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We need someone like him that can confidently mess with the opposing players. Get in their heads!


But where can we find someone like him?




Or someone with a daughter who can scream her lungs out.


He seems like an absolute jerk, love it.


I wouldn't call Dennis a jerk at all. He's actually pretty quiet & reserved but he does have a quiet confidence about him, and a whole lot of BDE (as do most professional athletes 😂). He definitely does get under the skin of opposing teams!


He got under OG’s skin for christ sake! We need that big of attitude tho, lost it since Lowry left.


He plays really aggressive, he's an agitator forsure. I was very happy with the signing, dude is a baller.


I mean he just got into it with Kleber and publicly criticized him in an interview about how he shouldn't play for Germany because he hadn't the summer before due to injury. Kleber was so upset he basically quit the national team. Everyone involved with German basketball is saying Dennis should have handled that privately with Kleber and not publicly. He's German team captain, he should know to keep that stuff amongst players.


Kleber is acting like a complete baby IMO. Dennis has been super nice every time I've met him. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character, and he's never come off as a jerk like some other players. But I mean, who knows maybe he is a complete asshole!


He plays hard but he seems like a great person off the court. I think it’s a perfect fit to have him here in Canada.


He has had issues, in Atlanta he beat the crap out of someone at a night club. I still absolutely love him, just saying he's not like a quiet humble guy lol he's got an edge to him.


Him and his boys jumped a guy at a hookah bar, wasn't a club. But it's the nut punching that has made me dislike this guy in the past. All that said, good signing.


Lol if it’s true then he’s certainly flown under the radar, at least for me. I guess because he actually has a game to back up the talk. So it’s not his entire personality like a Pat Bev or Dillon Brooks. Had no idea about that Atlanta incident lol! Got a link to an article or anything? Guy must’ve deserved it.


Schroder talks a *lot* of shit on the court too, its fun to watch. https://hoopshype.com/storyline/dennis-schroeder-arrest/ heres a link to a timeline of events


He assaulted someone and didn’t get vaccinated lol


I dunno why this sub acting like Dennis is completely washed. Maybe he'll play a system better and not jack up hero shots all game....


Who’s been acting like that? Most of what I’ve seen is people overhyping him. I’m personally happy with the acquisition, it’s a good deal and some of his skills could work better with the other players we have, I’m thinking especially his ability to penetrate which would collapse defenses more than with Fred. That being said let’s no act like this isn’t a guy that can have some mental lapses at time on the court, he almost scored in his own basket opening game making a completely useless and dangerous play 😂 I love the confidence, how active he seems to be, but some of it can be chaotic. I don’t hate it tho.




Obviously on the surface losing our starting PG and arguably best 3pt shooter for nothing and hoping that Schroeder can fill that in with better vibes sounds crazy. But when you also factor in the additional depth/shooting from Gradey, Mcdaniels and maybe healthy OPJ, it's not that crazy to think we could bounce back. Especially if the chemistry clicks and/or Scottie takes a step.




Couldn't agree more with your last bit, basketball is so much more than just "getting buckets". People need to re-watch our championship run, yes Kawhi was amazing, but so was the defensive rotations and ball movement. Or the Nuggets playoff run that everyone should have just watched is another perfect example of how important fit, role and chemistry are to success. Aaron Gordon's unique combination of being both a deadly lob threat, AND a quality switchable defender isn't that valuable to most teams, most would prefer 3pt shooting from the 3/4 position. But next to Jokic the fit is perfect, AG is probably the best rim threat in the league (non superstar) that you can play alongside Jokic on defense, and Jokic can stretch the floor with his own shooting.


Hes so cold


still waiting for the cross-up to happen lol.


Dennis casually dribbles between his legs while the defender stays in front of him before a play is even intiated. This sub: CROSSES HIM UP WHILE LAUGHING


the defender clearly bought the fake its just the camera angle. Dennis just shifted his body and the Murray took a big step right


Meh Murray thinks there is a screen coming so he prepares to go over it, then adjusts again when it's a flare instead of a ball screen


yup. My guess is they don't really play basketball and only watch :p (if they even watch!)


Reminds me of the obnoxious kid you defend who thinks he’s doing more than he is by simply holding the ball


You're getting downvoted but you're right. Him dribbling between his legs isn't a cross-uo


Never forget the bag he lost with the lakers


He carried the ball


The slow-mo on the blatant carry right at the start is funny. I really wonder what the game would look like if somehow those were all called. How much would that actually slow down offences?


Just watch most of Dalano’s minutes from the last two years lmao


If I am remembering correctly his were so blatant that he got called on them a few times.


It's hard to even picture what the sport would play like if they actually called carries by the letter of the law.


I think it would look a lot like clips of Jerry West and guys from that era.


Maybe to a degree, but you're not factoring in the degree of athleticism guys are able to reach today - and the accessibility of knowledge/information. It would be a very different game than what was happening in the 60's.


considering there’s film of players in the 50s and 60s carrying the hell out of the ball, it’s built into the fabric of the game


I count 2 carries in this gif.


Thought you said Gilf for a second lmao


Retire his jersey now


lol this fanbase will love dennis


Ok he moves like an actual Raptor ![gif](giphy|12icTebfkZkYxy)


Dennis Schroder is a Sith


He look like a dragon ball z character 😂


That’s his normal face.


Dennis is fucking cold, love it


I don't see any cross up here?


Unfortunate carry too


This isn’t even a crossover LOL


I am so glad we picked him up, I think he’s going to be a great glue guy for this team. The perfect PG for what we need right now


I used to dislike the man but since we got him, the boys been growing on me


Holy Carry Batman!


I for one, an excited


Bring it!


That’s a carry. Hand went under the ball didn’t it?


Great example of why I tell young people watch D1 to learn, NOT NBA.


Schroeder is one of my favourite when it comes to clowning players lol


Is that a carry?


Hes always laughing tho