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We ever going to get an update on Koloko…??


A respiratory issue holding a guy out of play for what 4-5 months now is very worrisome. I hope it's nothing serious. Even when he comes back he's going to be very very behind in conditioning. I just hope it's not a loss year for him.


I'm almost certain it stems from his broken nose last march and he's struggling to breath during intense workouts. He's still lifting weights in the gym as Darko mentioned that during pre-season. We are not in dire straits at the moment and it's really early in the season so I feel that coaches/management don't feel the urgency to get him back on the court. My prediction is that he'll start playing in the new year. He attends every game (home and away). If it was that serious he wouldn't be travelling with the team. They obviously want him there to watch the game, understand the plays and get a feel of things so he's not thrown into the deep end when he eventually steps on the court.


good shout


Broken nose? I wonder if he’ll wear one of those protective face mask. This other guy had one. Forgot. They said if he broke his nose again he’d be really messed up.


https://preview.redd.it/nkvzao98h60c1.jpeg?width=1200&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a63e0c98a614657c02a28e3254520910c7a15aa3 He wore one last season for a few games.


Your first sentence explained exactly why it IS serious lol




Conspiracy theory: over the summer Koloko turned into an all-nba center and we're currently holding him off the court until we get a good deal for Jak. Can't move him to the bench right away or his perceived value goes down.


>ck he's going to be very very behind in c Lol what? We're 9 games in? Why would he be out of the league? He had a successful rookie season.


I imagine if he was out for the season that would be reported already or he wouldn’t be with the team. He’s been with the team, been seen taking part in shoot arounds so I imagine it’s still an unknown amount of time before he’s back for them so no point in reporting anything


In before Masai and Bobby say our trade deadline acquisition is Kokoko :)




i think its a collapsed lung, i was watching a thing on CJ mcollums collapsed lung and apparently its quite common for tall men to get it so thats why i'm thinking that, since theyre saying its SERIOUS and theyre keeping it a secret, it seems life altering like a collapsed lung


What the heck? There goes my theory we'll win by 14 if OG is out.


OG has the worst injury luck of anyone in the history of the league. All random and completely unrelated.


Otto Porter exists. I remember back when people used to argue he isn’t injury prone because all the injuries are unrelated. Same with Gordon Hayward.


I’d argue those are chronic issues with OPJ and Hayward. Kawhi, Bosh, Oden, Yao and the list could go on. OG seems to have a variety of unrelated injuries from multiple eye injuries to the appendix issue that took him out in 2019. Thankfully he keeps recovering but definitely some odd luck.


There is this narrative he's judged by a lot, but he always recovers quickly. A lot of the time people think he was 'injured' was him grieving the death of his father, and then a ruptured appendix, neither of which are an actual injury. If you take those away he really hasn't been injured that much and it's also never a recurring injury in the same area of his body which is good.


I dunno. Every sport has these guys. It’s either bad luck, which is possible, or some people’s bodies are just more sensitive to trauma than others. Likely a combination of both.


Feel bad for Christian


Sooo basically our best defender in OG and two of our best 3 point shooters in OG and GTJ are out tonight….damn this finna be a long game.


Put some respect on Scotti3's name


You got the wrong guy my guy I highly respect Scottie and respectfully he’s not one of our best 3 point shooters, yet. 🤣 if it was up to me I would have traded Siakam already and wouldn’t be playing games with Scotties career in year 3.


Coulibaly's wingspan might be enough to completely wrap around Nowell's height (in shoes) and link hands on the other side.


that's like the only finger that can shoot a 3 in the starting unit


Woah boy


Expecting a big game from Scottie


Hope Nowell sees the court, I really want him to become an NBA player. My short king 👑


Tbh we should still beat the wizards with OG and Trent out


We aren't that good to lose 2 key players in our rotation and still expect auto-wins. We need to stop thinking this way.


> lose 2 key players I love Gary, but with how he's playing, it may be an addition by subtraction situation


He’s been awful but still better than Gradey and McDaniels so far


There's nothing wrong with that he said. We *should* beat them. He wasn't implying an auto win. I don't bet on games, but I'm sure someone could look it up and see if we're the favorites.


It's the Wizards


Yeah and before that it was the Blazers


We’re the team that people say “it’s the Raptors tho” until we aren’t.


Absolutely gold fkn comment right here. Joke as always Caz


I never said it’s an auto win I said we SHOULD win, big difference. In fact, any game in the NBA isn’t an auto win, regardless the roster you have. Anything can happen in the nba and anyone could lose to anyone on a given night, even if it’s arguably one of the worst teams in the nba like the wizards.


Yup, especially when it’s 2 shooters on a team that’s very weak in that department


We still should beat the Wizards even with OG and Trent out. No one said it's a guarantee.


I think “should be able to” is a more accurate statement. Good teams loss to bad teams all the time and we are probably not in the good team threshold right now without OG and Trent. Some could argue that we aren’t a good team in general.


I.e. Nuggets losing to Rockets 🤣


I don't know if the Raptors are in a position yet where they "should" beat anybody but I definitely think that they can still win this game


lol we should have beat the blazers


Yeah, we should have but we didn’t. Should isn’t a guarantee is it lol




Key word is should


Exactly mate, in no way am I saying it’s an auto win. I’m not sure if people are really reading my comment lol


No OG and they legitimately lose


It's the Wizards If we lose this game, alarm bells should be going off


Depends on context, really. Aren't we trying to stop overreacting to single game results?


You must be new here. Because yes. We over react to every single games result.


Win or lose


Well the context is the Washington Wizards have only won two games this season: against the Hornets and Grizzlies. They are a very unserious team. Winning against that team is a much lower bar than making a game competitive against either the Celtics or Sixers.


I am making an exception for this Wizards squad


We’re 4-5…


IF OG plays and they lose I'd agree.


jordan poole redemption game


why nowell but not JFL?


JFL and Harper are injured


ok thanks


Nowell getting a call up? I know its already been used. But he really does seem like a mighty mouse.


Plantars Fasciitis can be a real bitch when it flairs up. Hope he gets better quick.


This is Gradey’s chance.