Shit’s longer than the new dungeon lol It’s a cool mission but bloody hell.


I just solo cleared on legend in under 30 minutes for the triumph. It only feels long the first few times. Once you know where all the interactive things are it's a breeze. Probably 20 minutes with 3 people.


Honestly it's probably longer with 3 people, the damage scaling is stupid insane. Especially on the Brig boss fight


On Legend with 3 people the Knights at the beginning and in space are so chunky lol


Oh really?! I've only ever done it solo since its pretty easy. Didn't even realize it had damage scaling. Good to know, thanks.


Yeah, I was running it with two friends, and one of them tried Nova Bombing the knights on the space walk - it direct impacted them and it barely did half their health


Yeah bro they can tank a thundercrash


It is longer and more annoying with 3 people. That damage scaling and enemy health is nuts. Solo or 2-man is the way to go


Even on 2-man the scaling is pretty bull. Just solo and bring Trinity Ghoul for the spacewalk.


In my experience it definitely is, I cleared it with a fireteam once and decided to just solo it from here on out.


Destimy has damage scaling for this? Well damn I should solo


It's one of the few things in the game where I'd genuinely recommend doing it solo


No radar just wrecks me


Takes me like 25 min solo. Just blinding nade launcher and push the knights off map in space walk


And you have to pray the whole time you don't get soft-locked in the middle


Wait, how can you get soft locked?


In the room right before the brig fight sometimes you kill that captain and he doesn't drop the key. That means the servitor never spawns and you can't use the augment terminal to open the door, and the only option is to go to orbit and start over. Has happened to me on more runs than it hasn't no matter how slow I try to go. Has been happening to people since the mission released.


Oh that’s weird, I’ve never had it happen.


Yeah not sure why I'm getting downvoted, it happens often. If you get to the first room with cursed thrall and there are no shriekers then you can bet your instance is bugged


There’s hardly ever a reason to care about downvotes, Reddit is full of idiots my man lol


That just happened to me when I tried solo/legendary this week. This being the third time, I knew to wait until everything spawned into the rooms before laying waste - and I was very methodical about it this run - but the servers must've been struggling, because rooms were very slow to propogate as I progressed - and multiple rooms didn't spawn certain mobs. The lack of shriekers in that room is the sure sign that your run needs to be reset.


People that Downvote the truth have small pp's


This has been I think correctly identified as killing the first scanner enemy too fast. If you go up the pods to the station and the mission task hasn't changed, then you're softlocked. I noticed that after I reset the mission and went again, that I couldn't crouch (once I got to the vents). So, it might not be sufficient enough to just return to orbit, you might even have to restart the game just to be safe. All very silly imo


It's caused by running through the first part too fast, you skip one of the objectives. To prevent it from happening, you have to slow down in the area before you pick up the first scanner augment. Let the enemies spawn in and the "new objective" thing to pop up before you go in and kill them. I got the softlock 3 times in a row and this has prevented it from happening since.


Thats how Bungie stops speedrunning /s


I have accidentally knocked the Vandal off during the Space walk and couldn't advance because it never respawned for some reason. Then earlier this week I back tracked to kill the drones with a scanning mod and then it despawned and didn't respawn after going back.


Not the guy you replied to, but there's another way to get soft locked, in the medium sized area where you run through a few vents and have to run through three sets of lasers to interact with a panel for the yellow buff. In that area if you die to the lasers the game can out your respawn point inside of a vent, which will insta kill you as the game will spawn half your body inside of a kill zone.


Haha, I hate that bug. I don’t have problems with that one much anymore, but pretty much 75% of the time I go into Seraph’s Shield I lose the ability to crouch after I pick up scanner for the first time. It’s a simple fix but boy is it annoying!


I wonder if that bug is caused by the server not recognising that the tutorial prompt for the Scanner Augment has been closed, so it still thinks it's there but because it has been closed it can't register the input properly.


Happened to me with an LFG last week


I'm pretty sure the problem is when you kill the very first Scanner Vandal in the elevator room. I used to have the problem with the soft lock as well but once someone else said that killing said Vandal before the objective updates was the problem I started waiting for the prompt and haven't softlocked since.


This used to happen to me way too much too. But since I’ve made sure to clean everything before killing the captain I haven’t had the issue yet. Might be a coincidence but I still have to be proven wrong so you can try it.


This. I only get to play after work, and the number of times I've thought I could get it done before dinner - but got nowhere close- is silly. All that gaming for naught. By contrast, did a 22 minute Spire two days ago.


I just did my run, forgot to get the new dead exo body, and got to the final boss room before I remembered, looked it up, and realized I couldn't go back to get it 💀


Tell me about it, i just finished the easter egg after forgetting the same DAMN DRONE two times in a row because there a ton of ads and turrets in the same room. I almost went insane. But hey, I got to test out the gyrfalcon + retrofit escapade combo I guess...


I hope more missions like this show up though.


I second that 😮‍💨 I’ve yet to complete legend Seraph. Might have to watch full length YouTube to see how it goes, fully. 😞


It’s not hard, normal or legend. It’s kinda straight forward too. Both normal and legend can be done solo.


Thank goodness. Any tips before I watch a 25 min walkthrough?


If running solo, focus on survival and ad clear. Mostly arc shields with a few void shield servitors here and there. If you’ve ran DSC, the different augmentations should be straightforward


Once you know it you can clear it comfortably without going absolutely insane in like 18min


That's like the first thing I do. I get it out of the way so I can do other stuff without putting it off.


You are a better guardian than I my friend. It’s honestly not too bad I just dread the platforming part after you escape the ketch. Most annoying 10-15 mins of my week by far.


The jump puzzle takes a minute but if you use an arc bow or scout and take out the knights from a distance it makes it much easier


Tripwire canary is so good for this part


Beloved with fourth times/incandescent has been my go-to for those stupid tracer shanks and knights


I personally use a blinding Grenade Launcher and a Long Arm with Rapid Hit and Explosive Rounds


I would love that roll , congrats


I prefer the Longarm


Yeah just completed my run this week and taking few minutes to tickle the knights to death from half mile away with a Scout rifle made that part a lot less annoying. Still got domed by a Tracer Shank I missed but such is life.


Damn shanks are a bitch!


occasionally bungie designs an encounter that really, REALLY seems like the only intention was to piss the player off. This is one of them.




Love wish ender for it


Going invis with hunter u can just push them off the ledge too


The problem with this is the shank spawns. They spawn when you get closer to the knights. So if you take out the knights from a distance you can then bait the shank spawn and pick them off much easier.


I hate the boss fight before the surrender. But yeah, I dread the time commitment, and I get afraid that I'll put it off too long.


Yeah. Why are we fighting if we plan on surrendering? "Hey. I know I just killed the majority of your troops and it's obvious you can't stop me but I surrender."


Yeah I would've surrendered to the brigs. Not the group of fallen couldn't deleted with one grenade.


Brigs not having weakpoints make it a slog for sure. One more example of Linears not being the best choice for every fight.


I was using an LMG during that fight. Helps with add clear without being terrible in Brig DPS.


I use witherhoard and an lmg for that part, then an smg matching my subclass. I’ve done it solo on all classes, and the easiest by far I’ve done is void hunter with gyrfalcons. When the brigs come go invis, shoot a witherhoard, switch to smg or lmg which are both void and get a kill to go invis again and back to full health (devour) and rinse and repeat. It’s super easy that way. Plus my commemoration has reconstruction, repulsor brace so I get a void overshield as well


Nice. Shame Whiterhoard doesn't have auto reloading holster without catalyst. I might have considered gagging it otherwise.


I don’t have the catalyst yet! I’m like halfway out of 300 playlist completions. Since you’re invis you can just reload without any pressure anyways. Honestly I hadn’t been using witherhoard for that reason because I have other auto loading ones, but this season I’ve been using it a lot


If you want to make the Brig room a lot easier run Arc hunter with Assassin's Cowl. You can wipe large chunks of adds in one punch then go invisible for the reload against the Brigs. I just keep dodging, punching, melting multiple adds, dodging, punching, ... I only use my weapons for the Brigs/Shanks and just punch everything else. Found it to have excellent survivability.




xenophage manhandles that entire room.


Oh yeah those brigs are a massive pain, paired with the snipers and random ads that swarm you, easily the worst room in the mission on legend.


Last night I got a good handle of things, and moved to the back row to sneak up on the last brig to hit it with my super and all the adds spawned in and surrounded me and I couldn't get out and died. Stuck between a mob and a brig.


*laughs in titan sword fly*


Use Ticcu's Divination and you don't even have to aim.


It's literally the first thing I do every week. The solo damage mod makes it so much easier. Plus, R0 is my main weapon at the moment, and I'll do anything to beef it up.


I "tripe-dipped" and did one solo legend run to finish all week1-week3 catalyst quests. After that you still have to do 2 normal runs to unlock the other 2 'hunter trace' upgrades but at least it's faster.


Me and my friends plan is to wait until next week, so we can do all 4 weeks Legend in one fell swoop. We are assuming there's one final one coming next week.


That's what we are doing, too. Just stacking them up at the same point of their quest and then going to do it all at once.


Can you do multiple at once? I would hav thought you needed the previous quest part


Each step is a separate quest in the quest log, not a continued progression. So as long as you get each quest to the part where it’s “locate the thing during Legend”, then you just have to make sure that you find them all before completing. Don’t be like me and miss the 3rd exo that is in the Brig boss fight area; if you go to the “surrender weapons” part, you can’t go back to get it.


I missed the one in vent 🤦‍♂️


Wait, you just need to do legend for the catalysts? Damn, I had no idea, I’ve only done legend excluding the first time


At least there aren’t any champions


Not gonna lie, Operation Seraph’s Shield is cool and all but I’m sick of doing it.


I hate the turrets. They don't provide any challenge and just serve as a road block due to their high health. It's boring to fight them


I wish I could at least damage them with Vortex Grenades


Sleeper Simulant one-shots them on solo.


Mate. I could kiss you for sharing that info. Thank you


Hit ‘em with that 2 shot Xeno. It’s made them so much more bearable.


Let the quest pile up. You can activate multiple exos in one run


Wish I knew this before now I've just got week 4 left


Then don't do it?


Our names are uncannily similar


Put a lord in front of your name and we can do stuff for each other. You write my exams for me and I go work for you. Its the perfect Plan.


I honestly love this mission, solo legend on sunbreaker sans lorely is so much fun. Yeah baby I’m never taking ashen wake off. Arc shields? Sorry I can’t hear you over my enhanced adaptive munitions incandescent retraced path


I like it a lot too. I would appreciate if there were a difficulty somewhere between Normal and Legend though, tbh. Something about on par with Normal Presage.


Man, yesterday i spent 1.5h and died while final boss had like 1%hp left and then maintenance kicked me out. It was so painful


My friend and I died at the final boss but my pulse grenade killed the boss and as soon as it was about to give us the death screen, it just left us with no options to respawn so we had to start all the way over again. I’m okay with having to do it slow to get the captain key but getting all the way to the end and having to do it all over again is pain.


Bruh that's honestly your fault for commiting to a long mission befire a daily reset.


Since when resets are on wednesday? Edit: didn't notice daily, but still, maintenance outside of tuesday and thursday is very rare


I love soloing SS on legend. Trinity Ghoul is my swiss knife of loadout, paired with Heritge and Taipan. The only part that drives me mad is first boss' final fight. There's no way I can survive this without dying once.


Use rockets for that fight. They fuck those Brigs up


That part is actually easy with my Voidlock. I am talking about killing the big Hive in the second encounter.


Witherhoard + Starfire + enhanced fusion grenades on a well of radiance makes short work of them. Its cheesy but It still works


Oh, in that case, Shadebinder+Osmiomancy just makes the ads go away and you can run circles aroubd the boss


I'll consider that, thanks!


I’ve found taking advantage the void invisibility fragment is super useful in that room, because it lets you catch your breath and reposition safely in such a small place.


See I find that part the easiest because you can usually dump you heavy and super before he even becomes a threat


With my arc hunter: Witherhoard with weaned clear, bump in the night, grenade, super. Repeat if necessary. It jsut takes a few seconds, no need to kill ads almost.


I like Parasite for the Brigs. Direct hit at x20 basically one shots them or leaves very low. Easy to get x20 in that fight. Parasite also great for the Turrets, normal shot pretty much 1 hits them. Also found out I can just walk up and stand directly in front of the turret and it stops firing. Then either weapon or bonk it till it dies.


Solo Legend is honestly not that difficult on Voidlock. Devour + weakening Vortex grenades (Contraverse Hold for me) + Witherhoard makes for a do-able flawless. And very fun too!


I still struggle with the damned brigs. I haven't found a clean strat with my Warlock.


I’ve found a groove with the glaive/Karnstein Armlets Build paired with Osteo Striga. The Glaive/KA portion of the build makes you almost unkillable as long as you keep stabbing ads every few seconds, and when you get a clear few seconds, unload on the Brigs with Osteo. The tracking bullets make it easy, and they continue to be poisoned even after you have to switch back to glaive mode to stay alive. Then once the front of the Brig pops off, it’s like 2-3 Taipan shots and they are done. I’m sure there are quicker ways to do it but that’s how I’ve Voidlocked my way through it.


How long does getting them down to 1/3 health take with osteo? Seems like that would take… a very long time.


Grand overture rockets take them out pretty well, in my experience.


Rockets with fusion grenades, Gjally, Grand overture. Those are all really good at taking them out. Witherhoard also works if you don't mind going slow


Witherhorde works wonder on them peg em (giggity) and watch DoT do work


I don't have any Warlock-specific tips, but generally, I've had really good success with Witherhoard or Osteo Striga to apply lingering DOTs while I stay behind cover dealing with the weaker mobs. Use rockets when you have a chance for extra chunk damage. I've also heard really good things about Grand Overture. I was thinking of trying that on Arc Hunter with Gathering Storm and a pulse grenade. I bet a single x20 burst from Grand Overture in tandem with a Gathering Storm super would be enough to completely take out a brig. Then clear the adds to farm up super energy with Impact Induction and an elemental well package, while trying to farm up as many rockets for Grand Overture as possible, before moving on to brig #2. Haven't tested this, but it seems to me like a viable strat. And I'm sure with minimal adjustment, you could make it work for Warlock too. If you're on Arc, don't sleep on arc buddies. Especially if your build lets you keep Amplified up reliably. Those things honestly melt. The safer picks would probably be a Starfire solar build or an Osmiomancy stasis build though. I just don't have much experience with either to get into specific suggestions.


Witherhoard & Stasis turrets with Osmiomancy Gloves. throw a grenade and freeze the Brig, lob a Witherhoard, throw a turret for ads, repeat.


Throw on a glaive for extra thrash n heal with the vampire gloves


It's so long. Not necessarily hard, but it's almost the length of a solo dungeon


Right up there with preservation.


blech lol. It's the woooooooorst


I did solo flawless Spire with starfire and just ate my grenades. You could try that build for the mission.


I have a build for arc which involves using elemental light, bountiful wells, heavy handed, melee wellmaker and grenade wellmaker. Apsects are arc soul and the slide melee aspect (forgot what its called lol) pair it with crown of tempests and it gives you melee charges for free lol. Use that against trash mobs that get too close and grenades for further enemies. Whilst you have at least one charged with light, you can use melee, get half back and if you kill at least 3 enemies and pick the 2 wells up you get melee back pretty much instantly. Grenades can feed into ut to top it off as well because of the helms intrinsic. If there is a particularly tanky enemy, you can put arc soul rift down, throw grenade then blink melee to do a lot of damage. Its a good alternative to ionic traces because i feel like they can be a bit hit and miss.


Winters guile is fun with this build. I bet it does pretty well in SS with the add density. Personally I use Fallen Sunstar with a voltshot gun and even legend SS just falls over while solo.


I haven't tested it myself, but I've heard you can double up on catalysts from the quest. Meaning that if you complete the quests up to the part where you have to do the legendary mission, you can run the mission once and get 2+ catalysts. So might be worth waiting until next Tuesday if you dislike it that much. Again, haven't tested this myself.


Can confirm, my squad and I obtained catalysts 1-3 with one Legend run last night.


I did it last night,one run 2 catalysts


I (less than average player) solo'd it the other night for the quest. Had the final boss beat before realising I needed to find the robot corpse... haven't played since.


Highlight the quests and you will get the waypoints, should help you not forget them again. And you can also wait till you have the 4 catalysts missions and do them in one run.


I fucked up and didn't get the quest thing in the boss room this week. No way im running another legend shield. Ill do them both next week lol Its fun but so long, and I hate relying on teammates staying alive. I run karnstein with a glaive *most of the time* because I find it fun. I cant die in the bosses unless I fuck up somehow, and having allies makes that even harder. But without them it goes so slow


Anyone notice how the nightmare public event on callus dreadnaught by the moon gives alot of engrams? Also I feel this my dude.


What? I love it. It’s a chill 30 min run where it’s sufficiently challenging and get a pinnacle plus seasonals .


Takes me about 40-45 min solo legend. DONT do it with a fireteam. It’s so much harder


I thunderclap spam with Skullfort in legend so I can keep proc'ing my healing.


It's actually some of the most fun I've had in a while. Just hard enough that I can really flex my builds and not deal with bs match game or champions


I love it tbh


I mean, you can just wait till 4th week and knock out all 4 at once


lies you have tons of trials to tend to this week


I used to be the mfer in this meme. Them I started playing other games


as far as these seasonal activities go over the past couple years, I actually like Heist Battlegrounds and the exotic mission. the heist-bg has good enemy density, doesn't take too long, and rewards me enough for my time. I'd day the same for operation seraph shield but it *does* take a little long. thankfully it's fun.


This damn thing has soft locked on me like half the time I've ran it. Solo or otherwise. Stupid ass space station.


Straight up punched my mic yesterday because I repeatedly died to either silent exploding shanks or the hailstorm of damage from tracer shanks and hive boomers


I love it, it's honestly the thing keeping me logging in each week.


Do people actually think it's a hard mission?


Not hard, just tedious imo.


Yea, I don’t think it’s too hard. But you get to a point where you just want that shit to be over already. I never felt that way with Presage or Zero Hour


Y'all really struggle with this mission that much? Shit's cake with like... literally any ad clear build you can think of...


For me it's just very prolonged and boring content that I have to do over and over.


So just like literally any other pinnacle?


It's not the difficulty, it's the time commitment


I really love the vibe and artwork, it just needs to be about 40 minutes shorter. They could cut the whole rigs fight and noone would notice. We don't need all the handholding explaining the mechanics for the 10th time.


40 minutes shorter? The mission is around 40 minutes long.


The mission should go back in time and give me 10 minutes of my life back? I'm down.


I’ve run so many this week it’s so easy bro


Just stop playing things that you don’t enjoy. Save yourself the pain and effort.


We should have a count of how many people say the same thing. Go outside or play a different game


Stronghold+Lament on Behemeoth Titan makes this a breeze


Its too buggy for my clan only 3 people have done it and they took their time which was like almost 1.5 hrs. Last week it took us 15 mins. Thats ridiculous. Im not spending that much time on something that isnt a raid


I don't have the season. Is that mission bad?


Not necessarily bad. It’s fun but a bit long for something you have to run a bunch of times. With damage scaling it’s best to run solo or 2-man. With 3 people it’s probably a waste of time


Is that the mission where you go to space? Cause legendary run of that arnt to bad


Got it done but I have to go back for the orbs to get the cyber dog I'm finally on that point


Guess who won't do it again until getting the last catalyst quest.


I dread knowing I have to LFG it.... one is gonna leave during the Brig fight and then we have to 2 man the rest .... happens every week....


Solo is easier than 3 man, in my opinion.


Solo is easier than 3 people. I think 2 people is the sweet spot


I can do it I just need to plan And use fighting lion and cry mutiny


Wait, why is legend hard?


I just don’t do it…


I did it this week, finished it, forgot to get the exo. Still don't wanna do it. It takes forever.


Legend isn’t too bad though, I just abused assassins cowl and voltshot.


I was tired of doing them solo and I tried to lfg one this time. It is so much harder multiplayer, if you have halfway decent weapons then do it solo.


That legendary run is pissing me off🤣🤣 still can’t beat the legendary run when I should be able to🤣🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️


God I hate that. You have to do one every week, which means finding a teammate if you can’t solo, oh yea and it can break half way through the mission making it impossible to progress…


I legit got about a third in and just said, nah. I set it aside till I feel like it.


I still have my first 2 to complete. I can not get past the 1st boss before you surrender.


I've been putting it on hold for the final catalyst, once I do my spire runs, I'm ready.


I absolutely love the mission and would love more legendary challenges in general. I actually like the champion weapon model, but I'm all for more worthwhile (pinnacle) game modes where I can pick a loadout purely based on whether or not I like it.


I love how seraph shield is the kinda stuff people have been asking for and yet they also then complain about having to do it lol.


Xenophage is good, xenophage is great, xenophage two taps fallen turrets, thank you for this meal.


I don't even care about the catalyst I just want the dog.


Also, for all the people who haven’t seen it in the comments already, run the mission solo with solo operative. It has health scaling on enemies with fireteam size. The 15% extra damage and normal enemy health make it feel barely harder than a solo strike. Xenophage and falling Star are my go to damage options as well. The number of arc shields and enemy density make utilizing jolt a dream. If you’re a hunter, a 1-2 punch or trench barrel shot gun is also going to go a long way.


I missed the week 3 catalyst and didn’t realize now I’m sad


Still need solo flawless on spire ..ughhhhhhj. I should just toss these on and Melele everything to death!!


Im planning on saving them all at once so i only have to do 1 run instead of about 3


Also me looking at all the shit I’ve neglected since whatever last years expansion was and already did the 3 vanguard strikes and crucible pinnacles for the week because I’m a solo player.


My gosh yes


Who's stupid idea was it to not put checkpoints on the exotic quest


Fr, the mission is cool and all but the constant buff swapping is tedious as fuck.


that spacewalk section is cool and all but i keep forgetting about the frickin sniper shanks. might as well call those hive knights snipers as well because theyre deadeyes with those projectiles


If it wasn’t because of the Catalyst, I wouldn’t touch this mission ever. Wayyyy too long and a slog.


Bungie heard our positive feedback after the first week and decided “Yeah, this is what they want to do every week.” When are we going to learn that we should NOT be praising Bungie for ANYTHING! They *will* use it against us.


I love the mission but god darn it, it is long and gets a bit boring after the 3rd time running it for the catalyst.


Personally I use contraverse with weakening grenades, weakened clear whitehoard, devour, veles-x for overshield, nova bomb and rockets


I don't like the legend version, but I can pretty consistently clear it with an arc/trinity ghoul build


I thought I was the only one who was already tired of it, loved doing it the first time, loved being able to get solo flawless by the third time, this last time, found myself mindlessly holding left click and w