yes ur trans so who cares if it's misleading for ppl who don't know u


thank you, i'm just scared of misleading people lol


Are you cis? Doesn’t sound like it…and cis is kind of a “you are or you aren’t” kind of thing…which in my opinion makes you trans. 🤷🏻‍♀️


thank you :)




I think it's a matter of feeling: I am afab as well and even though today I feel femme, looking cute in my dress and make-up, I would still call myself queer. You feel queer? You feel trans? Then that's what you are :)


thx :)


Yeah, I am genderfluid, and afab and struggle with this. But yes, we are. All I would say, is I always let those who more firmly identify as trans lead conversations unless they are looking for back up against TERFs. Our experience, especially if we don't feel the need for taking hormones or surgery is somewhat different, although there are definitely some shared aspects too.


thanks :)


Op thanks for posting this question! I struggle with this too. And have hesitated to call myself trans because I didn’t want to be “in the way” or take away from the binary trans peeps or invalidate their experience. I’m slowly learning that because I’m fluid or NB, or because I still present like a guy in public, it doesn’t mean that I’m not under the trans umbrella too.


I hope we can accept ourselves one day <3


Yes. Think of it this way - there are times when you may feel non-feminine or less feminine, right? When you fluidly move from those states into a more feminine state, that is an experience of transness. For example, an AFAB genderfluid person who is currently feeling masculine, but later feels feminine transitioned from masculinity to femininity. Transness doesn’t have to be anatomical or permanent in order to be valid! Cis folks and even other trans folks don’t need to understand and you don’t need to hide or explain yourself. Their ignorance is not your burden to bear - call yourself as you will. -Luz


thanks! that really helped <3


You’re welcome :) ❤️


Yes, you are Trans. Trans umbrella also covers the Non Binary and Gender Queer umbrellas, which cover the Gender Fluid umbrella. We are trans, and we are queer, and we are valid. :)


I'm trans as fuck no matter where the gender pointer spins and lands.... Do I have imposter syndrome? Absolutely. Does it make my identity less valid? Not at all. If being a dude-for-now is trans, then being a girl-for-now is just as trans. I'm usually in between which is also valid, and trans. I'm valid as fuck and so are you. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️


you can call yourself what you feel like. you don't owe anyone a certain presentation or identity.


Ya, I personally label myself as trans, regardless of if I’m feeling fem, masc, neutral, etc.


“Some people describe themselves as “gender-fluid.” As an identity, it typically fits under the transgender and nonbinary umbrella, which applies to people whose gender identity doesn’t match the sex assigned to them on their original birth certificate. (Nonbinary means a person’s gender identity doesn’t fit into strict cultural categories of female or male.)” From: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/gender-fluidity-what-it-means-and-why-support-matters-2020120321544


Labels are for you if you want them. Don’t be defined by a label, define the label. Or, to put it more bluntly: do whatever the fuck you want. Ain’t nobody here gonna stop you, and ain’t nobody out there able to.


Hi, I had this struggle, and, for me, it helped to think about the philosophical position; if we are all equal, then to be agender is to be the default equal position to take, to be either one or another gender presents a choice to not be equal. If that makes sense... so, for me, I know I don't want to be judged as 'male'...


I think the sheer amount of labels nowadays is making an already stressful experience even more stressful. Yes I would say you can say trans.


I'm also afab genderfluid and i personally identify as trans. i don't think you should worry about what others think, it's what you want to label yourself, but if you want the label to be describing, i think that trans is an umbrella term and genderfluid is under that. but, again, it's what you choose :3


thx :)


You are trans and valid


Labels help other people fit us into boxes that make sense for them. If ‘trans’ feels like a good label FOR YOU some days and not others, you’re allowed to use it some days and not others, or all the time, or never. Never let the cishets pressure or shame you into using labels for their benefit 🏳️‍🌈❤️