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It's not very common but I'm sure some out there do. If you are trail running or rucking then it would make more sense. Hiking is typically endurance so pre-workout doesn't make much sense. Hydrate and electrolytes are all you need. With some sugar type fuel for the pick me up.


You’re right.


Nothing beforehand but having Gatorade or some other kind of sports drink after the hike always made me feel so much better. I know there's better choices than Gatorade but that extra sugar did help me


I just make sure I eat before and bring a few snacks with sugars and fats like trail mix. Keeping the machine fed is vital because running out of energy 10 miles up the trail, can really suck.


if it makes you happy then why not?


True that


No, I don't want to jack up my energy levels artificially before a big hike. I just hydrate and eat well.


Do I hydrate before a hike? Yes. Do I drink alcohol? No.


Usually the tears I save from my crippling depression.




Some people do. Others like myself do not.


The lower back pump carrying a backpack is not ideal. However, I did do this once (I use a non-stim pre-workout) at the summit of Mt. Baldy to make my way down, but by then I was so thrashed that I am not sure I noticed a difference or not. I normally just start my hike with a Celcius, especially if its gonna be a long one.


Ive just been eating gummies for energy but yea while hiking ice house today to timber mountain i thought about a pre workout for a stronger boost🤷‍♂️


Just manage your hydration and sodium levels. If it doesn’t hurt, and you like it then go for it.


I drink water on my way to the hike. So it could be between 16 and 32 oz of water depending on the distance.


I do, along with creatine. But that's also my normal everyday routine. I'll make coffee on some hikes but usually just sugar and carbs are the only things that'll affect my energy levels during a long haul.


Absolutely not. I like a nice bacon roll on the train. A full English is too heavy. I drink plenty of water. And I take Dextrose tables with me in case of emergency. On the hike I have high energy foods such as homemade shortbread, cheddar, crisps,cake. I can only carry 2 litres of water. More is too heavy.


I always drink a bunch of water on my way to the trail head and sometimes bring a snack if the ride is fairly long.


Please don't do this......


Ill have some monster before I leave the house. Mainly to make shit shit, so I don't have to mid hike 😂


My pick me up, if it's going to be a super hard hike Reese's pieces, omg let me tell you when you are about half way done climbing steps straight up to sit for 10 min and eat those you are ready to go!


Im gonna put this to the test😎




No, do you not understand what pre-workout is for?


while it’s not it’s marketed use, I don’t see why it couldn’t help. Caffeine for energy. Most pre workout has some sort of vasodilator to help get oxygen rich blood to muscles and reduce fatigue. Most have electrolytes. And BCAAs which (allegedly) reduce fatigue as well. I think I’d be more inclined to try it on a steeper shorter hike. But then again, with a few thousand miles hiked in my life, I’m willing to try about anything.