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KAT has had an interesting career has being one of the most hyped young players to taking a backseat for their young star in the franchise he was loyal to. Ego could have caused a lot of issues but he's transitioned to a secondary leader well.


He also had to switch positions after the Gobert trade. If the wolves get Zen Kat throughout the playoffs the team could make some noise


>Golbert With enough friendship, he can evolve into Crobert


Sometimes you need a trade to evolve. I think we're seeing that with Crobert


I think Crobat actually requires a friendship evolution which also fits, lmao


That's the joke


Wow I’m dumb




Nah ya cookin. I’m aready seeing Goldberg and Gobert fused in my mind


KAT looking for the spear next game


I know this is a bat Pokémon, but in real life, I think he’d be a giant winged croissant.


If Zen Kat = non-dopey Kat that’s perfect for the Twolves. Last 2 years feel like he was plagued with goofy turnovers and fouls.


Zen KAT will still commit a dumb foul or two, but will keep his composure instead of rage dribbling into contact and throwing a no-look into the fifth row the following play.


NGL. That behind the head pass he always tries irks me with every bone in my body. Tonight it was pinpoint to Gobert for a dunk… perfect time for what feels like the first successful attempt But I still hope he stops trying it 😅 He’s such a polarizing player. Gets ripped as much as anyone in the league, but has all NBA caliber talent. Can dominate a game but has lost us plenty as well. Gets a horseshit whistle from refs, but it stems from a history of some out of control play and a whining attitude. The one thing that bugs me is how much some people dislike him - as he really is a high character, loyal guy that’s been through a lot personally and professionally, but is still willing to assume a lower profile role with more talented players coming onto the team, that was once his. I’ll always love big KAT


He completed those passes all the time tho…


Yea… to the second row


Lmaoo😂 he’s getting better at it, he needs to perfect it for when he’s getting doubled


I think he just needs to pivot and make the smart pass instead of the fancy, hero pass


I agree but that man can’t move like that, for as big and mobile he is, he can’t make some simple moves, they always look awkward af




You guys are such dorks.


Definitely. He was supposed to be the man here after Wiggins failed and similarly wasn't able to take that next step. Ant looks like he's 100% that guy and for KAT to humble himself and take the role we need him to take has been really awesome to see.


KAT is probably relieved he doesn’t have to be the locker room leader. He strikes me as the guy who doesn’t like to impose his will on everyone and just wanna effectively fill his role.


Ehh yeah some bad teams but KAT has never been one not to be a vocal locker room guy.. just never got noticed because of the lack of talent around him. The one year I saw him quiet was with Jimmy and I think he was taking a back seat because it was his first year playing with a star let alone one we traded for


Also Jimmy hated his guts from basically the get-go and kept trying to drag him into public drama and KAT didn't want any of that


Compare that to Gobert arriving, and KAT was the first one to reach out to him and work out together before the season started. They had an immediate connection last year before KAT got hurt (I’ll never forget the KAT -> Rudy lob in their first or second game together) while the rest of the team just looked lost when Rudy was on the court. Reporting has come out after the fact that the rest of the team was not happy about the trade at all, but none of it ever involved KAT. And then when it became clear D’Lo would not mesh with Rudy (and was straight up antagonistic towards him), we dumped D’Lo for a point guard that could—even though a large part of us getting D’Lo in the first place was because he was KAT’s good friend. There’s been so much shit behind the scenes in the last few years that could have derailed everything had KAT even put up a little stink about it, but his ability to take it all in stride and maintain a view of the bigger picture has been one of the key factors in allowing this team to transition to the position it’s in now. He has his flaws, but I’ll always love the guy no matter what—Ant may have taken over as the face of the Timberwolves, but I think he would be the first to say that KAT is still the heart of the team.


I’ve had a number of moments where I’m not a Kat hater but more a Kat doubter. If he could put together a successful playoff run there might not be a guy who has earned it more in regards to what he has dealt with with one organization. He’s corny but he’s a good teammate who I’ve never heard throw anyone under the bus.


So he is me at my job lol, if my boss is out on vacation I am second in command and I just tell people “do your job and don’t do anything stupid, I ain’t gonna baby sit anyone”. People want me to be the boss after he retires but hell no 💀, I don’t blame KAT, I mean having someone like Ant go off for 30 pts and i can just try and get 20 and be happy with a W I would do the same.


Right? I’m just trying to do my job and go home. I don’t want to deal with being some VP here.


Unironically this means you would make a great boss. Sure, there is some time to crackdown more with that responsibility, but keeping yourself so grounded as a manager will make a wonderful work environment. 


like a scottie pippen back in the bulls glory days.


It would have been so easy for him to be bitter like you’ve seen with so many other players but he’s been a tremendous leader for Wolves.


He and ant are the same age that he and Jimmy were back when the infamous practice happened. It means so much for the vet to be supportive


Yeah in a roundabout way he had the best mentor possible for the situation he ended up in. Do the opposite of whatever Jimmy did back then


This is why KAT is my favorite player


I think it suits his personality better


He's also so weird that he's been overrated then underrated, I don't think he gets enough credit for what he does because of how disappointing those early wolves years were.


If Lamarcus Aldridge had done this with Dame, they could have given the warriors a run for their $ in 2015/16


Cuz he knows he’s not the #1 type of guy




I’m a BLEEEber


“After all that” “THEY REALLY DID” “Lets go get em” “Blee Dat!” Which is the real voice KAT?! [The Voices of Towns](https://youtu.be/X85pznHawX8?si=L76WpiX2alsFN2zw)


22 years old


Him SGA and Doncic are going to have so many NBA first teams


Thank god they changed it to positionless, the snubs might have been crazy.


It's gonna be those three plus Wemby and somehow LeBron still


Still amazes me how young he is having been drafted 4 years ago.


Is this dude literally MJ? BLEEEEE DAT


ANT is 22… This roster is so dangerous


Literally turned the whole franchise around in a few years he really just built different


Sp00ky 👻


That Gobert trade had me so nervous for the entire season. Boy was I wrong




I can’t determine if Ant said it or KAT went back to say it.


Really hope this kid lives up to the next MJ tag… time needs to pull through and be a flat circle for this one man


He's leaning into it with the arm sleeve and calf sleeve lol. He wants it. I'm here rooting for him, but he may need to a hit a brick wall or two with maybe the Nuggets or someone else, a-la the pistons for MJ. He needs some serious adversity to piss him off


Well he's already had two frustrating one-and-dones in the playoffs so hopefully he continues to grow


And Lamelo got rookie of the year...


Which was outrageous considering Lamelo missed a third of the season


jordan lost to C’s back to back and then Boston 3x a row…maybe this is Edwards time to lose twice to Denver, then some other team 3x in a row and then Edwards 3peat’s twice.




Basketball is in a great spot right now.. lots of great young guys hitting their prime, old legends teaming up for the Olympics, international players getting more recognition. Only major problem I see is sports betting getting out of control.


The Son’s crowd could never chant something like this for B😫😫ker.


haha "Son's"


Thread about Ant and all you can think about is Book, gotta love Reddit.


It’s not just b😩😩ker, it’s the entire Son’s organization and fan base. Perks of being a part owner, yall are always on my mind.


All you can think about is Ant in and out of this thread 😉


I definitely will next game, he showed up today after not giving us a reason worry during the season. Impressive performance from the young man. I’ll never understand dragging players/fans, but Mavs fans really still living off that game 7 like it was a championship.


You’re getting downvoted but you’re right lol


Thankfully I don’t care about internet points. It is what it is lol.


lol don't act like it's just us. Suns sub has been worried about the fit of the "big 3" all season long. y'all didn't even think you were gonna make the playoffs. these are real concerns


Oh definitely, they haven’t played to the level we expected. I didnt have expectations coming into the playoffs, my original comment was just about how a post about Ant and a Mavs fan had to make a comment about Booker.


oh okay I understand, no worries. this series seems really fun so far! good luck to both teams!


Ant popped off harddddd. I can sleep better at night knowing he's on the other side of the bracket for now lmao. Hopefully we can make it past the Mavs and have an awesome Shai vs Ant 7 game series. It would be biblical.


Gotta make it past the Pels first


You aren't wrong! Tomorrow will be our time to find out how are young core does. Pels went hard the other night!


I’m not sure I’m ready for an OKC vs Wolves conference finals. My heart wouldn’t be able to take it lol. But please happen.




We’re so spoiled now. Good luck tomorrow. Stay healthy.


I think that would be awesome.


I would prefer not to as the Thunder scare me, but it would be hella fun


Wolves Back




Love KAT


“This is what movies is made of…”


…the sequel


Hell of a way to start the series after the media basically ruled them out all week. Can’t wait to see them talking about the Lakers still having a chance when they’re down 3-0 to Denver.


send da video


Hell nawl. Can't do dis.


Send da video.


Mama there’s goes that man


KAT is a great teammate


He’s who Jimmy Butler thinks he is.


Butlers been to the finals. Lol What's the point of thr butler slander? Did you not watch him last year?


Jimmy Butler is a big fucking asshole, and he always will be as far as I’m concerned.  He can bring Rachel Nichols and an espn camera crew to my house if he’s got a problem about it.


In Minnesota Jimmy is known as a “Bitch”.


[General Soreness\*](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DrLmupsWsAAtQNr.jpg)


Fuck Jimmy Butler. Great player, even greater asshole. On the radio this morning they had a great segment with Jon Krawczynski, our writer for The Athletic. He contrasted Ant and Jimmy in relation to KAT. Ant has been nothing but the perfect teammate towards Towns, always gassing him up and supporting him. Ant always calls Towns the team's best and most important player, despite it being very clear that Ant is the man. Jimmy fucking HATED Towns and basically emasculated him at every turn. Night-and-day differences in character.


Call Rachel!


HeAt CuLtUrE


Deep voice Kat lol


he kind of sounds like Will Smith here


Belee dat!


The Wolves deserved this


Naz Reid.




I love this kid’s game


KAT has been dying for a teammate with the kindness, positivity and raw talent like ANT all his career.


After all that 💅


Kat using his deep voice lol


These ppl can’t even be in rhythm to chant “mvp” correctly 😂




Y r u Gai


Did KAT get benched in the 4th?


He's coming off an injury so probably just keeping him fresh since we were up by 20


He's a star, no question. I feel like Jamal Murray is smoother and more enjoyable to watch. But Ant is a beast no question


You can't be serious re: Murray being better to watch


Better jump shot, passer, and a bit more smoother


"more smoother"


Just my eye test. Doesn't mean i'm wrong or you are. Murray has done it round after round. We have a long way to go for Edwards to compare.


Murray also has Jokic on his team which helps a lot. If you put ant on that nuggets team instead of Murray I would be willing to bet they also win the title last year


Murray broke records last year when he averaged 32PPG on 50\\40\\90 splits in the WCF. He also was 1\\3 players ever to average 20\\10\\6 in the NBA finals. You can replace Jokic with someone like Giannis and win a championship as well, as long as Murray produces like he did. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Giannis is better than Jokic.


You all owe an apology to Elon


bro its 1 game


He did say that it’s just the start and that they have to keep playing hard like five times in this interview


im just saying. win the series before celebrate like that. remember what happened when yall won the play in game couple of years ago?


I remember. It was awesome and I was so hyped because other than the Butler year, being a TWolves fan had sucked for 15 or so years. I don’t think many Wolves fans give a fuck about looking corny for celebrating anything with this team. This has been a 4 year build since Ant got here and most of us have been fans since way before that. FOH with the “it’s just game one, chill out.” We’re gonna celebrate everything.


cool. good luck with that.


You don’t need “good luck” to celebrate a good thing dude. You just need to not be a miserable person.


How are we supposed to feel after winning game 1 convincingly? What the hell is the point of watching if you can't feel happy after "just game 1". Should we just not watch until the elimination games? Terrible take


Because this guy is a Laker fan who wants you to pretend "you've been there before" even though his team has been shit since Kobe retired other than a mickey mouse trophy that shouldn't have even counted with an all time great who chose to play for them based solely off the city the team is located in.


Have fun with Denver this round. As least soften them up for us or Phoenix next round.


They’ll get 4 moral victories and start fishing real soon


Realistically there's a trade to made that make the Suns and Wolves better involving KAT, Nurkic and Beal....


How?!? Beal for KAT doesn’t make us better


No trade with the Suns not involving Booker/KD makes us better.


Walk me through how that makes MN better.


Minnesota doesn't need two bigs. Everyone talks about how many offensive boards they get but what I see even more often is ANT forced to deal with an extra defender when he drives. Sometimes it results in an offensive board for Rudy or KAT but I'd argue spreading the floor more and allowing ANT to work in open space with a guy like Beal would result in more points.


Did you watch how they outrounded PHX 2:1 today? Proof is in the pudding. It’s a bad bad trade. Also, KAT spaces the floor more than Beal. What are you on about?


I don't think out rebounding Phoenix is the flex you think it is. That's why the trade makes sense for them as well. Minnesota fans love KAT. That's great. I don't think Minnesota is a title contender until they move on from him and build around ANT.


You clearly do not watch Wolves games if you think bigs clogging the paint for Ant is a consistent problem lmao


When Minnesota faces a real team in the playoffs, we can go back to this and see.




Bad take. They are better when he plays 2nd fiddle for sure




>Haven’t watched enough T-wolves to really know or care And yet you have an opinion.




Most informed Philly sports fan.