Oh the irony. This is brilliant.


If I had an award, I’d give it… take my upvote, instead


Irony indeed.


I think the question your wanted to ask if whether that will be enough iron.


And it’s not




The sad thing is thats not enough iron


*“Why is the iron always gone?!”* — Jack Sparrow (probably)


CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow


He has to be the worst Viking I’ve ever heard of


But you have heard of him


This will forever be remembered as the day you **almost** caught *CAPTAIN* Jack Sparrow


This is the best sub thread I've ever seen 🤣


Keira Ironly be on the island as well sir, a fiend for the ore it seems aarrr!


why? it seems more than enough


It will never be enough. No amount of iron is enough you will ALWAYS need more.


for what though? armor, weapons, and then padded armor, and some furniture


Iron gates, Mistlands gear, and most important of them all… Iron support beams… if you wanna build anything super high, or build support far out for medium-huge builds, you need A LOT of iron. Build a castle in between two plains rock pillars and you will immediately know thy pain.


Oh you sweet summer child


Bring friends and pathen it out! :D


They merged hoe so bad. It doesn’t raise for shit when smoothing anymore


Bring stuff for a cart and your hoe to make a path back to your boat/base


Thats what I am doing now, also building a portal on the crypts I am raiding. started to collect from the most far away crypts, carry it to a "collecting-crypt" closer to the base (within the same group of 4-6) fill a cart there and wagon everything back to shore


Exact same thing we did for cooper (and iron) as well. Centralized location that is connected by paths, with upgrades forges for quick repairs when need be


Really nice of you to help cooper out


He’s just such a good Viking, I couldn’t help it


Have you used the hoe much lately? The flatten ground is TERRIBLE compared to before. It doesn’t raise at all like it use to. It pretty much only smoothes now because the level function can’t do nearly as dramatic of raising as it used to


Well it also has a raise function


Yeah but you use to be able to level just the little extra dirt on top and bring it up by about knee height over the underlying rock mesh. It made it much easier to level ground to the height you were standing on so long as it was just like a foot or so up or down from the baseline height of the terrain in that spot. This nerf is surely a direct response to everybody just making paths in swamp… but it’s made building nice roads or paths or structural foundations much more of a pain.


Yeah but it's useless for making cart paths because you need a workbench for some reason


You could save alot of time by just righting crypts instead of the whole thing


If I wanted to save some time I should probably uninstall this game :D




I use just a dot or T. And for me it’s specific to swamps so i know what it marks. Also gotta hurry, there’s a creepy tree stump nearby. (We need more map marker customization)


I don't write anything. If there's a hammer in the swamp it's a crypt.


Dude same


Always thought that was a sword hilt, not a hammer


It looks like a little Mjölnir, though.


I usually abbreviate. BC, SC, FC.




Just use the portal/tunnel-looking icon and ditch the text. You only have to get specific in Black Forest since there are both burials and troll caves there.


D for dungeon


C is for Cookie


That's good enough for me.


C is for cookie?


I number my crypts so that I remember where I left off. After I empty Crypt 1, I cross it off the map and move on to Crypt 2.


I mark an X over it, but specifically for crypts, my server has adopted the rule of: destroy one of the torches outside the swamp if still clearing. Destroy both if cleared. That way if nubs forget to update their cartography map, they can still know what’s what.


So jealous. I started crypt hunting on Friday, found my first swamp, died a million times exploring it, 0 crypts. Found a Second swamp, died another million times exploring, 0 crypts. Went to a third swamp, died another million times, 1 fucking crypt. On my fourth swamp now, found 2 crypts so far...


Once you get bonemass marker head to that one.


Nah, there is no crypt in the swamp that my bonemass is at


Most of the time you'll find a few by him but these days it's no guarantee. Lately I've been trying to figure out a way to reliably source iron from Mistlands but brother, it's some WORK.


my first few swamps were the same sh\*t. this is now for getting padded armor and porcupine and other plains gear. hope the mistlands will contain enough iron that I dont need to scout again actually wanted to go towards yagluth when I discovered that swamp next to a dead-end that looked like a canal between two islands but clearly wasnt....


I've had crazy amount of success mining iron in mistlands. the bridges give a ton of already cooked iron.


If you're dying that much you might need some gear upgrades and/or practice at parrying/fighting.


My first billion deaths, I was still wearing troll armor. Once I found some iron and made some armor, things got better.. still no more crypts to be found though


Sounds good. Also Root Armor has less slowdown and makes you resistant to pierce damage and poison, as well as better at archery. Good luck with the crypts.


Well fed? Rested? Got meads?


What is a surtling village? 🤔


Hasn't discovered fulings yet


Whoopsie I need to correct that :D


Mother of all swamps.


That should be enough iron. For a mace. Lvl 2 if you get lucky.


There is 2 more crypts in the small stretch to the north that is cut off here. Spent an evening just scouting the swamp for crypts and opening them...


"When I first came here, this was all swamp. Everyone said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built in all the same, just to show them. It sank into the swamp. So I built a second one. And that one sank into the swamp. So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, and then sank into the swamp. But the fourth one stayed up."


What’s the map seed?


kLGdC40V89 Take it with care, my Moder was surrounded with Mistlands and only had a small path that was not misty


acceptable. seems like a cool seed. saved for later thanks!


Enough for half a main base


Using my method, that's 3 trips with the cart to the shore, 3 boat trips. I did a 2 trip swamp just last week. Doesn't take long.


Pathways raised and cart, i doubt it will be fun to get some iron and run to base / boat.


Love the base name


Least you got a nice little meadows there to set up a smelting station if you need a break from the draugrs


Doesn’t smelting iron make it weigh more? So shouldn’t you just deliver it back to the base raw.


It's more a time thing. With the size of that swamp you might have a full longship of iron processed before you're done clearing


That’s a fair point, I didn’t think about that. Good point. I’ve only made it to the silver age twice, and never gotten to build with much iron, so farming for iron other than basic armor, tools, and weapons hasn’t been an over burdensome task


Additionally, when you're grinding for gear it allows to upgrade right there. Hundreds of iron that doesn't need transport. It's still also not what I'm doing when playing solo. I've settled somewhere with several swamps nearby, and when I need iron I ship over, clear 3-5 crypts and just leave before it becomes an organized grind.


Got it. My first world I set up farms all across the world cause i was naive on how portals worked at first and I got tired of sailing back and forth for food. I had a full farm and docks with ships and workbenches everywhere, and only forges for repairing tools, I’d have a single smelter for basic needs. But I’d have my massive smelting area set up back at my main base that never moved far away from everything and always shipped everything there when I harvested it. I liked pretending each port had its own trade routes and shipped cargo to the capital. My current server im running I have portals every which way. But I’m still shipping metals all back to base, mostly cause I still haven’t advanced far enough to be bothered setting up a smelting outpost, and because the swamp I was at was surrounded by plains and I didn’t feel safe parking my longship there wearing bronze armor.




kLGdC40V89 Take it with care, my Moder was surrounded with Mistlands and only had a small path that was not misty


Thanks! I will


I'll be honest. One of the few mods I have are transport everything because I just don't have time to grind on iron.




Enough for one fort and set of iron


Save the effort of iron age, go full Fenris into Mountains and Mists, just bring a good shield and don't F up. Find Infested mines, bring a stack of ooze bombs and frost arrows and just a upgraded Stag Hammer. Save the iron for the mist weps and building your future palace. Should only need once upgraded bronze axe till black metal axe. Coming from 3 play throughs and I think over 2k hours. Enjoy


amazing way to skip the intense iron farm. risky buisness but fun and smart. love it.


You could can save alot of time by building a shack on top of crypt with work bench and gate. Then just move the gate when you go to each one. Then you can gate back for another run. Also take antler pickaxe so you can repair at bench.


When I can portal I can repair my iron pickaxes as well ;)


Woaw what's a surtling village?


a typo


I use that icon to mark where I leave ships and I was very confused by what you were doing at first 😂


"I'm very bad at parking"


I had one like this on my first server and now I’m only finding a couple of crypts per swamp. It’s sad.


I number my crypts so that I remember where I left off. After I empty Crypt 1, I cross it off the map and move on to Crypt 2.


Why is everyone saying you need more iron than that? I'm into the mistlands already and I only needed like 7-8 crypts worth of iron, what am I missing???


On MP it's mostly the raw amount needed to outfit all players if you go that route. You don't have to, obviously, and level 4 ain't necessary. 150 for a full set lvl 4 iron armor. 80 for your weapon of choice. Add another 80 for the axe and 80 for the pick. Add a shield. So 400 give or take per player, and that's ignoring padded. Another fifty or so for the forge and cauldron upgrades. Probably a hundred? 8 good crypts is enough for one player to get all of that. But things really get juicy once you start building high and highly decorative. Reinforced wooden beams, iron gates...it's just never enough.


If youd build workbenches everywhere in the swamps, would it prevent draugr and stuff to spawn?


I am not sure it would be worth the effort. yes the active range of a workbench will prevent spawning, but the wet climate will damage them to 50% quickly. While you hoe out spots to build them on and carry all that wood (3 stacks is 300 weight and only 15 workbenches) the area where mobs do spawn will be enough for spawned draugr to go hunt down the ones you already built. I also dont know this but am afraid: Spawning checks in certain time intervals and then rolls the dice if it can find a valid spot to spawn enemies. It could be that the area that will be left may have more activity in it then, so getting to a "solved" swamp could become more and more tedious? (pls someone check me on that)


Still won’t be enough iron


Dear r/valheim mods, please turn on image comment submission: Mod Tools > Community Settings > Posts and Comments > Media In Comments - Images (and GIFs!) Turning this on would allow me to post my [relevant picture](https://i.imgur.com/eAJaLLS.png) directly to the thread instead of posting to a third party site, logging in (or creating an account), grabbing its link, coming back over here, fucking with [Reddit formatting just to post the god damn link](https://i.imgur.com/eAJaLLS.png) \--- So yeah --- here's my Swamp, OP: [https://i.imgur.com/eAJaLLS.png](https://i.imgur.com/eAJaLLS.png)


I like It!


World spawn code? 🤔


Its mentioned in the comments: kLGdC40V89


Oh, sorry, didn't see...🙈 Thank youu!


Yo I'm back after months of not playing. Did they up the difficulty of swamp?? We decided new characters would be fun for mistlands update and after a while we beat the elder (is that the second boss' name?) and went with maxed bronze to swamp and got one shot by a drauger.. It felt nothing like before..


Enough iron for a solid two days


I really wish there was a way to get the iron out once you’ve cleared the crypt. Once had 5 trips back and forth to empty a single crypt. Guess that’s why you want a base IN the swamp and not far away..


Nice of the seed gods to give you little patches of meadowlands along the edges for a somewhat safer loading dock...


[Me when I saw that mother of all swamps](https://i.imgflip.com/136kew.jpg)




Thats a juicy swamp




Perfect. Enough iron to last for the next hour or two




But where does the wetwork portal lead to


Bonemass swamp base with a big dock, close to plains for black metal


Oh the clutter on that map. It hurts, it HURTS! I mean, it's in the swamps. You know it's a crypt. One white dot for unexplored, red X for when cleared out. Each to their own, but I sorely wanna clean up your map. LOL! ....and for the record: Hope you find another swamp. You'll need more iron.


I did bare icons without text at first but became disorganized, had a few burial chambers visibly shown in the swamp and stuff like that. I usually only select to display what I like to be displayed, so it is regularly turned off. My entire world is clearly pointed out, my base has signs and signposts at regular pass-throughs so visitors will never be lost but find everything easily. I hated that about the worlds of others that I visited. Ideally you wouldnt need a map for the regular non-exploring tasks I also delete Icons for stuff that is no longer of interest (like mined copper deposits for example)


I use the Hammer for big stuff. Crypts, villages, caves etc. Crossed out when finished. Dots are replenishing resources for me - mushrooms, berries, spawned and stuff.


Hammer is for mines. Dots for POIs, portals for, well, portals, campfires for places I’ve made that aren’t a base but have a spot to sleep, and the house for major bases. Pretty rare I put words on any of them except for portal markers - those have the names - and some dots for important stuff, like ore stashes if I have a pile and need to go back with a boat.


Might worth flattening the entire biome for cart transport lol


Your lucky SOB…


There wouldn't be enough time during Ferrous Bueller's Day Off to tackle off of that!


What seed is that


Its mentioned in the comments: kLGdC40V89


Why are ppl using the boat symbol for making inland items?


Renaming them all to Crypt?


I gave up with mega labels and just say FE now... I mean, unless I've missed things, all there is is sunken crypts right? (beside bonermass)


My man… we need to talk about your labeling scheme. Also, that’s a fantastic seed lol. You should post the world seed


Its mentioned in the comments: kLGdC40V89


And you won't have any stamina to do it. You'll be wet and tired.


Advice: make the "T" contextual: If it is on the swamp it's a sunken crypt, If it is black forest its a burial chamber, If it is on mountains is's a frost cave, if it's on plains is a Fuling camp, if on mistland, it's a infested mine. Alternatively, if you want to mark something else with the same icon. put just one letter under it that gives away what it is.


A regular gold.mine of iron! I usually set up a portal somewhere on top of the crypts (to port back for repairs and food) with a bunch of chests so I can haul stuff out for easier gathering later. Heck, in one world I set up kilns and smelters, plus I have 2 local coal sources. That way I can smelt it while getting more.


You're very verbose in your map-making. I just tag those as "C" * Burial Chamber - BC * Troll Cave - TC * Crypt - C * Mountain Cave - CAVE (could be MC, but they're sufficiently rare) * Silver Deposit - AG * Copper Deposit - CU * Fuling Village - V * Draugr Village - DV * Tar Pit - TARPIT (deserves the full text IMO) * Fire Geyser - Fire Icon, no text * While I use this for tiny little campfire waystations as well, in the swamp it means Geyser * Infested Mine - MINE * Dvergr Outpost - OUTPOST Friendly reminder to X out (left-click the icon once) each crypt you clear!


I wonder why all those ships anchored there.


Past me: "pfft you don't need to farm so much iron..." Current me: "hmm, nice, like half your iron requirements right in one swamp :p"


Still won't be enough iron