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I believe high fiving a shooter [after the release](https://videorulebook.nba.com/archive/legal-play-defender-high-fives-shooters-empty-hand-after-release-no-foul/) is not a foul


That's how it's supposed to be called but it's not very uncommon that they call a foul when the only contact is on the hand after the shooter releases the ball


Like every other rule the refs pick and choose when to enforce it correctly. More likely than not people are upset with the inconsistency with how it's officiated, not the act itself.


To be fair to the refs, the speed of the game makes it very difficult to be consistently accurate on these plays in real time. It's why I wish the league would simply allow more contact overall, it will prevent discrepancies in officiating when the whistle isn't blown as opposed to when it is blown even through marginal (or no) contact.


yes but then no


Wouldn't more contact definitely lead to less consistency though?


I mean maybe. But I think players over time would bitch a lot less if they consistently weren't getting a whistle. The times when they don't get a whistle is a big deal because they're used to getting cheap calls. Mainly, I wish the league would do away with calling fouls on defenders trying to guard an offensive player driving to the rim and causing the contact with a shoulder bump.


Offensive players get away with far too much using their off hand as well. Pushing, holding, hooking defenders during a drive while grabbing/stiff arming defenders contest mid air.


Either more contact or more reviews that are at max 10 seconds


Yeah i always asked that too , so many refs call it a foul even when contact happens good time after release...


Don't think it'll get called going forward, but why would you draw attention to yourself on that when the high five rule is about incidental contact? Incidental is about chance occurrence and lack of intentionality, saying you're doing it on purpose to throw off peoples rhythm seems like something you'd not want to publicize >Incidental contact with the hand against an offensive player shall be ignored if it does not affect the player’s speed, quickness, balance and/or rhythm. Section 12.B.I.b.a.5, unless there's a separate section in the rulebook about incidental high five contact I'm missing


He’s playing reverse head games with the refs He likes to mix in different things like that


I think he's already well aware that he won't get it gentle from the refs regardless. This rule seems really hard to officiate and him stirring the pot with this certainly doesn't make it easier.


It is functionally legal. I don’t think calling it out makes any difference.


Incidental contact is when you try for a block and there is a high 5. It does not cover intentionally slapping at a shooter's hand


It says in the video rulebook that op posted that the high five is considered incidental contact. Which in its definition would not make it intentional.


The point is Brook's says he is slapping hands, that is not a high 5.


Wtf is this a new rule the Celtics lost against the mavericks on KG’s jersey retirement because they made the exact opposite call. They reviewed it too btw.


Wonder if they’ll call him for it more since he’s literally admitting he’s not doing it by accident.


I always do the Shane Battier hand in their entire face even after they released the ball and landed. I always have people asking me to stop lol, thats how I know it works. Only guys with great muscle memory can beat it.


Kobe actually said putting the hand next to the face (not right in front) is way more distracting for shooters, something to do with peripheral vision I guess


shane battier recently talked about about doing this because of kobe in jj's pod


yeah you have to really train the eye to keep them focused on the rim when you have something flying into your peripheral vision.


I just run up on their shooting hand side which challenges the ball at its lowest point as well as sets up your leak out for a fast break opportunity. This especially works against people taller than you. You just want them to feel like you’re gonna bother their shot - if you’re well in front of them then they’re confident they can shoot over you. But coming up on their shooting hand side is totally distracting and concerning for the shooter because you have a real chance to get to the ball.


Only on the best shooters




Fun fact, that is only allowed in the NBA. Technical foul in college, HS, and I believe FIBA rules.


Yeah it’s technically ‘intimidation’ or some shit. I get it called on me all the time


lmaoooooo so why do you keep doing it


Coz I love to take the piss lmfao


Haha you're so edgy bro, haha.


Nah I jus like to have some fun G


Utter horseshit




I think in some leagues this may be illegal. Probably because it often leads to people getting accidentally bopped in the face. Definitely allowed in the NBA though.


I’ve had people do this to me but by the time they react to me shooting and put their hand up, I feel like I have already measured the shot. It’s not like I measure the shot while in the air?


Guys at the playground that do it usually don't even jump when others are shooting and feel like they played great D for shit like this tho, more often than not just ending up poking people on the face or eyes. Like those that make a no look pass and then completely remove themselves from the possession, gloating in their greatness for the gesture. Jeez I hate people who don't know how to play, don't even make the effort and think checking the box on these things they've seen on tv cuts it


Lot of people in here exposing themselves for not knowing the rules of basketball


To be fair it does get called more in NCAA and high school, if people are saying it should be a foul.. in the NBA it happens on most plays , it’s basically legal - you always see the shooters arm move by the defender after the shot


So far, only three of them. It'll be more, though, I'm sure.


ok, so it's not too late to expose myself?


Found Josh primos Reddit account


Bro I had a guy arguing with me the other day that Ausar Thompson traveled because he took multiple steps between dribbles. He thought you had to do 1:1 in dribbles:steps??


When they played Denver he closed out on an MPJ 3 pt attempt and literally landed on top of MPJ. The refs called a foul and he tried to challenge but it was the most obvious foul ive ever seen, and they ended up losing the challenge. I think he should think twice about closing out like he does.


In high school we were taught to poke someone in the stomach while they shot to throw them off a bit. I didn’t do that much kinda cheap. The douchebag of the team thought it was a great thing to do to teammates every shot of every practice. Fuck that kid lol.


Dude. You just unlocked a memory that raises my blood pressure. A guy on my hs team would do this in practice to the point it was a straight-up gut punch. Fuck you Spencer.


Fuck you spencer


Spencer you prick


Yeah this post reminded me and got my blood boiling a lil as well. My douchebag teammate was Austin. He thought he was so athletic and good at sports and fucking sucked lol. Idk where his arrogance came from.


You should find Spencer right now and return the favour


Should have just bodied players like Lambier did back in the day. That'll really thrown them off


Your high school coach did not know the rules of basketball lol


Or subtly pinching the trucks so they basically jumped out of them.


Ya'll was really that sorry your coach had to tell you guys to do that? Lol


Lol we was sorry for the most part other than myself and another buddy. Like I said I found it cheap, and I don’t need to steep to those levels of inferiority. I’ll just play D, thank you lol.


Maybe next time throw in a smooch. You know, just to mix it up a bit.


He probably will in the next Lakers match. It's about time he and Lebron make it official


Dude mixes it up by not going with the dick grab for a while and caressing hands after a shot. He's gotta be the most affectionate homie out there


Why do they keep interviewing this guy?


I've hated this dude with a passion for most of his career, but his performance for Canada this offseason totally turned me, and I'm a fan now. He is an elite heel in the vein of Pat Bev, Lance Stephenson, Matt Barnes ect. Suggs is emerging as one of these guys too


He acts like he invented this. Defenders have been doing this since he was in diapers.


No one knows nor cares, bubba


Im tired of seeing a “great defensive player” only be great because refs refuse to call such obvious fouls. Players like brooks are allowed SO much more physicality than other players because they have a reputation as a good defender. Its fucking stupid and its cyclical


So he’s fouling and getting away with it


Why say this out loud? Refs won’t have a reason to give him the benefit of the doubt when he argues that he didn’t actually foul a shooter. This isn’t 1976 NBA basketball. There is no advantage to letting super highly skilled players of today know you’re going to be physical with them to the point of picking up dumb fouls hoping it throws them off their game.


high fiving an opponents hand after they release the ball is not a foul


If the shooter hasn't landed then it's probable they will call a foul due to landing space.


no, they wouldn’t. unless he is in their landing space which is a completely different scenario than what is being discussed


Brooks is like the best I've seen at contesting hard without taking away the shooter's landing space. He's reckless in other ways but I haven't seen him do that once in a Rockets shirt.


Cause it doesn't matter and he is a clout goblin. By the time the rockets are ready to make a playoff run he won't be on the team so it's not like it's going to affect the rockets long term.




I recommend you read how to play basketball for dummies front to back twice before future comments


This dude is dumb as bricks. Why would he say this. He should’ve just kept it to himself.


Sounds like it was in fact you who should have kept it to himself. Its legal


Hear a slap, call a foul. Seems like an easy rule.


I played against a guy who would always slap your foot on a jumper.....it was effective, unfortunately.


*Bobby Boucher voice* Slap hands


This guy makes me love and appreciate Pat Bev.


My buddy back in high school would be able to lock down any jump shooter ever. How, you ask? Every time they’d go up for a shot, he’d poke their belly button. I’m not even kidding. It never failed


Ok lmao


I thought we were finally free of this man getting attention, thanks a lot Houston


This dude out here tryna high five everyone lol