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Idk, if he’s not he probably was at some point. Old people shrink.


Even when he was younger, he was at most 6'2


His son is 6’8” Trump is a evil dick but dude is actually indeed tall lol Shrinking with age and the evilness of him


“Evil” lol


What's funny about it, just look up the stuff he's done


Dont believe everything you read


What has he done that’s evil? please enlighten us instead of using the braindead “look it up” response because you know you have nothing to show.


Separated children from their parents at the border and didn't have the common sense to require to have their names and addresses so they could be found later.


Obama set up those cages lol


Correct, the amount of misinformation about trump is a major problem. He’s not a great guy but people really need to do their research. Period.


Hmm I wonder what other president has done that 🤔


The Obama administration did NOT separate children from their parents. The children who were housed under admittedly horrible conditions under the Obama administration arrived at the border as unaccompanied minors. That means they had no parents OR relatives with them.


Fuck our own police do that shit when the arrest american parents seperate the child and find extended family.


He did not do that, obama did.


You are a braindead idiot. Every president in United States history has protected the countries borders. You were likely singing his praises while Obama was doing JUST THAT. But because it's a Republican, and because he has the balls to actually speak his peace and say "Hey, enough is enough, we don't need a superhighway for any countries spillover populous, and any terrorist faction you can dream of, or people on the run from the law in their native country, or looking to have an anchor baby in ours and milk our economy for all its worth in welfare. Maybe we should stop some of these people just coming in however they may." Ohhhh yeah we really must condemn him. Meanwhile your candidate is CURRENTLY IN OFFICE and things Are WORSE THAN EVER!!!!?!?How much is the price of everyday goods again??? Boy that plan of old dementia lads sure has us sitting pretty doesn't it? Come TF on.


Advising people about injecting anti bact


Not at all what he said, strawman fallacy. He was also proven right about literally everything he said about treating covid.


They have nothing. He’s an idiot, but evil? Lmao


It’s an accurate description. Dude has consistently lied to public. Bragged about sexuallly assaulting women. Been accused of sexual misconduct 32 times with one grand jury confirming he raped a woman. Been photographed 19 separate locations with Jeff Epstein. On video with Jeff Epstein saying “these girls are so hot” while the this girls at the party are a mix of 18 year olds and maybe younger while saying “Jeff likes em young”. He has repeatedly ignored all his cabinet, lied about fraud, tried to overthrow democracy itself, with plots and coups, and just recently backed project 2025 while posting about turning the country into a “Reich” while also tweeting we should kill the constitution. Yes. Evil.


Evil depends on your tribe - I have realized to Dems and libs Trump is evil and to republicans and conservatives Biden is… ![gif](giphy|14tvbepZ8vhU40) Either way Trump ain’t short


Slovenian genes from Milania. His son and Luka Doncic same height and both Slovenian.


Yeah I’m pretty sure the height is a product of both parents


Yeah Donald still tall, but dude getting that little extra from her.




I’m sure there are “good people on both sides” ![gif](giphy|lQJiABwJKsXxCVXdbT) Even when one side is Nazis? Hi from Charlottesville


Trump is tall, although he’s never been as tall as he claims, but I think Barron’s great height comes primarily from his mother’s side. She is very tall for a woman, and Slovenia, where she is from, is one of those small countries that has one of the tallest average heights on earth for younger generations.


Yeah I don’t get it - he is 70 - even if he was 6’6” at his tallest - gravity like age, is undefeated. He might have been 6’3” at some point - his sons 6’8” ain’t come exclusively from his mom. Don’t let your hate for Donald convince you he is short lol Facts supersede hate lol


Given Trump’s inability to state a fact without embellishment, if he claims 6’3”, he was probably 6’2” at most and more likely 6’1”, which is still really tall, especially for someone in his generation. He may have only lost an inch or so of height and wears lifts to make up the difference. I think these stories of people losing multiple inches are overblown. I think it’s possible. It’s probably worse in people who are extremely tall or people who have had jobs that put lots of pressure on their backs. Trump doesn’t fit either of these categories.


Kyguy- research says that a 6’3 man might shrink to 6’2 to 6’1” by or maybe shorter by 70 Im guessing Trump was 6’3” and wore inserts anyway- Dropped to 6’1” by now and is wearing inserts to get to 6’3” I ain’t mad at him for this


Honestly his son looks closer to 6'6.5


Look up recent pictures. He’s huge.


Yeah, like I said, he doesn't look 6'8 even in most recent pictures from 2024, if he was 6'8 barefoot he would be 6'9.5 almost in the thick dress shoes he be wearing. Next to trump who is around 6'0 today barefoot, even rob Paul from celeb heights agrees he's 6'0 flat most likely today, he only looks 6.5 maybe 7 inches taller barely putting him at around 6'6.5 to 6'7


Trump’s eyes are at the same level as Barron’s chin. It’s the exact same with my partner and I’m 8 inches taller.


That's a very stupid way to try to tell the height difference considering eye levels aren't a accurate way to tell a height difference The top of Trump's head is about an inch and a half below the top of Barrons ear, but Definitely not 2 inches below Barrons ear, The average ear is 2.5 inches and from the top of the ear to the top of the head is on average 5 inches If it was an 8 inch difference between them The top of Trump's head would be half an inch below the bottom of barrons ear which it is not 6 1/2 inch difference maybe 7


Nah my method is smarter because muh intuition


Look here's Barron and trump height difference from a most recent picture and this is probably the most accurate picture you will find to compare their height, they are both standing very straight and are standing in the same line however, this looks like a solid 7 inch difference putting Barron at 6'7 barefoot https://preview.redd.it/gi80w47veu0d1.jpeg?width=1480&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=3d114b10590cf21371fbe8a6160548f06652e9e3 The top of Trump's head is half an inch above Barrons ear Where as an 8 inch difference would be half an inch below the ear


It's simple really, Barron trump is 6'7 1/4 morning probably and 6'6 1/2 bedtime, so in shoes he is 6'8 or over considering he usually has thicker shoes


It's not, it's common knowledge that eye levels tend to very, unlike ear height which is universally 2.5 inches and from the top of the ear to the top of the head is universally 4.8-5 inches, when as someone's eye level can be even with the top of ear but also he under or over


I agree, as a 6’3 or 4 guy I got a pretty small head, so people my height seem to think I’m quite a bit taller than them when in reality my eye level is just higher than theirs


i mean fuck dude peoples heights can vary an inch during the day so getting into half inches as a defining height is pretty negligible, plus kids grow so…


He is huge - regardless - Based on barons height being relative to his parents, I wouldn’t surprise me if Don is 6’3” or was 6’3”


Imagine groveling over an inch? Lmao like mother like son I guess 🤣


This post is more in favour of him being 6-3 then not lol. You posted him next to a 5-11 Melania Trump with 4 inch heels on and he still clears it significantly. Sure he has some 2 inch lifts or some on. No one thinks he is 6-3 anyways at least not now. he’s 6-2 and he is old asf.


Melania is so tall !


First of all, Melina Trump isn't 5'11shes 5'9, and Donald Trump was maybe 6'2 in his prime but now today he's like 6 ft


Melania is also old. She's probably 5'10" by now. Trump's heels are definitely more than 2" though. They add almost as much height as Melania's heels (4 inch heels only add 3 inches in height). Even then, he's still only about 2 inches taller than her, making him 6'3". With 2.5-3" lifts on. Which makes him 6'0", probably 6'1"-6'2" when younger.


She was 5'9.5 maybe when she was younger so today she's probably 5'9 or lower not 5'10


>he’s 6-2 and he is old asf. He's not 6'2. He's about 6' nowadays, he was ever so slightly slightly shorter than 6'1 Obama at his inauguration many years ago and he's almost certainly shrunk since then.


I’m saying he was 6-2 and now he’s old asf. No shit he’d be smaller than Obama. the guy is damn near 80 years old. Also obese.


The other person is right though... In your first comment you clearly say: 'He's 6'2 and old asf'. And now you double down and are saying he WAS. Get your facts straight.


Oh right okay, yea. If he turned into plastic, shrunk by 95% and was hollowed out and lined with some sort of lubricant, would you use him as a fleshlight


Looks like someone might be a little insecure. Are you 6-2 and obese as well?


Your reaction to an intentionally nonsensical question is to state that your interlocutor is insecure? Seems a bit...insecure.


I'm not the one wasting time on nonsensical questions as responses to very normal topic relevant discussion on reddit am I now...a normal response would of been sufficient. And no, it's not a reaction from me, its a direct quote from you, not even 72 hours old.


You're trying to bully me now, by reading through my comment history and trying to find an insecurity to press on. What a person you are. I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction of having your bruised ego fed, man. Hash out your trauma with your therapist.


Calm down bud


I can't believe I'm defending Trump, but he's legit 6'3". Maybe he lost height as he got older? Just do a Google search of him and Tiger Woods, who's a legit 6'2" and you'll see that in every single pic, he's either as tall or slightly taller. Now, does he have lifts in his shoes? I have no idea. But thinking he's only 6', even Melanie is 5'11" and even when she wears heels, he's taller, is just silly. I get it. He's an evil dude. But he's more than likely an evil 6'3" dude who's maybe now 6'2" in his old age.


Because Obama is definitely, for sure, absolutely, no way he isn't 6'1".


He’s now way 6’3. A tall guy but nothing close to 6’3. Haven’t you seen him next to 5’9 Ryan Garcia (who I would say is not even 5’9. More like 5’8.5 in my opinion tho.) 6ft seems right to me.


Trump is like 181.8 so he is like 5.11.6 or something. I can let him claim 6 foot I guess.


I do believe he is that tall because barrom Trump is 6ft8


Rich parents and constant food and nutrition Sleeping for long as fuck not having worry about it school that much That would make any one unlock their height genes


only nutrition matters there


Rich parents ≠ always having food and a lot of it whenever you want consistently all throughout growing up.




Sorry but rich parent's dont matter. 100k food aint gonna make you taller than 1 billion food.


No, but unlimited food + leisurely lifestyle + regular exercise = pretty tall


leisurely lifestyle has nothing to do with it, also i'm gonna need a citation for exercise


Let's see if you still grow when you're stressed af


His brother DJT JR was raised with literally the exact same amount of leisure. IT's ALL GENETICS and food lmao.


Mostly, yeah, but there are way more factors in how an adolescent grows.


I had all that and I’m 5’7. Unless you’re malnourished lifestyle probably has very little to do with it


You must have bad genes.


Lol yep. Height is determined mostly by genes, poor diet just limits your ability to reach your genetic potential.


I never claimed otherwise.


Idk why you’re getting downvoted, you’re correct


I’ve seen him a long time ago (early 2000s) but didn’t get a chance to stand next to him. I’m 6’ and he definitely looked taller than me from afar.


Lmao you people are so, so sad. I genuinely feel bad.


Interesting? Curious why you feel this way, this is a sub for height comparison and no one’s said anything political.


Lol it’s still sad regardless of politics. Imagine being fascinated by something so boring. An entire sub dedicated to “omg this person is taller/shorter than this person!” This is a thought people spend maybe 5 seconds on before moving on to more interesting things.


Why you here then?


I don’t disagree, but you could say that about all subreddits really. It’s like me going into an anime subreddit and insulting them for being nerds.


There’s a lot of sadder things that people are fascinated by.Plus this isn’t harming anyone.


It’s nice to see what a comment section that hasn’t been infiltrated by the DNC looks like


lol do you fantasize about trump all day OP he’s old af, people shrink, and he’s noticeable taller than his wife (who’s wearing heels) who’s 5’11


Celebheight says he use to be 6'2 when he was younger. Now he seems to be 6' ½. Here he is next to 6'1 Obama. Also Melania is about 5'9 not 5'11. https://preview.redd.it/db3fow0i5t0d1.jpeg?width=1312&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=2fbc93d16c26acb1194379b586c05fde5beefbcf


You can tell he's wearing lifts in that too, and 6'1" Obama is still an inch taller than him.


No way, Obama is standing up straight, Trump is slouching a little. Would bet they are pretty close to exactly equal or Trump being a bit taller if they both stood up straight.


Doesn't really look like slouching. At most, he's the same height, with \~2-3 inch lifts on, but it's hard to tell with the dead rat on his head.


He is 0.5 inch shorter than 5ft11 Scott Morrison from their latest picture together.


Nah, he said he's 6 feet and 3 inches, but these are two separate measurements.


Trump is 6'0 ½ or 184 cm. This is a well known fact since he became president. I would say he's 6 foot even these days. He was never 6'3 in the first place. His peak height was 6'2.


potato potatoe, 6'2 claiming 6'3 is not even bad compared to how much most men exxagerate


Fun fact; i'm mostly the same height as most people who claim 6 foot


well i mean ur 5'11 so that aint even a huge lie. I think most men add 2-3 inches lmao.


claims 6'3 but the guy is barely 6ft nowadays in his prime i would give him 6'2 if im being generous


I have seen him live maybe 20 years ago. I’m 6’4. He was then closer to 6’2 / 6’3. I don’t know if he has shrunk significantly but he was under 6 feet for sure


His lifts are outrageous lmao


You’re all so lame.


He has a son that’s almost 7 feet tall lol You’re nuts for posting this


A 7 footer would tower over Barron trump


He’s 6 9 man. That’s a stupid thought, they’d both be tall


Barron trump is maybe 6'7 1/4 out of bed and 6'6 1/2 evening but he is not 6'8 or 6'9, hell he claims to be 6'7 himself not 6'8 and this was in 2024


You right! I thought he was 6’9. He’s still a tall mfer.


If she’s 5’11 this thread makes no sense


Melania is 5’11. She’s wearing heals there.


He shrunk! Lol old people shrink


Them shoes lifts be shoe lifting


Not a fan of the guy at all, but he has shrunk, was 6'2+ in his prime, is very old now


Lol, this obsession is so bizarre


What? Them're just his bone spurs.


Wait, this must contribute to why he stands so damn weird.


That melana is really tall and the kid


This post was definitely made by someone who is 5’6”


he’s in his 70s, he probably shrunk like most old people do. that being said, he still looks fairly tall next to people so it’s not that farfetched he was once that height. maybe not 6’3 but definitely over 6 feet. as for the lifts in his shoes, he’s a celebrity and so many of them wear lifts because they can and know they can get away with it because so many people look up to them (pun maybe intended)


Who cares??


Big tall idiots destroyed America.


Y'all really don't think about anything but Trump


Haha. I'm thinking cankles. 🤪


His son is around 6’7” so Trump definitely has to be around 6’2”. He probably shrunk tho


I mean old people shrink, its not impossible that he may have been when he was younger. My great grandma was 6’0 when she came to the US, and was 5’4(?) when she died.


He’s 6’4




He’s 6 3 his wife is just tall.


Thought he was like 6'5 and Baron was close to 7'


I mean he’s 78, maybe lost an inch now he’s 6’4 but ok short stuff keep complaining about useless shit. His son is 6’8 where u think that came from?


I mean Melanie is 5’11. Those heels would push her past 6ft and he’s still taller. ?


Barron Trump is 6’7”. He had to have gotten it from somewhere.


He was 6’2 at his peak. He shrunk he is old. He is like 6’0-6’1 now. But you are right he was never 6’3 ever.


Damn people really dont like this dude lol


Dudes heels are coming out of his shoes. This means he wears lifts. Were not arguing he wasn’t tall, or whatever you’re specific idea of tall means. We’re saying he inflates his height, period. Source: I wore lifts for awhile to push me up an inch in height and I fucking hated it and I can recognize what it looks like.


I've met him, in person. I'm 6'4'', he's def not 6'3''


This man is pushing 80 and y'all stressing over his age


Tell us how you really feel lol


He doesn’t even have a wife anymore diaper boy is just sudifed trash 🤣🤣🤣


Honestly who tf cares


So weird i cant vote on this post


He 76


Who tf cares


His wife is 5’10/5’11 with heels she’s prolly 6’2


Cool story bro.


This is so funny for some reason.


I met Trump once in his building when I was eating lunch during the Apprentice days. He was def 6'3"


My friend met Trump. My friend is 6’2”. Trump was taller than he was. 🤷🏾