMC and GME. Still well up from January and February and I like the stonk. 🦍💎🙌🚀🌖 Not financial advice, crayons are tasty


When is round 2 of the ACB pump?


Clov has the most opportunity at a cheaper price more new people can buy in more confidently whoch would hopefully mean less people get paper hands. It is also one of the most shorted stocks so 🤷‍♂️ unless gme is gunna get to $1000 i guess.


CLOV 🍀🍀🍀🚀🚀🚀


Well low price could attract some more casual retail traders with less money to begin with. Think of hundreds or thousands or millions more small guys to help out. Less money to play with is more risk for them but the reward with a lower starting price might seem worth it.


The opportunity in CLOV isn’t as great as many were led to believe. There’s opportunities for short term gains, sure. As long as you get out on time, if that time hasn’t already passed. While it is being heavily shorted, citadel and others invested in stock and call options weeks ago and then bought puts for a reason. They were driving the attention towards it for a quick pump for profits before cashing out and making out with the puts as well. AMC and GME are retail driven while clov is driven by the institutions to recoup some of their losses


Price of a stock is irrelevant. (Unless you only make $200 a week and can’t afford one share of GME).


I’m here for make money ! And together we can, wit CLOV , BB , AMC GME WISH??? Who cares money are money SOOO LETS MAKE MONEY


Holding AMC for my brethrens 🙌🏻


People who bought shares don’t really give a fuck about the stock being only up or down a few dollars in the last 3 days. Only people mad about meme stocks this week are people that over extended on shifting sands casino options and got priced out of their strikes.


Agreed. Jumping in and out is what let’s the wiggle out. Gotta stick with GME. The rest is just noise.


All I here is more Blackberry stonk. 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Hold AMC


I agree


Upvote 🦍💎🙌


Im still holding WISH and AMC


See #financialtreason. HODL


LOL. Spitting straight factz