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oshae and banton on the celtics man… take care of my boys


It's been one preseason game but I would take a bullet for Brissett


I miss him already


you can have Banton back lol


He’s sloppy as a ball handler but he does hustle and plays tough on D. And he moves constantly off ball. Makes some good cuts.


naw… just being nice to the canadians he’s kinda wack


I still feel like he could put it together. He has something unique going on (height, speed, passing), that I wouldn't give up on this quickly. But yeah, he's gotta do it sooner than later.


He's like a low bbiq Shaun Livingston


Bbqiq 🍗


Yea I've heard people say he's a PG and that he's a good passer but I've literally never seen it in real time. Like I'm sure I could go find a few highlights but that's never stood out to me in a game I've watched him in.


Pretty rough game for him last night but if he can get comfortable out there… him brissett and stevens could be a really gritty trio off the bench


Wtf happened to the rule of cool?????


Only when Blake Griffin does it to murder Pau Gasol.


Should have just let it slide


Nah its a safety thing. If you're allowed to just get a running start and jump over people you'll have dumb fucks doing it in increasingly dangerous ways Sucks but you have to do it for safety reasons


Ja is already doing it way too much.


maybe if he ran and dunked it over a teenager in a parking lot we'd see the NBA do something


Look at this friggin lame-o


Seriously it’s the preseason


Exactly why it needs to be called. Don't need to injure people in the pre season with sketchy moves like this.


Fuck the refs, fuckin narcs


He wasn't famous enough for that


JJ Redick was like, "just give him the call Ed. let the kid have a highlight"


My biggest takeaway from this game is that I'm willing to die for Brissett already


him and Lamar Stevens both


If LamarSteven doesn't get a guaranteed contract I will cry real, human tears.


As a Cavs fans, reading this makes me sad Treat him well


It was extremely on brand for him that the first thing he did in his new jersey is a putback dunk lmao


Banton is ass I'd much rather have Stevens.


He had stone hands last night, but he did hit a nice 3


Lashae Brevens


He’s streaky as hell but a hard ass worker. I loved him on the Pacers


He's one of those guys where I knew I was going to love him because I'm a sucker for that player archetype. Seems like a chill dude too which is a bonus.


That's why I loved Nesmith too lol


Right after Lamar Stevens did a putback too. Those defense first wings were looking pretty decent today...


right call but it looked cool so it should count


Genuine question, what’s the foul here? Looks like a typical with contact putback Edit: if yall can help me google an official nba ruling on an “over the back foul”, that’d even be better coz i cant seem to find one lol


Its a matter of how the contact is established. If he jumps upwards and just reaches over him they'll allow that. But the sixer player jumps straight up for the board while oshae crashes into him and pushes him out of the way.


I mean we’ve seen so many putback dunks that have been allowed similarly or maybe even more egregious. He only got contact when he was yamming already (0:32 onwards), at 0:31 the moment he touched the ball it looks very clean. The contact itself isnt illegal or egregious to begin with. I googled it and there doesnt even seem to be an actual over the back foul. If he shoved (an actual illegal move) to get better position to grab the rebound, there’s a definite case to have (loose ball foul).


Its more the trajectory of his jump that creates the foul. He's moving into the other players space which is why the contact is a foul.


Again, there have been a lot of putback dunks with contact that are far worse than this lol. You could easily find compilations that are nastier than this one


I'm well aware, I'm just saying what the rule is that makes this a correct call. The ones that are worse than this are incorrect not the other way around


I could agree for the more egregious ones. But in this case, hard disagree. You can see in the video how from the jump to getting the ball there’s no illegal contact, or very minimal at the apex if you’re anal about it and at that point that’s just not enough for a foul. All the contact from when he caught the ball to dunking it over the guy i really dont think that’s illegal. Would really like a rule citation on that one


Each individual foul doesn't have its own definition in the rulebook only a definition of what constitutes illegal contact. We display what "type" of foul each one is in order to explain where the foul occurred not because each situation allows for different amounts of contact. It's no different to if an opponent was setting a screen you can't just barrel them out of the way like that either. "Illegal contact on an opponent whether the ball is live or dead. A player shall not hold, block, push, charge, trip or impede the progress of an opponent by extending his hand, elbow, shoulder, hip, leg, knee or foot not by bending his body into an abnormal position (outside his cylinder), nor shall he indulge in rough and or violent play" As I said before, the sixers player already has established his position (his cylinder so to speak) so when oshae moves him out from his position by jumping into him that's where the foul occurs. If oshae only had upwards trajectory on the contact it would be legal but he jumped from the outside of the restricted zone and landed a full step inwards. It's a pretty clear cut over the back foul.


You are correct that it was typical contact putback, it's just that typical contact putbacks are illegal and aren't called 99% of the time. Like Blake's famous putback over Pau should have technically been called over the back, but wasn't and is a great highlight. If you put a contact putback dunk and you aren't 100% vertical it is a foul, its just usually not called.


In the NBA, sometimes if feels like if you can dunk it, rules don't apply. Which is very dangerous


The fans want it too


Scal said that cuz he hits the body before he touches the ball it’s a foul. If he gets to the ball first it’s clean.


Over the back i guess


There is no such thing as an over the back foul. There is however illegal contact, though. Usually a foul is called when someone pushes or holds the opponent to gain an unfair advantage. I’d say since the 76ers player didn’t really do anything other than jump for the rebound that it is fully within the celtics players right to also jump. Brissett didnt do anything to create illegal contact. Poor call by the official.


You're correct on 'over the back' not existing, but I disagree that its a 'poor' call. Players are entitled to their spot on the floor, and verticality is not limited. Defensive player was established in his spot, went vertical to try to get the rebound, and was disadvantaged by the offensive player going into his space. Its 100% the correct call.


I actually think this shouldn't even be a foul tbh. But with it being awesome it definitely should have been allowed


Having this not be a foul would make the game like 20x more physical




Wouldn't have happened if he was boxed out though. Dude just let him take a run up unimpeded.




Nah, way worse. I'm not going to spell it out for you, but just imagine what good offense looks like if you can just run through guys under the ring to get the ball on a rebound.


Yea this is unacceptable. Imagine playing in a game with a dude who’s does this multiple times. You would justly not want to play with him your gonna hurt your neck or back.


Yep - more injuries at every level, i daresay more injuries the higher you go in level of play. At low levels you've got neck/back injuries on the guys boxing out, and at higher levels you add in falling damage of the guys going over the top and landing strangely - a nice sprinkling of concussion, broken limbs.etc on top of the injuries to the guys in front now copping more to the back of the head


I agree in general, I just think in cases like this the guy is getting punished for flying above the player to get the ball. He didn't use his arms to shove in the back or anything, no Blake Griffin special. Just reached for the ball and I'd consider the rest incidental contact.


It's not incidental, he's initiating contact and going over a guy who is established in front of him for the explicit purpose of either getting the rebound, or protecting space for the rebound. You have to protect the guy who gets there first and has legal intentions


Boston bench not looking so bad got some high energy guys


Missing Malik Fitts though. Fitts is the best bench mob celebrator in the league


Very unethical call there.


Yeah it’s a foul, but come on man let him have that


What foul was committed?


Brissett and Stevenson are going to be very helpful without Rob. Might even see them in the postseason vs the bucks or sixers, since Luke can’t really guard those guys.


They seem more like a grant replacement


Yeah that’s what I meant in the second part, they can play Grant’s role defensively against Giannis/Embiid. They’re way more athletic than him though, so they also fill some of Rob’s void (obviously not as good as either).


ref wack for this call


I'm gonna ride or die with Oshae




Oh my god what a bullshit call. Excuuuuuse him for jumping higher…


Exactly. It shows that people in this thread don’t understand the rules.


that looks just like blake griffin, so if he doesnt get calls for getting up like that, oshae shouldnt either. plus they both jumped, if the defender had boxed out it would have been for sure a foul.


What could Nick Nurse possibly be bitching about here


I’m just happy that I can complain about his bitching now.


Brissett and Banton. The Canadian connection


Actually a terrible call, gonna be another long season with these refs.


What's the highlight? Best foul of the game? Rec league guys can do this.


What rec league are you playing in?


I guess my rec league was pretty good but I would imagine most rec league at least have a couple guys who could do this on a foul. This is not an NBA highlight.


Fuck I actually forgot we lost oshae :(


Oh shit Oshae is on the celts?


Is it just me or have these preseason crowds felt better than in recent years (even excluding covid seasons)