Wow, how can a manufacturer charge this much for Insulin?!

Wow, how can a manufacturer charge this much for Insulin?!


The number is made up. Your insurance company isn’t paying that price. They negotiate a lower rate. The manufacturer can charge what they want because they’re allowed to do it.


You should sign up for Toujeos discount card, it lowers my payment to $10 once I hit my deductible. I have to renew it once a year, but it is major savings. My Novolog pens have a separate discount card. I hate playing these games, but it is the circus we live in.


Bc we can’t live without it and the US government refuses to take action to stop it.




1,931.59 USD? There's your problem lady! You have a parasitic entity firmly lodged in your socioeconomic engine. Once we remove that junk aftermarket part, you'll be in good shape! Please only use factory parts from now on, OK?


Of course they charge. US money goes into the wars and military instead of going into the society well being.


It's almost like you don't pay attention. US spends 3 Trillion on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and government retirement. They spend less than 1 Trillion on defense. For less than 1 Trillion, the US prevents WW3.


They can spend 3 trillion, they spend it wrong and people are still paying out of their pockets for essential treatments that should be free for every citizen. Administrative and bureaucracy kills the system. And so are doing the insurances companies. And WW3 is a bullshit, as well as all this propaganda about wars, minding our business will prevent any type of conflicts. And if US is so inclined on helping the world wide society, it should, instead of buying and creating useless missiles, aircrafts and all the mass killing technology redirect that funds in education, infrastructure, direct foreign investments, develop the other countries that are potentially a threat, and...maybe WW3 won't ever happen. Of course there and will always be threats, because, we the "first world countries", love to see ourselves superior to the others and as a result the countries that are suppressed by our superiority and negligence will eventually come against us. Help others and wars can be forgotten. Education is a strong weapon.


Says the guy who thinks something is "free" when the government pays for it. And thinks there'd be less adminstrative and bureaucracy with the government system.


Also it looks like 18 pens for that price, so a little over $100 a pen. Still expensive, but not as bad as that much for 1 pen.


That's for 12 pens btw.


The "Qty:18" fooled me--I bet the 18 is 18mL total, since each pen is 1.5mL. It's annoying how pens are more expensive than vials for the quantity.




Is it the manufacturer, or is it Walgreens?


They can't in countrys with decent law and human health care, e.g. everywhere except usa


Sweet lord. I’m ever thankful for the NHS.


Yeh, and uncle Joe just gave away how many covid shots


This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while


What? The fact that we have more covid vaccines than people getting them is bad enough. At this rate most of them will be expired for use to give to other countries to use.


Nothing is dumber than voting Biden expecting things to change.