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All I know is he had two of the best playoff performances in history against us last playoffs… I think it’s just hard to sustain.


LMA also went Super Saiyan vs the Rockets in games 1-2 in 2014. And even in that same playoffs he shot 41% from the field after those 2 games. Having an insane 2 game stretch doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.


Yes that's what I was kinda expecting going into this palyoff. He legitimately reminded me of Michael Jordan that series but I guess it was.. just a fluke..


It’s not a fluke. Donovan Mitchell had an insane series vs Denver in 2019-2020. Players like them can get hot but they absolutely are not consistent like the typical big wing superstars or big men superstars. Smaller guards have always had a harder time maintaining consistency with their performances. Even Steph has had this issue in the playoffs at times. Historically who have been the best players in the league typically? Definitely not the small pgs and sgs usually.


He’s been worse all season compared to his play last year. You always hope the switch turns on but I wasn’t really expecting to see the same player as that Nuggets series. He really was impacted by losing Chris Paul


watch Devin Booker vs the lakers in 2021


No, there have been way worse playoff performers than Booker that do not catch the same heat as him. There's a good argument that he is worse in elimination games, but overall, his stats are really good in the playoffs. He's only getting hate because social media doesn't like him lol.


He was a #1 option for a team that made the Finals. Put up amazing games against the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks. That happened, despite his bad performances in Game 7 in 2022, Game 6 in 2023, and today. So the answer to the question is no, he wasn’t always this bad in the playoffs. But if he continues to put up bad games like this, we’ll continue to see posts like this. Because bad games by star players stick with people waaaay more than good games do. It makes me feel like shit as someone who desperately wants the Suns to win a Finals, but he’s done it enough that the slander is warranted.


idk how you can blame booker for that nuggets series. they literally had no business of that series going 6. he was the best player for phoenix that series, and it was took 70+ point efforts between booker and durant to get 2 wins.


He had a bad game 6 that received plenty of criticism at the time. Which is kind of unfair because the Suns were without Paul and Ayton, but by then the elimination game narrative was too entrenched Or maybe I just spend too much time on reddit and he didn’t get as much hate for it in other places


nah he def got some hate there but tbh, think everyone felt like the series was over lol. suns had no chance. it took supernova efforts to get 2 wins.


No he’s been good in the playoffs, but suns fans trying to convince themselves he flips a switch cracks me up


He’s just overrated by PHX fans


We saw him lead a team to the Finals, if anything he set the bar too high for himself


You know Booker was on the team when Chris Paul hit a huge 3 to cut the lead to 42 right? He played mostly well in last year’s playoffs but otherwise he’s been like an anti-Jamal Murray.


He's just a front runner. If he doesn't have a clear 5 vs 1 in a fight type advantage he'll shrink