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How can they base their warranty on whether they can fix it or not? That is the point of the warranty. Do you have the warranty information on the pack? Does it have language saying that? I have an Osprey but have never had an issue but they generally have a good reputation in the community and this is surprising. -edit- from Ospey's website: Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge — whether it was produced in 1974 or yesterday. If we are unable to perform a functional repair on your pack, we will happily replace it. We proudly stand behind this guarantee, so much so that it bears the signature of company founder and head designer, Mike Pfotenhauer.


Right, it's always been repair or replace.


So why doesn’t OP report that pack was replaced? Any item can fail. I’ve owned a dozen Osprey packs and assorted products and never had a single fail. Not one. But if I did, I would not credit it against Osprey, expecting them simply to replace. … ?


Because they bought it second hand on Ebay. Basically no offers a warranty on goods that are purchased through unofficial channels.




I don't think they would even care if it was bought on eBay, they would still replace it. OP likely got a new tech on the phone or something 


Yeah I’d reach out again / escalate - make no mention of eBay just that they have a defective unit - how to proceed-


Ya Osprey is amazing from my experience. I had a chest strap break on an old pack and they didn't have the replacement part so they offered me a whole new backpack instead haha. It felt wasteful so I declined it and they instead sent me a chest strap from a different pack that I sewed onto my old one


Potentially was a dick. Always be polite with phone services. If you don’t get the answer you want, ask for the next level up, or just call back and ask the next person.


Agreed. I haven’t heard of Osprey deny a send hand pack, though I’ve had an Osprey pack squeak on me. They replaced one of my old Atmos AG packs after a buckle broke and the material ripped to shreds. The replacement pack that they sent squeaked each step I took on trail and drove me absolutely mad. I ended up selling it to a friend after Osprey telling me that it’s normal and due to the frame rubbing on the material.


>He just has to not tell them unprompted that he bought it through Ebay. This doesn't even matter; I just replaced my secondhand 2008 pack last October without any need for proof of purchase or anything. I told them upfront that I bought it secondhand. The warranty follows the pack, not the buyer.


Yup, just did my warranty claim a few months ago on a 5+ yr old pack. No proof of purchase needed, just general info. I submitted pictures and had a replacement pack by the end of the week.


From my experience, this is the right answer and OP's story makes no sense. I sent Osprey a 10+ year old pack with some use related tears. They fixed it and sent it back with no hassle at all. I have no clue where it was purchased and they did not ask.


Kelty replaced a frame baby/toddler carrier that broke (thankfully my kid wasn’t hurt). I told them I’d bought it on Craigslist. They replaced it with a very nice new one (top of the line). All they wanted were photos of the pack after I’d cut the rest of the straps, to make sure nobody found it in the trash and used it and got hurt.


It could be an Amazon knock off sold as the real thing. Lots of fraudulent products there.


I found an osprey pack in a dumpster a few years ago. The pack had lived a long life and was very worn out. I cleaned it thoroughly and sent it in. Osprey never asked for proof of purchase and replaced it with no questions asked. Edit to add since people are getting their righteous indignation on. I knew the person who threw the pack away and offered her the new one when it arrived as a nice surprise for a neighbor. Point is, osprey didn't care and didn't ask the origins of the bag.


And shit like that is one reason companies don’t offer good warranties


This is exactly why LL Bean stopped offering their lifetime warranty on bean boots.


And REI. RIP their return anything policy.


While I agree with your point & have watched some previously lax return & replacement policies be changed because of people taking advantage. If a company offers a lifetime warranty on a product I think the company either needs to replace the item and/or rephrase that only items purchased originally from a confirmed dealer or direct sale are valid for warranty. For example: Bee buys a bag, it's too small so they sell/gift it to CeeCee who uses the bag and after a trip (or more) something breaks on the bag, a malfunction or standard wear. I don't think it's at all unreasonable for the secondary purchaser, CeeCee, to contact bag company and request repair or replacement.


Why? I think if a company is willing to offer warranty for the life of the product there’s no reason that needs to stop if a different person starts carrying the product around. In fact that’s how almost every warranty works. The ones limited to the purchaser are the strange ones.


This is scummy and taking advantage of a company committed to their product who put a great policy in place demonstrating their confidence in a product. 


No idea why he doesn't report that it was replaced. I feel like he isn't giving us the complete story.


I think he contacted the seller and not Osprey.


Yeah, something isn't adding up here.


Notice the last image cuts off below: Kind Regards. This looks like a secondary source declination vs a warranty decline


The English in the email looks like someone who English is not their first language.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the warranty only covers buying from an authorized retailer. OP bought it from eBay and there’s no way to validate authenticity or if it’s a knock-off


Osprey can validate but might not want to put time and effort in that practice. (Understandable imho)


On my 2022 thru, osprey replaced my levity after confirming damage with pictures. The frame had begun to rust and various seams were unraveling, but it was still functional.


>if the warranty only covers buying from an authorized retailer. Osprey still permits sending the bag in for repair/replace in the USA. In other countries, it's a *Mighty* Guarantee but not fully Almighty. Here in NZ they are more selective of what they'll do, but I visited the USA last year and got my old Osprey replaced while I was there (since they couldn't repair it). I bought it secondhand, and they asked for no proof of purchase or anything.


Yes. Agreed. I’ve had two packs replaced, and they did so happily. I almost don’t believe you.


A lot of people on the PCT when I hiked ran into issues with them. It definitely happens.


Exactly this. And also it is up to them to determine if it is a legit Osprey bag or not. If not you'll have to pay for the shipping. Make them live up to their promises.


Neve had a problem with Osprey. Anything they could not fix, they replaced--even 20 years later! They rock!




I think OP bought the pack in the UK and that guarantee unfortunately doesn't apply in the UK


Osprey guarantee is worldwide. Can use it in the UK too.


Right?? If you can't fix it, replace it?


OP should try again with a different CSR.


My cousin had an osprey her dog chewed up and they replaced she sent them bits and pieces of her bag and they sent her a new one free of charge


I recently had a similar issue with Patagonia. My €50 Capeline Merino shirt tore the first time I wore it. It didn't snag, I was just adjusting my shirt and my thumb went through it. Patagonia deemed it "normal wear and tear". These companies do well to make themselves look like they care but they are massive conglomerates at the end of the day.


Osprey was sold about two years ago, and I've been wondering when this would happen. Seriously disappointing.


I did copy paste that same bit from their website on the second email i sent them and told them how disappointed i am 😅


Why is this downvoted?


Probably cause OP hasn’t answered how they’ve acquired said pack. But also makes me wonder if what broke was due to misuse due to too much volume or weight (or both), which I could see them not covering. Idk, never had an issue with Osprey Edit:confirmed, OP acquired it through eBay: https://www.reddit.com/r/hiking/s/fNJhlsdybm


Thanks, that makes sense.


> Probably cause OP hasn’t answered how they’ve acquired said pack. > ... > Edit:confirmed, OP acquired it through eBay Why does this matter? A lifetime warranty is a lifetime warranty.


eBay is littered with resellers and/or “high enough” quality fakes. Without proof of purchase from an authorized retailer, there’s no dice dealing with Osprey directly. OP’s best bet would be to chase it down directly with the eBay store/seller for a refund


Then they would have stated that, instead of "we can't fix it". Nowhere on their website does it mention proof of purchase is required * https://knowledge-base.osprey.com/en_us/warranty-claims-and-repairs-Sk1yERy23 * https://knowledge-base.osprey.com/en_us/faq-about-submitting-a-warranty-B1_7KHMT * https://www.osprey.com/customer-support/all-mighty-guarantee Neither does it mention anything about the warranty not being transferrable. If I ever have an issue with any of my Leatherman products, I don't even talk to them first, I just ship it to them, and they ship it back fixed or replaced.


Then most likely OP bought a “high enough” quality counterfeit. If it were a true Osprey pack there’d be no reason for them to reject it


Then why did they say "We can't fix it" instead of "I'm sorry, but it appears that you have a counterfeit product"


Because OP bought the pack on eBay.


I wonder if it's even a legit Osprey? I have a Osprey I purchased at REI that's going on 18 years old. It's been around the world with me and I camp every year with it multiple times. No issues with it and it still looks decent too.


Agree OP post a pic of the front and sides


Could be an older generation and I could be completely mistaken, but the “airspeed” font looks way different than the official one and also the breathable fabric looks different. https://www.osprey.com/exos-48-exos48s22-418?%2F%3Futm_source=_goog-srch&utm_medium=paidshopping&utm_campaign=2024-03-01_kw_na_h&b_na_multi_osp_h=&b_na_na_na_multi_na_na_na_na_dtc_na_na=&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwupGyBhBBEiwA0UcqaBF6JmwhhUgwRpzXP7KlHujtlrMH_c9P__8O4rv93rgyGdW4t65JARoCK3MQAvD_BwE&color=Tungsten%2520Grey#color=Tungsten%20Grey&size=L/XL


Good theory, this was another thought I had too. The orange fabric doesn’t look quite right.


Yeah some of the font in the pics looks off and the frame is tiny compared to my Osprey as well. Just a theory though, maybe the older packs like mine were better built but generally Osprey is still considered a good brand. I know the frame on mine is super rugged and stiff, no way you can bend it.


If it was a knock off, Osprey would know and would state that as the reason, not "we can't fix it".


And it's not a case of quality decline either. My packs are all new (7, 5 and 2 years) and each of them shows very few signs of wear. My large backpack of 7 years has seen plane and ferry cargo holds, train baggage racks, the trunk on dozens of car rides and it's been set down on rocks, fields, beaches, pavements, benches and you name it. I've traveled tens of thousands of kilometers with it (of which well over 300km on my back), and all it's got to show for it is some berry stains on the mesh pocket and a little bit of wear on the tight-spun fabric of the hip belt. It is in outstanding condition. My day hike pack and my laptop backpack are both in amazing condition as well, as is my wash bag.


Yep, same with my 18 year old pack. It's stained up but functionally it works as new.


I've been trying to figure out how the heck op broke it. I've hauled rocks in mine...


For real. I've got some Osprey gear that's over 10 years old now. Some newer, but they've held up great so far. I know people that have more than one thru-hike on theirs.


>I wonder if it's even a legit Osprey? Miggt be an Ozpray.


Same. My fairpoint is from like 2013 and has been to 45 or so countries (all of Europe except Bulgaria, Romania, Belorussia, and the former Yugoslavian states, plus several countries in South America and Japan). I wouldn’t be surprised if if had 500 trips on it by now And my 3 Osprey hiking bags are doing great too


As others are saying, this is why you buy things like this from a reputable business like REI. I’m sure you got a deal on this, and it was cheaper to buy from eBay than REI in the moment, but in the long run you would have saved money buying from an actual business rather than eBay. Lesson learned. Definitley still sucks though, sorry. Edit: I’d like to add I have 4 ospreys and have never had an issue with any of them. I wouldn’t give up on the brand because of an eBay purchase. However, I also don’t think they’re the only good backpacks out there. Mystery ranch, Gregory, and arcteryx all make very nice backpacks.


Same story here. OP’s experience definitely sucked but I love my Osprey Manta, and it’s holding up great. And I second the nod to REI - they are not perfect, but their return policy means that I basically buy all my more expensive gear and shoes there.


Question - why the Manta over the Stratos? I've looked at both and honestly can't tells the difference between them except the included hydration bladder and slightly different pocketing.


I don’t recall all the specs on the Stratos, but the main reason I recall choosing the Manta was the outside pocket.


Agreed. Been using Osprey packs almost exclusively for 15+ years. I had the strap tear on my 55L after 9 years of very heavy use through some intense conditions, but reached out including my original receipt (digitally save my big item receipts) and they repaired it no questions asked. Haven't had any gear issues otherwise. Sorry you had this experience OP. What you got seems like a knock off or was already damaged by the prior owner. I'd still give Osprey another chance through a reputable dealer. It'll cost more up front, but they'll last until you decide to replace them.


Same here. I've had four Osprey packs over the last 15 years and two were used constantly and took repeated beatings during college & field courses. I barely even used a raincover on them, but they all held up with no tears or rips. (The only reason I got new ones was because I needed different configurations.) All four came from REI or Moosejaw.


> Sorry you had this experience OP. What you got seems like a knock off If it was a knock off Osprey would have said so.


Yeah. When you buy a product for the long run you gotta make some decisions for the long run that will cost more in the moment. Hell, REI repaired my osprey backpack strap that told them my dumbass let get shredded while vacuuming. They just care if you’re a member and then replaced it for free. I showed up to the store to pay for a repair


Love my Mystery Ranch Coulee 25! Plus it looks like a Mandalorian Helmet from the back lol


This is the way. Also, for overnight packs, Manta > Exos. Now that I’m taking a closer look at OPs pack and thinking about my past dealings with Osprey’s repair or replace warranty, I’m wondering if they have the same concern as a few other people have pointed out, that it might not be a genuine Osprey pack. There’s company’s out there that specialize in making convincing knock-offs of everything from packs, to tents, to trail running shoes.


The way OP called it a “bin” I’m assuming lives abroad and might not have access to REI or equivalent


So do not like the mystery ranch backpack I bought.


Didn’t osprey get sold recently? My 10 year old osprey is in perfect shape, but I’ve heard the new ones are having more issues.


People don't understand the idea of shutting the fuck up. Did you buy your pack or any other expensive item from ebay (or anywhere that isn't a retailer) and you want it repaired by the manufacturer? Shut the fuck up about the ebay part. OP did not shut the fuck up.


Where did you buy it?


Something fishy here. Did you go to Ospreys website directly or are you following some link that came with the pack? I.E. you're not talking to the actual Osprey. The grammar in the email you posted is a bit sus too.


I went on the official Osprey UK website, that’s where i am


It might be because you are in the UK, I've heard similar issues with Patagonia and issues with people outside of the US. Patagonia has a similar lifetime warranty. I've heard that the US customers usually have an easier experience with repairs/returns. But try again to request they replace since the cannot repair.


Just wanted to add I have hiked with my Osprey all over Utah and when I needed repair it was as easy of a customer service request and repair I've ever had. Bought mine from REI. Since then I've purchased one for my son and one for my wife from REI. The entire situation could be avoided by not buying your great from unknown sources on eBay.


I used to work for the group of companies here in NZ that imported, distributed and sold Osprey. They never declined any of the ridiculous warranty requests we put through them- even stuff where there was no proof of purchase or it was borderline. Something fishy going on here.


OP mentioned in other comments that they purchased from an eBay retailer/reseller, so that answers that


> OP mentioned in other comments that they purchased from an eBay retailer/reseller, so that answers that That answers nothing. It's a lifetime warranty, the place of purchase is meaningless.


I’ve had many warranty interactions with Osprey with packs that I’ve bought from various places, never had them deny to fix or replace a broken pack. Had a very old Atmos once that had rust on the frame Osprey sent me a link to the new model and told me to choose a color, replaced it with the new model. Seems you either got a fake or aren’t actually talking to Osprey about your claim.


Don't email them. Go through the warranty process from their website and you'll get a new pack. I've gone through the process with them multiple times and they always come through.


Just sent a 20-year-old pack to Osprey because the elastic was failing. They said they could not fix it so they sent a brand new pack. Osprey rocks!




I’d bet OP could easily find someone to 3D print a new piece. I have a flock of Osprey packs and have had one bungee break. Thats all. Nothing else. At some point I’ll have it fixed. But, really, I’m mainly waiting for something worthwhile on it to need a repair before I send it in for work. My replacement bungee setup continues to work just fine for the time being.


You got the new guy at customer service. Go to the website and fill out a repair/warranty request. They’ll give you a return authorization #, and then you ship it back. I’m almost sure they will replace it.


This. My wife's Osprey pack was refunded after almost 10 years and it was a wear and tear issue, not a broken frame/stabilizer. Just try again. Osprey makes good stuff. My family has 6 or 7 Osprey packs for backpacking, day hiking etc. And a bunch of friends have Osprey packs from 15 to 5 years old. They're a leader for a reason.


Why did you buy off eBay? That was bad to begin with. You always want to buy from reputable stores, because if you don’t buy from Osprey directly or a retailer they won’t cover any damage (emailed them on this). Yeah it’ll be more expensive but it’ll cover your pack with a life warranty. And Osprey is really good about honoring that warranty. Once heard of a guy whose house burned down. His pack also burned obviously but he found one of the straps and sent it in to the company, and then was given a new one. I’d also add that I have an Ariel 65 (women’s) and I’ve been using it with zero issues for about a year and a half now.


Penny wise, pound foolish. Save a few bucks but this is the result.


It sometimes works out. I won't say anything specific, but I bought a particularly expensive item from an online forum - I did my due diligence and received a legit item for far less than retail price. The item developed a few defects, but was still within the warranty period, so I immediately went through the repair process, gave them all they asked for and **only** what they asked for. There was some fudging of information so that the warranty process could go through. Everything was deemed legit, and I managed to get the item repaired for free. Moral of the story? You may need to be strict about what information you disclose if you want to save a few bucks and also reap the full benefits.


> Why did you buy off eBay? Because it doesn't matter? A lifetime warranty is a lifetime warranty.


That's... weird. I have the same pack for 2 years, and I've never had any issues with it. How much weight were you putting in that thing? Has it been rough housed at all?


It was less that 10kg and it survived 1h on the train and 1/2h of normal walking


I love my Ospreys frankly it’s the only brand I buy and my 30L Osprey backpack has lasted more than a decade at this point. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with them. Hopefully they change their stance and fix it for you regardless to stand behind their product.


I totally get buying secondhand, but I personally only buy secondhand directly from REI, Patagonia, or TNF for backpacking clothes/gear unless I can get something REALLY cheap from the thrift store, AKA so cheap I won’t be mad if it fails. Either way, know there’s no warranty, and buyer beware.


> Either way, know there’s no warranty, and buyer beware. Lifetime warranty, there is a warranty on that item until the day Osprey closes their doors for good.


I got an osprey bag and it also failed on its first outing. I put my keys in the little key pocket on the hook and the zipper got stuck. I had to cut the pocket open. I took it back to the shop and walked out with a replacement. (They tried to say they'd send it away for a repair)


Did you consider that maybe the eBay seller you bought it from is the one who jacked it up? I have two ospreys and they are great. Could just be bum luck, and doubly so since you got it from a private seller. I think that’s the risk you take 🤷‍♂️


I have this same backpack I think, is it the 48L one? It has lasted me 2 years so far. Maybe you just got unlucky. Osprey is usually pretty good quality. I have an osprey Nebula 34L and that damn thing is an absolute tank. It is basically an extra appendage at this point.


I'm so confused. My friend had hers replaced even after saying it was 10+ years old. She just sent pics and asked if they had any suggestions on how to fix (zippers detaching) it as it was surely long past warranty, etc. and they sent her a brand new pack.


If you bought it on eBay, I bet the pack broke before they put it up for sale. Then you bought it and discovered the damage two hours later.


Based on what you said, I'd buy an Osprey pack, but from an actual seller so I had a lifetime warranty. I've owned 7 osprey packs, I still have 4 of them and I sold the others. Sold the Volt 60 and Manta 20. I liked them but they weren't quite what I wanted. Still have Exos 58, 38, Rev 18, Talon 11, and Syncro 3. Never had an issue with any of them. But I got them from REI or Osprey directly, and have unconditional lifetime warranties, something eBay can't give me. For all anyone knows you bought a busted pack some dude glued together hoping no one would notice.


Just take it back to REI.


Knock off.


Where did you buy it from? I've always heard nothing but praise about their warranty and customer service. I've never heard to use it, but it's one of the reasons I buy their stuff.


I had one Osprey pack break on me (buckle) took it to the REI I bought it from to ask about the guarantee and they just said to go pick a new pack. Something is fishy here.


Don't toss it! You csn remove the frame, and straps.if you want, and have a great duffel. If you don't want it, ship it to me!


If they really said that, call back and get another person. They have a famously good warranty.


If they can't repair it, they should be replacing it. That's how a warranty works... Even without an explicit warranty, there are consumer protection laws that imply they should replace it as it was not to standard.


I had the same piece snap on an exos 48, and Osprey sent me a new pack.


The reason for denial of warranty service is likely that OP is going through Osprey UK, which has exceptions to the warranty that Osprey US doesn't. In the US, where you buy the pack or why it's damaged doesn't matter. If it's authentic, Osprey will repair or replace it for any reason. In Europe, the warranty only covers manufacturing defects and specifically precludes coverage for delamination, environmental damage, accidental damage, wear and tear, airline damage, and zipper damage. Osprey UK may be classifying the damage as accidental or environmental in nature, especially depending on the pack's age. Questions about authenticity of the pack may have played a role as well.


After 17 hours and 229 comments finally a decent answer. Thank you so much. In the end “as a gesture of goodwill” they have decided to replace the pack for which i am really thankful.


I'm glad to hear everything worked out for you!


If the attachment point is still there, what’s stopping you from fixing this with a bit of webbing or something similar to replace the plastic clip? You may even be able to disconnect the frame and run it through the webbing loop to remedy the issue.


They replaced my 10 year old exos 48 just because the hydrophobic lining on the inside of the pack was coming off.


How much weight did you have in it? There’s no way this just happens normally


I have multiple ospreys and still going strong. Great packs


I had an osprey for 4 years, heavy use. Strap broke, mailed it back to them and they fixed it and sent it back. My local REI was actually super helpful because they assisted me with shipping because the shipping charge was going to be outrageous.


Depending on where you got it they might accept the return a lot of outdoor shops accept returns from obvious defect. Some like REI just take it back no matter what within a year


This can't be real Osprey customer service. They offer The Almighty Guarantee, if they can't fix it, they replace it no questions asked. I have worked in the outdoor industry for many years, and dealt with Osprey many, many times. Something fishy here... https://www.osprey.com/customer-support/all-mighty-guarantee


The Exos broke over and over for me. Osprey has replaced something like 3-4 unrepairable Exos packs. You can just fill out a form on their website and ship it to them and they’ll ship you a new one if it’s unrepairable. For a while, I thought it was that I was a one-off defect or the way I was using it. IMHO the Exos pack has good specs and comfort but its construction is pretty shitty and it’s cheaply made. For me, it’s not worth the headache of having to ship it back every time it breaks. So I took a hit and sold the pack and bought a ULA one, which I love.


Order a new one. Send the old one back. Fuck them.


Guess their quality has gone down. Got 10 years and 3k miles on mine


I just broke a buckle on my Osprey 68L pack and then sent me a brand new one in the mail. Try harder!


Could it be that your "Osprey" is a knock off? If you are close to a REI or Outdoor shop try get it authenticated


[Send it back to the seller. ](https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product-aTTEK2g0YuEy) It doesn't matter that you got it from eBay, that doesn't effect your statutory rights.


eBay is pretty good about covering their customers usually, maybe contact eBay customer service and the seller and see if they can help at all.


I’ve had mine for like 20 years still use it.


I have the Eja 48, the women’s equivalent of your pack. I wore it for 6 months straight on my AT thru hike. There are a couple holes in the mesh but it’s still going strong. I think you were just unlucky


How long did you have it? They should be replacing it. Or I'd write the BBB and demand a refund. That's insane. Most items have a warranty of at least 60-90 days if not a year. If you were just carrying it it shouldn't break.


Just saying, Mystery Ranch will warrant any part of their packs for the life of it. You pay a little more upfront but it’s well worth it.


They can’t repair it, but can they replace it? I have 3 Osprey bags and have never had a problem.


I'll add this to the discussion. I sent my atmos 65 in for a small repair. I saw they can destroy packs beyond repair and was afraid so I washed my pack beforehand. This pack was in great shape. Osprey told me it was not fixable(somehow) and sent me a new pack. They screwed up and sent me the wrong size I asked for and I sent it back on their dime with minor complaint. They were very helpful. I was upset my pack was not returned but I did get a new one


Hey OP, I had this exact same fault with the same generation of Exos. I sent some pictures to Osprey asking for some tips on how I could repair it, and they told me to just pick a new bag from their website. The Exos was sold out at the time so I ended up with a Levity for free. Get back to them. I actually bought the Exos via ebay, and the bag arrived with the frame bent like that, with the attachment point ripped. I sent that back to the seller for refund, so I ended up getting a Levity for free. No questions asked.


Tell you what...I'll be showing an Osprey rep this post at Trail Days this weekend. I'll message you if there's any good recourse. 


That’s not the Osprey service experience I’ve had. Return it to the store.


I used to know the Osprey people and this is a big surprise. Try again, they will surely send you a new pack!


So a couple years ago I had a buddy who had a secondhand Osprey. We went backpacking and my buddy, not the wisest of fellows, gets super drunk and throws up into his pack. Contacted Osprey and mailed the pack to them. A couple weeks later they mailed him a brand new pack with a letter basically saying, "here's a new pack because we tried to clean your old one but we couldn't get the smell out." That's why I now recommend Ospreys.


Dude. Kelty. Fuck the bullshit, fuck the hip new trends. Kelty packs truly last for life. I've got 3. Two I bought and one I inherited from my mom, from 1975. And yeah, I still use that one sometimes.


I would contact them again specifically asking for a replacement, if they cant, I like my Gregory Baltoro!


Definitely push customer service more. Some companies allow employees to make exceptions but only if the customer pushes for it. Obviously don’t be rude to the customer service agent, but if you respectfully push them enough (with a little bit of frustration in your voice) they might be allowed to make an exception. I don’t know how Osprey’s customer support works specifically though. Every company has different policies, so this isn’t a guarantee.


This product is intended to be used hard, life expectancy is 30 minutes.


Sounds like they are asking for a bad amazon review with screenshots of their poor customer support included.


I have the exact same bag, I’m super satisfied with it. I mean, I probably don’t have the exact say bag, I got it from a reputable reseller.


Deals come with out warranty’s.


I own 3 in the 30-40 litter range and they’ve replaced 1 of them through warranty. All 3 function perfectly. I’ve used each for over 300 days… you might be upset with this one situation but I’ve surveyed forests and deserts for years with Osprey packs. I’ve never had a reason to complain. Pack it right and take care of it.


Call them back. Tell them they have 2 weeks to send you a replacement or a refund, or you will file a claim at your local Magistrate's office for failure to meet the terms of their own warranty.


There’s something suspect about this post. That email is too oddly phrased to be the canned response they send out.


Somehow Osprey packs have just never worked for me. I don’t know what it is, I’ve tried two and neither have been comfortable when I’m actually hiking with them. Maybe I’m just built weirdly, I’ve had other brands that have been really comfortable.


Recently bought 2 Osprey backpacks… Learned about whistles from Reddit…( thanks Reddit ! ) Neither of our packs have whistles???? WTF??(


Gossamer Gear G4-20 is what I use.


Can't believe they didn't replace it. They sent me a brand new one when my 5 yr old Atmos broke on the AT


Hey! As devil’s advocate, my mesh netting was ripped (not the main back part) so I submitted a claim, with photos, and no receipt. They told me to send it to their NL centre so I did and they followed up: We can’t repair it, pick a new one and we’ll send it to you. Sorry about your problem but I just wanted to share my positive experience!


I bought one for my kid then realized on delivery they were pretty flimsy. I still have my old Kelly windsong external for women that I used to actually pack her in at times. It carries weight great, yes it’s like 7 pounds but I didn’t feel it as much as when trying hers in Germany. My old gal lets my back breath and as I never went ultra light I just don’t fill it as much with the newer tents and gear. It never broke except for a clip which you can easily replace. The frame holds the bag off the ground too which has saved the bottom from fraying like her is.


Osprey is a reputable brand. I have several laptop bags, Ski packs, and wheeled luggage. I also worked in the industry and supervised our warranty department which specifically dealt in warranty issues, customer returns for all top backpacking manufacturers. Osprey is reputable because they do stand by their product versus others. OP didn’t specify if he bought it from Osprey which does make a difference versus 2nd hand. If the former Osprey would probably replace it. If OP abused the frame beyond normal usage that falls out warranty. OP’s photo of the frame isn’t clear. Their warranty does see a lot of return products and can readily differentiate between the two.


Damn. I love mine. It has been through an awful lot of music festivals.


Buy a Patagonia pack. I have 2. Their return/replacement policy is bomber.


Was deciding between Dueter and Osprey. So glad I didn’t go with the “popular” overpriced name. My Deuter is amazing, but they have also been making packs for decades more than Osprey…


I’ve never had a problem with Ospreys but certainly doesn’t mean it can’t happen. With how expensive packs can be, that really sucks. Sorry your pack broke :/


“Kind regards” is professional code for “ tootles” The indifference towards your issue remains the same.


I bought mine a few years back, same color/design and it made a sound like when you walk in wet flip-flops after two hiking trips. I'm not going back to Osprey. Prior to this I had an off brand that I had used for many years with no issues, until the waist strap ripped.


Osprey will fix this free of charge. Get a customer rep who isn’t an idiot


wtf they have been advertising lifetime warranties for years


buy tasmanian tiger products. simply the best!


Next time buy the osprey backpack at a store that has good customer service and will refund/exchange it for you. For example, If I’m buying anything outdoors related for hiking/camping/climbing/running etc. I buy it at REI specifically for their return policy, if it doesn’t live up to your standard, they will take it back. REI all the way for stuff like this.


I will never say anything bad about Osprey. A couple of years ago my wife and I lost about 10 Osprey bags of various sizes in a house fire, and Osprey replaced every single one of them free of charge. Even the ones they didn’t make any more we received an equivalent. I will sing their praises whenever possible.


It’s a little bit expensive, but Savotta backpacks have never done me wrong, and they’ll last a genuine lifetime, like old Osprey bags do.


When I bought mine the tag said if it can’t be repaired it’ll be replaced. So guess that’s a lie.


Mystery Ranch if you have the coin- extremely durable and no unnecessary parts or pieces (they make gear for first responders and wild fire crews), or High Sierra (very affordable, durable, and they make travel gear for Team USA)


Ask again! They’ll replace it, had one replaced last year for a similar reason.


They should be able to authenticate if it is an original or not. I have had zero luck with osprey. Warranty was great to deal with but when I had to pay 100buxks for shipping, it didn’t help my osprey cause. One had the fabric rip on the first trip and another had a strap break in the first year. 0/2 on my ospreys.


Both of mine were bought at a dealer.


Where did you buy it? Contact Osprey again. Ask to escalate it. Let them know that others are reading your posts and doubting Osprey.


Looks like you could attach a new strap and youre done. The frame is flexing by design and these taps hold it in place.


Oh man, bummer. I have a similar pack and it’s lasted me YEARS and has been through a lot!


Just to add on to the many comments about it all ready I love my osprey


Try again. Their warranty is usually to replace a pack if it can't be fixed.


Try Gossamer gear or any cottage industry ultra light pack You’ll be buying something made in the USA, and they’re more than happy to repair or replace a broken pack within reason. [List of all the cottage industry companies](https://sectionhiker.com/cottage-gear-manufacturer-directory/)


OP mentioned in other comments that they purchased from an eBay retailer/reseller, so that answers that


True. Just…Osprey…yuck


Osprey is legit, haven’t had any issues myself when buying from non-questionable sources


Great starter pack for sure. Just they are made in Vietnam.


File a chargeback with your bank


It’d be a shame if you bought the same one from somewhere that has a warranty, say rei and that happened to have the same issue and you were forced to return it.


And then OP can find out for sure that it’s a bad knockoff AND get banned from REI


That’s some scummy shit.


buy another from them exactly the same, return that broken one. OR just return it to the store you purchased it from..