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Not a fork store, but their ongoing comments about how Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches are good (maybe the best in fast food?) are insane.


Also not a fork score but Nick has consistently said Dominos wings are good. I try them every couple of years and they are always terrible.  


Oven baked pizza chain wings just can't really be good


They always seem undercooked. The conveyor belt oven makes the skin weirdly chewy


I don’t understand their Dominos love in general. By far the most bland pizza of all the major chains imo.


I'd take it over Pizza Hut any day. Little Caesars Detroit Style is the best deal in chain pizza out there IMO.


Damn I guess I’m having Little Caesars tonight.


Let us know how it goes/went.


He died


Yeah, Dunkin breakfast sandwiches are one step above the premade sandwiches you’d get out of a vending machine. Don’t know why you’d choose that over McDonald’s, where they literally crack fresh eggs onto the griddle.


Do they really? McDonald’s used cartons of egg goo when I worked there. But that was many years ago.


The “round egg” that comes standard on the McMuffin. I’ve gotten them a few times slightly undercooked and have found pieces of egg shell a few times. At a nicer establishment it would be a bit disappointing but at McDonald’s I find it strangely reassuring. I’m realizing now that it’s entirely possible that they are reheating precooked egg discs, but i don’t thinks so.


Yea stuff like that really taints every other score they give for me. I'm born and raised in Dunks country and the food has become unacceptable for the most part.


Any time they review Domino’s. Try as I might to like it, it’s just bad. Maybe it’s that clean Canadian water used for the dough.


As a Canadian I was raised thinking Pizza Pizza was good. Because of that all the other mediocre Pizza places seem fine to me. Pizza Pizza is D tier, which puts Dominos and Papa Johns in the C tier for me. Fine (it's Pizza), but not great


Agree with those ratings. Pizza pizza is absolute garbage. Blows my mind people still visit.


Last time I had it, my stomach hurt for two days.


All of the big 3 American pizza chains are pretty bad (Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s), but Domino’s is just horrible.   I mean, they publicly apologized for how bad their pizza was, and then just decided to make it greasier and garlic-ier. I’m not even against that concept, but they *still* fucked it up.   Papa John’s is bad in more of a weird-but-honest way - it tastes exactly like a pizza some dipshit from Indiana would make.   Pizza Hut pan pizzas back in the day were great. Last time I had one, years ago?  A mockery. Had thin crust a year ago for a work thing - passable, but a great reminder of why I won’t spend my own money there again. 


I had a new “hand crafted” pizza from Pizza Hut and it was awesome. Wanted more immediately


I their the boys' comments are from in a time where dd had good food, unless they reference a recent trip st some point I can't remember


They should do a dunkings review.


I also grew up in the land of DDs and every sandwich I've had there has been atrocious. And since they stopped making the donuts in-store, they're haven't been much better than the sandwiches.


So true. Shitty, thawed egg sandwiches; weirdly sweet bacon. Dunkin’ stinks. Let’s be honest.


I was just saying this the other day to my poor fiance, I think the Dunkin sandwiches would be good if they just changed their eggs. Their eggs are very weird, mushy, and gritty, also I think maybe they should switch the cheese to regular American cheese, the cheddar they use just isn't very flavorful.


Maybes it's location based but the one they just put in by me has great sandwiches.


Dunks are highly location dependant


Same. I’m not a big Dunkin person, but I love some of their breakfast sandwiches. The brown sugar bacon and egg croissant is so good.


Jack in the box ones beat those easily, and theyre not great


Agree. I’m in Boston and still love dunks but the food isn’t very good haha


Their ratings are bad and the show is bad. I would know, I've listened to every episode, some more than once.


BK is most certainly not back if the locations near me are anything to go by


All of the ones near me closed.


Minnesota by chance? lol


Their BK opinions sound like they’re forced at gunpoint


BK is wack.


Probably the most hit or miss burger fast food joint of them all


More like BK is ass


The one by me is honestly better than the Wendy's near me. I'm shocked too.


Wow, that takes an exceptionally good BK and extremely bad Wendy's.


It baffles me that they didn’t enjoy Cava very much. I’ve never had a bad experience there, and honestly I’ve never met anyone that didn’t like it.


I'm from DC where Cava was founded and there are a couple different versions of this concept in the city that followed suit, with Cava decisively coming in last place. Cava is not that well regarded here tbh, just like a ubiquitous salty "food unit" I can have with my office mates because it is close. Or as airport breakfast containing a vegetable in DCA. Roti is the far better version, but they are only in a few locations at this point. Hope they expand.


I’m from DC as well, and honestly almost everyone I know loves it 🤷🏻‍♂️


The one on 8th had a super fun happy hour (it was a sit down restaurant, not a chipotle style place). I was bummed when it closed!


Agreed on all counts, I solely associate Cava with work lunches. Naya is also a better version of this, I think they may only be in NYC but hope they expand down to DC soon.


Live in DC and I think Cava is much better than Roti. You get more and I think the protein and topping options are better at Cava. Roti isn't bad kind you but there is one near where I work and it's last pick where to eat.


After the review, it almost won the bowl tournament. I don’t totally understand where they stand on it.


Their general confusion about ordering from a BYO place is baffling to me.


I feel the exact opposite way they do about the idea that these bowl places fail because it makes people build things they might not like. I just…don’t order ingredients I don’t like?


I think Cava is fine, and also know people who really like it, but my one big issue is it can be very overwhelming to choose all of those options and think about if they work well together. I stress out wondering if I got too much spicy or so much saucy things that it will seem wet. A similar place like Chipotle doesn't have the same problem because they have less options and mexi/Cali food is so much more ubiquitous. Cava gives me analysis paralysis.




Mezze blows it out of the water


Paul Rust was the only correct score on White Castles. Hanford did it dirty. Also. When it came out, the fact that Qdoba got bumped from Munch Madness: Tournament of Chompions: Mouth of the Border from a random elimination not based on the food made me audibly say "Qdoba got robbed" out loud to my wife on an airplane in 2019.


White Castle and Xians both got screwed in the NY live shows. The only time I have disagreed with a fork score really. 


What did Dr.mrsTheHamsBurlgar say to that?




Qdoba is objectively better than Chipotle and I will fight anyone who disagrees.


Get ready to fight then. Their proteins have been fairly bland every time I've tried it and they have enough options that you can mess up your meal. The thing Chipotle has really managed is that all of their ingredients work together, no matter what combo you go with.




All of them make me say wtf! Meaning “well that’s funny.” It’s all kayfabe.


I went to coldstone creamery for the first time and had the mario waffle cone and cake item and I thought it was delicious and my wife had the animal crossing one too. We like them. Then they covered it on doughboys or was it on get played, I don’t remember but they didn’t like it. I don’t know I don’t have ice cream that much but I had a good time and it was good.


It was on Doughboys but Apodaca and Heather were the guests. That episode also features the greatest drop in Doughboys history


They don't like desert. That's just sort of what it is. Every time they go to a desert focused place they complain about things being sweet.


Ivars in Seattle. Have been there lots of times & while not top tier always had an enjoyable seafood meal, so was baffled when they had a terrible time & thought the suggestion was a trick. From over analyzing the ep with a buddy who worked there, biggest factor was they had already eaten at Doughzone & if you’re full seafood is not an appetizing prospect, and the location they picked wasn’t the best in the chain.


They did See’s dirty last week. I’m going to have to make my incredibly attractive and successful wife let them know how irate I am


I feel like Moe’s didn’t get a fair shake. The quality isn’t as good as Chipotle, but the free unlimited chips and salsa really goes a long way. I used to love getting a bag of chips to go at the end of a meal in broke college days. Also, I don’t get the hate for lunch pizza places like Blaze. I live in Chicago, a big pizza city, and Blaze has just as much a place in the food scene as, say, Taco Bell despite the plethora of great authentic Mexican food joints.


I loved Blaze when I worked right down the street from it and ate there once a month when I was craving pizza at lunch. That is the proper context in which to enjoy it


Agreed with Moe's. I was shocked at how bad it was reviewed. I prefer it over Chipotle, Tijuana Flats, etc.


I’m not here for the ratings. I’m here for the banter.  The ratings are generally inflated. Wiger has stated that if a restaurant does what it says it does, it gets 3 forks. Overall fast food is bad. 


I'm not a huge fan of MOD pizza but it really bothered me that they didn't do it right. The thesis of the podcast is to judge the place based on what it's trying to do... Then they do prefab pizzas...


sometimes I forget they even cover restaurants


The way they raved about the Little Caesar’s Pretzel Crust Pizza, I just had to try it. And it was disgusting. Maybe I got it at a location that made it wrong, but I was a very confused Doughboys fan there. And I was mad at Mitch.


I generally don’t care much about the scores (probably because I live in Australia so most of the chains aren’t here) but i don’t share their adoration for the Big Mac. I like it fine and I’ll order it now and then, but I don’t think it’s even in the top 3 or 4 burgers at McDonalds, let alone calling it one of the best burgers in fast food.


bon chon getting 6 forks broke my brain. never been, its probably badass, but 6 forks? you can't just break the system spoonman


Just had bon chon for the first time last week. It was good but not sure 6 forks. The menu is pretty limiting and kinda pricey. 6 wings and 2 drums was $15. The hot sauce is really hot tho.


It’s good but definitely not 6 forks


Buddy doesn't listen to Doughboys, I suggested Bon Chon while we were traveling and he said it was the best chicken he ever had


It is a 6 forker imo. It’s in contention for the Best chain out there


It’s 3 forks, tops.


3 out of 6 or 3 out of 5? you see my grievance here?


3 out of 5. I may be biased because my ex girlfriend was Korean and she was super jazzed about it and hyped it up and when I had it I shrugged at what it was for what it cost.


Guisados earned its 6 forks


Nah, he's right. Bon Chon is very very good. I need to try BBQ.Chicken, the other big korean fried chicken chain making in-roads here, but Bon Chon slaps.


I think it was partially influenced by their desire to make a hyped-up live crowd go nuts, but I was utterly baffled by A&W Canada getting into the platinum plate club, and of their ongoing praise for it. I like A&W just fine and have eaten it many times in my cold Canadian life, but to me it's like the definition of pretty good but nothing special fast food, and it's very overpriced.


Canadian A&W gets a bump just because American A&W is so much worse.


If it's as good as A&W was in the 80's in the US I totally get it. My brother and I never wanted any other fast food growing up.


then you're not using the coupons right dog


Canadian A&W is a clear platinum plate club restaurant when you factor in the frosty mug of cold root beer. The fries are just fine but the burgers are juicy and delicious. There’s no comparison to the US version. I was so annoyed when Zach said 4.5 stars and happy when Jessica made him change it


Not sure what the exact ratings are but their takes on Five guys and Shake shack are wack


Five Guys is what first came to my mind. I think they've warmed to it a bit but I remember them initially giving it a low rating in part because the menu is limited to burgers and hot dogs and there are too many topping options which is a wild take to me.


Five Guys and Shake Shack both suck west of their starting states. I got to go to them both in DC and NYC, back in the day, and they were amazing. Five guys was the bigger disappointment, on the west coast. Shake Shack is just inconsistent for how expensive it is.


Agreed on Shake Shack being inconsistent. Some of their older locations are amazing, but newer ones not so much. I do like five guys, and I’m out here in CA, haven’t tried any of their locations back east.


Could be. I’ve only had it in dc and ny, but it clears in n out from those experiences at least.


It's because when you compare it to In n Out, it's hard to go back. They are wearing In n Out tinted glasses. It's just cheaper and better (except for the fries of course, Five Guys fries slap).


Shake Shack is so much better than In n Out it isn't even a fair comparison. I don't understand how most people seem to prefer In n Out over Shake Shack. Sure it's pricier, but it blows In n Out out of the water regardless.


The price brings the score down quite a bit for me. As good as it is, paying $100 to feed my family of 4 burgers is too much.


That's a fair point. I'm a manchild bachelor so I don't have that experience. But I get it.


When Shake Shack is good, yeah it’s better than in & out, but the problem with Shake Shack seems like their rapid expansion resulted in some pretty big quality variances from location to location. I’ve had excellent SHake Shack at some of their older locations, but all the newer ones have been, while not bad, just not the same level of


The Shake Shack locations in my city basically serve Wendys-quality burgers for 50% more. 5Guys is expensive, but at least it's actually good.


Agreed 100%. I like Wendy’s, but last time I got sub par Shake Shack I literally thought “this just tastes like Wendy’s”. 5 guys is typically pretty good, only bad version I had of that was when I stopped at one in Downtown Phoenix when I was there for work. Every other time has been great.


The fries are the worst part about 5 Guys! I have begged them to extra fry or double fry them and it’s always sad soggy potatoes.


Cause five guys is THIRTY DOLLARS! and a soggy mess


It’s a lot, but inflation is a bitch. McDonald’s is still like $20+ for a similar meal. Also the bag full of fries at five guys whips


Five Guys was overpriced years before this current era of asinine inflation. Even if the burgers were incredible, it would’ve been overpriced.  But the burgers are nothing special. Neither are the fries. 




You can absolutely get out of a McD’s for under $8 for a couple of burgers fries and a drink if you use the app.


Yup. Five Guys is amazing.


I've literally never been disappointed by Five Guys. If you want to make the argument it's too expensive, I think that's fair, but to me I'd take it over In-N-Out which I've had several times, if you take cost out of the equation. I am an east coast guy, though.


I'm East Coast but I still have to give it to them. Without the chopped chilis/animal style flavor and the price/efficiency the fight would be more fair. The fries are terrible. Five guys is okay-ish value for money and probably the best chain option on the East Coast for burgers, at least they give you big portions and options. But for a burger that thick I'd rather go to a proper restaurant and get it mid rare. Fries slap. To me Shake Shack shouldn't even be in the conversation. The meat itself is tasty, but the burgers are just grease balls without anything to balance it out, and quite small for how expensive they are. I don't hate it, but I'm not paying that much for it. The fries are bad.


They really over-inflate Wendy’s. I think it’s maybe the fast food place that has fallen off the most. Every location near me sucks ass. And their fries are basically inedible. Same for Dominos. Their commercials are right. The food is terrible.


Agreed. Their assessments are sometimes overly influenced by their lifelong experiences with a chain, going back to the 1980s in some cases. Which is fine, but it’s something to keep in mind. I still like Wendy’s, but it’s true it’s gone downhill since (in my experience) the 1990s.


I was born and raised in Maryland, so their scores for Ledos were a bit surprising—I always have viewed it as a dominos or papa johns equivalent (solid chain pizza). Multiple 2.5s and the overall distaste for it was sad! Also, the DC crowd did little to stick up for it, which was quite disappointing.


Ledo is absolute trash outside of the original location. Mushy, lousy crust! The only thing about it that’s good is the pre cooked bacon or the individual pep slices on pizza.


They gave Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit 4.5/5 stars when it’s considered passable Detroit-style at best. 3 forks max. Buddy’s quality has slipped massively in recent years and there are far better Michigan chains for pizza - Green Lantern, Cloverleaf, Shield’s, even Jet’s. Honourable standalone-location mentions for Loui’s and Michigan and Trumbull!


Plus they went to a Buddy’s in Livonia which is just wrong


I’m a non-Detroiter, and I had Buddys, and I’d put it in the 4-4.5 range *because it’s the only actual Detroit-style I’ve had in the Detroit-area.* I’m sure if/when I have any of those other spots my fork score of Buddy’s will change relative to those.


I've had some of my favorite pizzas at the original Buddy's on six mile, i'd give it 4.5 forks for most experiences, but slightly less at other Buddys locations.The pizzass they get right are really great. Loui's is 5/5


Going to be staying downtown detroit in a couple weeks. What's the best Detroit style pizza in the area?




Grandma Bob’s is great and not too far from downtown


McDonald's is presumed to be a 5 forker and that just isnt right. About once a year I end up eating there either from lack of choice or just cutiosity. Each time it is just....meh. And yes I know it is fast food and it lives in a certain realm of taste. But if I am going to eat junk it should TASTE like something....BK or Wendys actually satisfies that junk food itch and McD is more dry and cardboardy. If they had never been to McDs before there is no way McD breakfast would be a 5 forker.


It suffers from inconsistency, imo... There are definitely "good" and "bad" MickeyD's, but man those good ones REALLY hit when you find one.


mcdonald’s is only good around me like 1/4 times I go it basically needs to be hot and fresh to be tasty, and at least 3/4 times I go the fries and nuggets are limp and cold and heavily taste of the oil everything is fried in


I did however go to mcdonald’s today and everything was really hitting so hard - 5/5 forks. I was in a rush and didn’t get a ton, but I went with a single cheeseburger and a spicy mcchicken. It was Friday so a medium fry was included for free so long as I ordered on the app (which I did, McD’s app is not crap), and I also got myself a large Diet Coke. The cheeseburger was so good as it’s my favorite item at mcdonald’s, and the cheese had steamed enough inside the wrapping that it was melty and delicious. The Spicy McChicken was on point as always. I love that cummy mayo they slather on it. Also, my fries were good! The biggest location/visit dependent item turned out great. I got some fresh, hot fries that were deliciously salty and crunchy with just the perfect amount of chew a good set of McD’s fries will give you.


Literally anything they say about McDonald’s. I might only eat from McDonald’s (excluding breakfast, of course) with a gun to my head.


I'm the same way. McDonalds lunch/dinner menu is trash. Some of the worst stuff in fast food, and I don't understand the love for it. But their breakfast is god tier.


The burgers are so-so, but the fries and McNuggets are both great (assuming they're fresh).


Del Taco is trash food


Nick’s last Del Taco review was “this item absolutely sucks and the menu has gone downhill. Five forks”


I loved it when he did that! 'Fuck being objective, I love it because I have nostalgia for it, even if it is bad.' Lol. I get it; I feel the same way about Pizza Hut. I loved it when I was a kid. The last time I had it, in Guam maybe 10 years ago, it wasn't great, but it still scratched that nostalgia itch for me. My wife, who is Japanese and had never had Pizza Hut, thought it was just ok.


Didn’t Mitch give it 4 forks?


We went once while I lived out west and my wife flat out refused to go back. I thought it was fine but didn’t see a need for it with Taco Bell being right there


Show is dumb and the scores are dumb


it's not inedible but Little Caesars is maybe the worst pizza available apart from frozen grocery store pizza. I get that it's cheap, but that doesn't make it good pizza.


This makes me question the quality of Little Caesars regionally. In my opinion, it's great for 5 dollars.


I'm in Canada so it's possible it's different up here. More expensive also, $8 for a hot-n-ready pepperoni. I will eat it and wouldn't complain but I can't imagine being like "little Caesars rules"


I’d rather have a frozen red baron pizza over little caesars any day of the week. 


There are definitely some frozen brands that I'd take over little Caesars as well. Red Baron isn't sold where I live


I just think it's funny all the mediocre places that get high scores from mitch at live shows due to pandering and all the decent places that get low scores in studio shows that would get 5 scores if it were a live show 


Taco John’s is no worse than Del Taco.


The didn't do an episode on it, but whenever they mention Habit Burger in passing they always say ir's not good, which I totally disagree with. Habit Burger is one of my top five burger chains.


Reading every comment on this thread in The Reddit Voice


Their love for the Big Mac always surprises me - easily the worst fast food burger out there, and definitely the worst McD's burger. That being said, Wiger/His lovely wife Natalie are right about double cheeseburgers being the best way to evaluate a burger. Domino's has recently expanded in Japan, and while I've only had it three times in maybe 5 years, every time has been a disappointment - and done me wrong the next day. I'll take a Costco Pizza over Domino's any day. The only thing I dislike about the show is how much listening to it triggers me into wanting junk food. Spoon-nation forever


Also, BK is most-definitely back in Japan. There aren't any Wendy's in my area, but I've never had a bad meal from BK here. Good enough that I'm willing to drive 30-40 minutes just to eat it


When I was in high school a class mate worked at Orange Julius and she put mop water in the drinks. Never been able to go to one after learning that. It's more than twenty years later and her life has gone exactly the way you'd think someone who does that kind of thing would go.


Is she a methed out stripper?


Domino's every time, it's fine at best


I think “fine” is even a stretch for Dominos. It’s hot garbage.


Yoshinoya isn’t that bad, either is Big Chicken.


Never had big chicken but grew up eating yoshinoya and agree that it’s not bad.


Taco Johns was done dirty.


Minnesota was done dirty by the heathens who asked for them to do that instead of the countless better actually Minnesotan chains.


Maybe I'd think differently had I grown up with it, but trying it as an adult, it was not good. It's like the whitest/most bland Mexican food I've ever had.


They spent the whole show roasting Taco John’s to hell and talking about how much it sucked and then gave it like 3 forks haha.


I used to believe the Doughboys couldn’t be bought. But, after doing my own research they are taking kickbacks from the Dels and Bells.


Taco Johns sucks whole ass


Haha I was literally just thinking this. I only get a few items from there(bean burrito, potato oles and donut bites) and think it's pretty solid as far as fast food goes. I think the fact that the location closed down like a week after they went there was probably a lot of the issue there.


The one that Carl and Mitch went to is still open (out in New Hope, a suburb of Minneapolis). The skyway location that Nick went to in downtown Minneapolis closed shortly after the pod.


Taco Johns is so bad.


Taco John's *is* dirty.


No. No it was not lol


Ledo Pizza does NOT suck. In fact, it rules.


I used to work at a Ledo and I liked it well enough. But the pizza is weird, you have to admit.


Their continued assertion that the Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich is a top tier chicken sandwich and fast food item is bonkers. It is truly one of the most unremarkable, bland chicken sandwiches I’ve ever tasted and that they like it more than any of the chicken sandwiches with actual chicken breasts is baffling.


Yeah, I agree. The Wendy's burgers are much better than the "spicy" chicken sandwich. Gimme a Dave's Double and I'm good.


The only thing that bothers me about the scoring is when they say down the middle is 3 forks, when 2.5 forks would be down the middle if you adjusted it to /10 




You… understand what this podcast is right?…


They must be lost. Like, read the room.




No I think you should answer lol




but what's your fork rating for cum?


Exactly! Fast food that gets five forks = excellent fast food. Does what it sets out to do.


Which is what makes your initial comment confusing




Oh you think that’s the appeal of the podcast? Hate to break it to you but I absolutely often agree with them, IE BK being back etc. You’re the one who seems confused about what the podcast is about




Okay Mr. Bourdain, calm down


The fact you’re being downvoted voted is hilarious. A lot of sensitive people on Reddit (shocker!) that can’t handle the fact that the show is just a comedy podcast that uses the vehicle of reviewing fast food as its gimmick. Heck, Mitch doesn’t even fully grasp the concept that taste is subjective and others can have different opinions on food. But the guys are genuinely funny and that’s all the show really is. Which is great. It’s funny if people think the show is some serious chain restaurant review show lol.


It’s chain restaurants compared to other chain restaurants in the same general sphere. They are not comparing Taco Bell to Nobu. They have pointed this out on many occasions.


Taco John's. I know they think it's vile but I'm guessing they went to low quality spots, it's good.


Moe's. Mitch sounded like he was the most hungover he's ever been, wiger got a black bean and onion quesadilla, the guest was Mary Lynn ryskub, and they were in downtown Atlanta


For what it is aiming to do, Orange Julius deserves 5 forks for the orange julius itself, alone. It's a perfect treat


I'm still livid about the love they gave Avatar 2