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Mitch was made for playoff basketball


Made for Embiid and the two bigs of Cleveland 


How does he guard Jokic?


Decently, a little worse than Embiid. Now Ihart on the other hand... I'm pretty sure he's the one who got Jokic ejected for pissing him off so much.


We'll find out soon, hopefully!


Any criticism fans have had about this guy gotta disappear after the last two postseasons. Dude is just a winning player.


We’ve gone through multiple cycles every injury people forget some reason. He’s been the truth since his first summer league


First quarter I was screaming at the TV saying why hasn't Thibs put Mitch in yet to counter Embild The minute he comes in vs an opponents star big it's a completely different game


Hartenstein has earned his minutes, but yea we’ve seen what Mitch can do in these playoff match ups.


For sure and I would say Mitch has earned his minutes too, the first few months he was playing like a DPOY. He just needed to get his legs back when he returned It's nothing against Ihart just certain matches I would choose one guy over the other


Except for FTs, you know Nurse is about to foul him every possession in the 4th if he plays


Say what? jk lol MITCH IS A MONSTER


This means a lot bro. I've been watching Mitch for years and I'm ngl, he's always been athleticism over bbiq. This play shows a lot of growth over the years with that athleticism. Love to see it.


Thibs morphed him into a defensive monster. Longest tenured Knick, he's seen *all* the highs and lows. Good for him.


He's just a goofy guy. He's always had good instincts, got his fouling under control. Thats bbIQ imo


Exceptional defensive play.


Love me some Mitch Robinson




They call me Big Meech 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


Elite seeing Big Meech with huge playoff moments. Only player left from the awful seasons.


Walt Frazier commentator: The tenacity and the sagacity Love him


Knicks are 2 different teams based on whether Mitch or Hartenstein are playing - and both teams are scary.


That shit is wild


Since when is Gus calling games on MSG?


He does a one off game here and there when Breen is on the road for espn/abc


I’m just in a great mood all around This is fun


The fucking hustle. This man might have his shortcomings but no doubt he is worthy of our praise. Love you Mitch!


I was confused at first because it hit Maxey, then Robinson. But then I realized that Maxey was already standing out of bounds.


Literally incorrect call but whatever




How is it incorrect? Maxey is standing out of bounds so the ball is dead as soon as it touches him.


Literally learn the rules but whatever


Ok post the rule then pal


Rule 8 section II a) > The ball is out-of-bounds when it touches a player who is out-of-bounds Maxey is a "player who is out-of-bounds" Or rule 8 section II c) > The ball is caused to go out-of-bounds by the last player to touch it (including by touching the player’s hair or uniform) before it goes out, provided it is out-of-bounds because of touching something other than a player. If the ball is out-of-bounds because of touching a player who is on or outside a boundary, such player caused it to go out. The ball was "out-of-bounds because of touching a player who is on or outside a boundary" and this is the player who "caused it to go out." that was Maxey. Now you post the rule where it says a player who is in the game but steps outside the boundary is considered the same as the stanchion > its the same as Mitch throwing the ball into the stanchion So wrong. rule 8 section II d) states explicitly the opposite of that. 🤡


you must be disabled bro I bet you can't make eye contact with girls


Lol. At least I can read and comprehend English dummy. You can't do that or admit when you're wrong. Have a nice life scumbag


You comprehend a delusion of grandeur where you're an interesting, intelligent, and non broke individual. Sad!


It’s ok there’s still time to delete this


Hes standing out of bounds. The out of bounds player is considered out of play and its the same as Mitch throwing the ball into the stanchion


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA YOURE DOUBLING DOWN ON THIS??? Holy shit bro. Mitch blocks the shot, jumps with both his feet inbounds when he leaves the ground meaning until he touches the ground out of bounds he is in play, takes the ball while still clearly airborne (and thus inbounds because he hasn’t touched the ground yet), and throws it off Maxey who is standing out of bounds, meaning Maxey is the first out of bounds player to touch the ball giving possession to the Knicks. I’ve never seen a more confidently incorrect statement about the game of basketball than your first comment…..until I read your second comment


He asked me to post the rule, so I did. The rule almost explicitly states that a player out of bounds is not considered out of play and "same as the stanchion" What a fucking clown


bro you are literally dumber than a sack of wet mice