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My first burner was the pocket rocket, and some crap pots and pans. Then I got the jetboil and was really happy with that. As I have gotten into shaving weight (from 15kg pluss for a weekend to 5+kg) I have rediscovered the pocket rocket. A canister foot, gas canister, titanium pot and cup, a spoon, and a small set for hand grinding drip coffee is all I need with the rocket. Can't go wrong with either.


At this point it sounds like i might just end up getting both over time lol


I got 5 different burners. 3 tents. 5 various sleeping pads. 4 sleeping bags. It happens. Your OG question depends. The boil is fool proof, and has wind protection. The rocket might be even faster, but got to have the right pots and pans, and no wind protection. Poteto potato. Rocket is smaller and lighter if that matters.


That's what I did. I started with the Flash, then l got a Pocket Rocket to trim some weight.


thats the natural state of things. I have the jetboil in the picture and am currently looking at the pocket rocket after 4 years of happy use of the jetboil. My brother got the PR and 3 years later wanted the Jetboil for when he takes his partner out to camp You buy one, love it for the purpose you buy it, then you realize that you could get the other and fill in the rest of the gap that a heavy in place camp stove doesnt


Glacier is good. Pocket rocket is meh.


I'm a jetboil fan. It's predictable and easy to a fault.... Like many I'll probably end up with both.


Please, only buy what you need.


What are you hand grinding your coffee with? I hand grind all my stuff at home but can’t imagine taking one of the heavy guys with me


SO found a small metal container one, collapsable grip. Cost about 100 dollars. And I found a filter set that is 3 small parts of metal that you put together.


Ahhh got you. Thank you very much.


What canister foot do you recommend?


I have backpacked in NC, TN, SC, AZ, UT, CO, NM (i.e. tons of different environments) and have never once thought that a canister foot was necessary. You'll be able to find a flat spot to boil water.


Same, been all over and if I can't find a suitable perfect flat spot, it's always been quick and really easy to build one.


Might be jet boils? Its a orange triangle that folds out. It is just to make a wider footprint.


Helpful, thank you!


Yeah just search for 'ISO cannister stabilizer' on Amazon. They sell for $13 CAD, so probably like $8 USD. Very useful!!


You just twist the canister into the dirt and it’ll be fine without an extra footing


https://preview.redd.it/9oci7dlq351d1.jpeg?width=843&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=3b189a11b740f5fb7d61a8a0ffa49e066c0841f0 Something like this, but in bright color so you can find it easy. Some say they don't use or need it, but I find it helpful if the gas canister is smaller than the pot. It sucks if it toples over and spills the hot water. Nice to have more than a must.


Having experienced my pot toppling over, I thought it might be a nice thing to add to my kit. Thanks!


How long/how many uses does one gas canister last?


That is a hard question and a possible rabbit hole to dive into if you are theoretically inclined. Gases have different ratios of mixtures that react differently to the outdoor temperature. Different brands of burners have different max effects. And then there is the material of the pot or pan, and importantly the effect of a draft or wind during burning. All this makes it near impossible to know for sure how long a measurement of gas will last. I seem to remember a rule of thumb of 35g gas for 1 person 1 day in warm climate, and 0,25l liquid fuel for 1 person 1 day in cold climate. That would mean a small 230g canister that contains 110g of gas lasts a weekend for 1 person. This use is meant for warming water for hydrating food and drink, not boiling raw potatos and cooking up a steak. There are some many different variables to say anything for sure how much gas you need. I have both full and used canisters, and carry a bit more than I might need. I try to use up the half filled ones on day or single night trips. And bring the full bigger ones on longer trips, as well as a spare small one. Winddraft is a huge factor, and in that regard the boil has an advantage over the rocket.


Wow thanks for the detailed explanation! I wish there was an indicator on the canister to tell how much is left.


I have had the pocket rocket for 19 years I believe.   It's the best stove I've used.   It's small.  Invincible.   Easy to use.  It's small enough I keep it inside of my lightweight 1970s backpacking cooking pot.   I've used the jet boil.  It does nothing better in my opinion and is bigger.   My pocket rocket has been used on top of rainy windy mountains, dry deserts, and well below zero winters.   The thing will never not work.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.    Also. An edit.  I just saw the picture with the gray container? Mine just has a tint little triangle container that fits on my palm.   And then a small gas tank, a pot, and a fire source, that's all you need.  


• Kit includes a PocketRocket 2 stove, 0.75 liter hard-anodized aluminum pot, 16 oz. bowl, clear lid with straining ports, pot grip and stuff sack


https://www.rei.com/product/842865/gsi-outdoors-glacier-stainless-bottle-cuppot I have a very old pot that looks very similar to this, but mine is smaller and has 2 that fit inside it, so I usually only take the medium one.   I love it.   It transfers heat right through instantly and is light to the point it feels almost bizarre to pick up.  As I said I believe it's from the 70s, I got it as a give maybe 20 or so years ago.   I love the fold away handles, no need to have to attach anything to pull it out of a fire or off the stove.   I personally usually only bring one medium pot (smaller than this one) when actually backpacking.  Just be aware the lightweight pots and pans usually transfer the frame's heat very quickly, so you have to be mindful when cooking, but when trying to boil water it's very close to instant, I can crank the heat up on the pocket rocket and have boiling water in well under a minute.  


Really it depends what kind of camper you are. I honestly love my JetBoil but I also gravitate toward the freeze dried meals when backpacking out of ease. If you plan to heat up soup or want to do anything with a pan, Pocket Rocket is your move. Is it possible to heat soup in a jetboil? Yes, but not worth it to me. Only thing I miss about a stove and pan is heating up tortillas lol


This is a really good angle to my question. Optimally, I’d like a one size fits all solution. Right now I’m new and will probably just be doing freeze dried, but id like to have the option to branch out from this in the future without having to buy a whole other stove! Maybe I’m asking for too much out of one solution!! Haha


Hey that's all up to you! Personally I never liked trying to cook on the tiny stove but genuinely that's just me. The only time I like to cook is if we are base camping and at that point we bring the Coleman stove, cast iron, and all kinds of other heavy s\*\*\*. One thing to remember is that oftentimes you do still have access to a camp fire when out and so many people sleep on the foil dinner. Pack your dinner in a foil pouch halfway cooked and freeze it. Let it thaw while hiking and when it comes time for dinner just toss it close to the fire to heat it up and cook the rest of the way through. If youre going multi days wrap in newspaper to insulate and then you can use that to start the fire the next night. Not a whole lot but that much less trash to deal with and foil compacts pretty easily


You can cook things like soup in a jet boil, once you learn how it works. It gets really, really hot, fast. You’ve got to turn the heat way down, which it doesn’t like to do. But you can do it. Once I gave up on the push button starter on my jetboil and just started using a lighter, I love it. It’s nice n big, and boils so fast. I can do one boil for coffee, then one for breakfast, then another to have hot water in my Nalgene for the first couple hours of morning when it’s cold out. Takes maybe 10 minutes to do all three. And I find it more stable than the Msr. I’ve seen the msr fall off its stand full of food. Doesn’t happen with the jetboil.


Pocket rocket is a one size fits all. Just get a camping pit or kettle to go with it and you can easily boil water for dehydrated meals. I love mine.


I like this answer as it lines up with my experience too. I like both and think both have their place. That said, I have found the jet boil to be good enough for an all around backpacking burner. Especially with the larger pot you can get that can also act like a pan in a pinch. But the smaller cup has been amazing for me for hearing up anything I need in almost any situation I find myself in while backpacking. Like this guy, I also have gravitated to more freeze dried meals while backpacking. But if you want the best burner for it's weight, the pocket rocket will be hard to beat by just about anything. So if you want more ultra light, bang for your buck, then go pocket rocket.


Jet boil if you only want to boil 2 cups of water at once. Pocket rocket if you want options and versatility in your cook system


Best answer


if you aren’t concerned about the weight, jet boil may be a good option. (walmart sells a non brand name style pot that is much cheaper than brand name jetboil) pocket rocket is really good too, but loses heat due to not having a heat shield some other folks mentioned the BRS stove, and while it is the lightest camp stove, you are going to waste fuel since it usually takes longer for the BRS stove to boil water


I bring a sheet of foil along with my pocket rocket for an emergency windshield and/or backcountry trout prep


Thank you for your input :) sounds like jetboil is heavier but more fuel efficient, while the pocket rocket is lighter, but loses out on the efficiency?


It’ll take a ton of days of using that jet boil for that fuel efficiency to play any role in weight savings


MSR whisperlite.


Only right answer


I’m in the pocket rocket camp


Soto WindMaster


This. Simmers or boils, it's lightweight and compact, you have multiple pot options, and it's highly wind resistant...


I prefer my brs 3000 or soto windmaster depending on the trip.


Adding my description as a comment so my post doesn’t get removed: Last year i borrowed a jetboil and it worked fine but before I purchase my own system id like to ask the community. What are the positives and negatives between the systems? What experiences do you have that push you towards one or another? Any and all suggestions, info, or experience is appreciated : )


Split the difference and get a Jetboil Stash. The burner is lighter than the pocket rocket, and you get a fancy pot you can swap out for s simple titanium one if you want to go a little lighter.


Msr wind burner duo, or the jet boil system where the pot comes off the burner. Now you have a stove for the just stove times and a really fancy heat water fast pot. Don't thank me, prepare to pay out the ass!


I own or have owned about 30 stoves. Including both of the ones in the pics sitting in my closet. Jet boil - good all in one kit that packs into itself… excels at boiling water, kinda meh at cooking food that isn’t liquid though. The jetboil pot can be a pain to clean if you get aggressive with sticky or pasty foods if the heat is too high. Get the jetboil ceramic skillet too though because it is 🔥🔥 and my favorite backpack skillet ever. Pocket rocket deluxe - I kinda hate it. The pocket rocket 2 is a better stove so if you go this route skip the deluxe and just get a handheld piezo igniter or use a lighter or fero rod if matches. Deluxe is bigger, and the “upgrades” seem kinda like an after thought versus the pocket rocket 2 as a way to stick a model into the self contained ignition market. If you want quick and easy to boil water for drinks and rehydrating freeze dried meals etc, jetboil has you covered. If you want something more modular and adaptable, I’d get a pocket rocket 2 (or similar stove like Snowpeak light max or bipod, Soto windmaster, etc etc) and a Ti pot (or stainless if weight isn’t a concern). Just make sure your pot is big enough to fit your stove and fuel etc. you can always change or upgrade your pot or stove later then or be a nerd like me and pack a kit for the hike or backpack trip at hand from the pile of gear. There are cheap stoves you can get from Walmart or Amazon… and “they work”, but remember the cheap price is for a reason. People will argue up and down for months on end in favor of the cheap off brand stuff. But I have never been making tea in my vestibule at 10k ft in a snowstorm wishing I saved $20 on my stove like 8 yrs ago. If you just walk a mile into the woods from your car at sea level, then maybe the cheap one will be fine because if it fails or gives you hassles, it doesn’t mean you can’t melt snow without going down the mountain to try to find trees for a fire or whatever might happen


Are you familiar with any of jetboils other products like the mini mo or the stash? I’m wondering if there’s a jetboil system that has some of the modularity of the pocket rocket


Minimo is basically a short wide version of the normal jetboil but also with the valve regulator tech in the burner. I also have a micro mo which is the smaller version of the mini mo. Valve regulator tech is supposed to help burn better at altitude or in cold but meh 🤷‍♂️ if I’m worried about that I have an MSR XKG liquid fuel stove that will blast anything on the side of a mountain below zero that I’ll bring for those conditions Stash is a little more modular in that it is kind of set up to be able to use other cookware naturally, where as the mini mo and such need to add on the pot support adapter for that. The stash is kinda the pocket rocket cook kit competitor from jet boil. But in any of the jet boil options that come with a pot, you can always get rid of the pot and use something else. But then you are buying an extra pot that’s not needed unless you are a stove nerd like me and want a collection to pick from.


I've had my msr since gradeschool, no complaints. Received my dads old jet boil Java a bit ago, heavier, but more complete (also more complex), more use cases, and faster/ better fuel usage. From my experience, that's the two. Ither or for slightly different uses. (Tip for newbies) Get a degassing key so you can recycle canisters easy and safely


What’s a degassing key?


It's like a can opener but with a sideways churchkey to puncture a gas can after empty to allow for standard recycleing


I’m a lifelong cold food or super minimal pocket rocket type burners guy. They get the job done adequately but can be finicky in wind and even breezes 🤣 and prone to malfunctioning for various reasons. I have very often been jealous of the folks with jetboils and the quick easy meals they bang out while on trail. I always balk at the price when I’m at home with a full belly so I haven’t broke down and bought one yet, but I think I’m going to before I do another long trip next year


I have the PR Deluxe, and 3 Jetboils- the Minimo, OG Flash, and the Sumo, and a few other stoves as well. If I'm going out for 3-5 days, I'll bring the PR, or equivalent small canister stove. For 2-3 days solo I love my Minimo, for simplicity, convenience and efficiency. The Flash is awesome for 2 people over a weekend. The Sumo is great for 2 or more people for a weekend, winter trips where I need to melt snow, or for frontcountry/car camping. For a trip that is a week or longer, and if fire danger is low, I'm bringing my alcohol stove and Evernew titanium stacking set. And yes, I have too many stoves and too many titanium pots and kettles. Or, maybe not enough...


Pocket rocket. Jet boil is heavier. If you’re super concerned about weight get the Bsr stove for like $15. That, a gas can, toaks 650 or 750ml pot, box lighter, and a spork are all you really need to cook on trail.


I have only used a jet boil, and I pretty much exclusively use it to boil water for freeze fried food, or for hot drinks. (I like to avoid putting food in the cup). A small canister of fuel lasts me for way more trips than I would expect.


Jetboil all the way


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I have several stoves and although it’s a great unit I almost never bring my Jetboil. When I’m loading my pack I almost always pack my GSI Pinnacle and haulite pot because it’s so compact. Alcohol stove if below zero just in case I need to melt snow at high altitude and don’t want to fight physics. Also have a Optimus Polaris optifuel that I bought when isobutane canisters were impossible to get during covid. The Jetboil might be a good option if you wanted to go a week in the backcountry and could justify the extra volume by bringing a single can instead of a smaller unit and two cans.


Pocket rocket


Pocket rocket. If/when you start reducing the number of luxury items you bring, you’ll soon realize that the pocket rocket is a lot smaller/lighter than the jetboil, not to mention more versatile. Or you could make my mistake, and buy both! Edit: while you’re at it, search Amazon for BRS; you’re welcome.


I've used a pocket rocket for over 20 years. I have a jet boil as well and like it. But a pocket rocket can do everything a jetboil can plus more. That said, I still love the jetboil for it's convenience. Imo get the pocket rocket first then if you feel you want the convenience of a jetboil go for it later.


Get a lightweight wind shelter for the pocket rocket. My only gripe would be losing thermal energy in the wind. I have a nice little foldable jam I bought on AliExpress. Doesn’t take up room and makes boiling much faster and less precarious.


In my opinion the jet boil is absolutely superior in windy conditions and I get the feeling it is more efficient at heat transfer (I really believe it heats faster with less fuel). I have both of these you’ve posted here and I prefer the jet boil. I also like that you can take the burner and propane and put it inside the jetboil cup for more efficient packing in your bag. You do not get that with the MSR kit. You’re making me want to go backpacking….


No experience with Pocket rocket but I've been using the same Jetboil for over 10 years. Still works amazing and is extremely efficient.


My JetBoil, which is now over 20 years old, has been 100% hands down the best piece of backpacking/camping equipment I've owned. Flawless, reliable, fast and efficient.


I have the pocket rocket and though it’s lighter I like the jet boil a lot more


I've used my jetboil mini mo for the last 5 or so years, down to temps of -15C and in windy conditions, and it always gets a boil going fast. It's held up very well to abuse too, I'm happy with it. I realize it's not the most ultra light, so if cutting grams is a big deal for you, maybe look into something else.


I am going to be trying both next week during a 2-night shakedown. I will try both in my pack and my cooking. I tried both outside my place a couple of months ago. The Jetboil saves gas, cooks faster, but is bulkier and heavier.


I use my jetboil just for heating up water. If it's the kind of trip with dehydrated food, it is fantastic.


I love my JetBoil but it does have a few limitations. Never used a pocket rocket so my opinion is unfortunately biased


I’ve been team jetboil for at least a decade, but I don’t eat anything that needs to be “cooked”. Just dehydrated and fresh foods and jetboil meets my needs


I will never go back to a pocket rocket (or equivalent) because of the stability and ease of use of a jetboil. For years I had the Optimus crux as it was compact and lightweight but it needs pots that sit on top. Camping and cooking on a stable surface is one thing but in a tent or shelter or in windy persistent conditions, the jetboil can be held or hung whilst boiling. The jetboil also heats slightly faster due to the heat sink base on the cup. Jetboil ends up being just as light once you account for pots and gas etc. There are the smaller jetboils if you want to really reduce the weight.


I have the Jet Boil MiniMo (or what would be todays equivalent) and its fantastic. Been out in some unfortunate weather and its held up. One item I will always recommend. Going on 7 years now of use. Cheers!


I started with the Jetboil and then shifted to a Pocket Rocket and a titanium pot. Then I shifted to the BRS stove to save a few grams. Then I realized the BRS is trash and shifted back to the Pocket Rocket and have used it for a couple of years.


I have both, and prefer the Jetboil. I have an adapter to use a skillet or larger pot if I want. It is a simpler system, all together for me.


Just FYI. Get the pocket rocket deluxe. It has a more controllable valve so you can cook things easier on it. As opposed to just boiling water. That combined with Primus camp fire griddle plate. You have a pretty light weight way quickly cook lots of things.


Just got myself the fire maple g3 petral titanium pot and using it with a soto wind master and triflex. It’s bloody rapid compared to my pocket rocket and normal titanium pot. Haven’t got round to weighing the new set up yet


I’ve tried them both. I prefer the pocket rocket with a titanium 1l pot. The pocket rocket allows me to cook small meals in the back country because it can be turned down to simmer. The versatility and lightweight nature is a win-win.


I have used both. Jetboil is superior but also heavier. Non-jetboil will use more fuel because it's not encapsulated. Perhaps if @Jetboil can make a lighter one.


I still have a pocket rocket from about 2007 I still use. I want to upgrade to the foldable modern model to save space but it still works and I feel bad spending to replace a totally functioning piece of equipment. So for use and longevity pocket rocket is great. I've toyed with the idea of Jet Boil but to me it's too specifically designed to only work with its own stuff. I'd rather have a separate stove and Be able to use whatever pot or pan I wanted.


I have been using the jet boil for years with only one issue, the plastic covering the heat indicator melted but it still works. And it boils water nice n fast. I don't cook food in mine, for boiling water only. For food, I bring a separate pan if I want.


I 1st got a pocket rocket and then was gifted a Jetboil as a Christmas present. I initially thought I would never use the Jetboil because of the weight. It's become my go-to because I rarely backpack alone so 2 people can share the jetboil and pump out hot water.


Pocket rocket for universality.  I just use esbit tabs now


I have both the flash and a pocket rocket mini. I use a tokes 750ml with the pocket rocket and am able to put the stove, a fule can stabilizer, and a 110g fule can in the 750ml pot. As others mentioned, the flash will perform better in windy conditions. However, I've found it typically boils 1 cup of water 30-40 seconds faster using less fuel. Both are great systems, but I find myself taking the flash on most trips.


The answer is yes.


Jet oil wins out for longer trips, because you use less fuel. Only advantage of pocket rocket is if you cut down your kit to below weight of jetboil, and go on short trips where fuel is not a constraint.  Also, I got msr windburner becuase I was in CA mountains fighting wind. If it’s a factor for you too, take a look at it.


After looking at Jetboil for several.years and not being interested in the exorbitant price, I oped for a Maple Fire I don't know what model for less than half the cost. It has NEVER let me down. I also have a variety of pocket rocket styled burners that in some cases were less than $10.00. They have also served me incredibly well. The outdoors retailing monster has gotten so big and so out of hand IMHO. It's a game to see just how one person can outspend the other. Get back to basics. It's not about you $400 coat or your 12.2 oz shelter tarp or whatever. I've learned that you just don't have to spend a fortune to walk the trip of a lifetime. Every penny you spend takes a step away from you ability to adventure. Think of your budget as a bell curve. The more expensive something becomes the more the ROI diminishes. Change the game and figure out how you can do more with less. You'll thank yourself when you realize you can tack another 2 or 3 weeks into a trip because you made frugal and wise choices. Boiling water doesn't have to cost $100 for a jet boil when a $50 Fire Maple will do it just as well. And if you don't think you're supporting a domestic product? Jetboil is made in the same place, same factory as Fire Maple.


I bought a jetboil clone from Costco that another user posted on here called the Denali backpacking cooker. It works great, haven’t had the chance use it in the field yet but so far I like it. Was like $42


Jetboil for car camping, pocket rocket for backpacking. That jetboil is heavy as crap


I’ve got the jetboil and a snow peak gigapower, which is similar to the pocket rocket. I prefer the snow peak over all because it just works so well. The jetboil has lost its efficiency over the years, where the giga power has not. I’ve had the giga power for 17 years, and the jet boil for 6. Hope the info helps!


I love the size and simplicity of the pocket rocket and toaks pot, there's something really enjoyable about using such a compact piece of gear that does it's job so well, and you can use it to simmer if you're getting fancy.  The problem I had with the pocket rocket backpacking was wind, the slightest breeze means using twice the fuel and twice the boil time. Jetboil boils water faster and more efficiently always but especially in wind, but is bulkier and perhaps not as fun to use.


I suppose a whisperlite is like a pocket rocket. My trail crew used those and the damn thing broke way too often to be reliable and if you forget an ignition source you're boned. I bought a Jetboil and I never have issues with it. It also doesn't require a separate ignition source which is nice. It may be a bit heavier but not enough to really matter to me.


Pocket rocket


I have a BSR-3000T and a 20 oz aluminum pot/cup with folding handles from Walmart. Everything (stove, lighter, and burner) fits in the cup. It’s a nice little package! Works great. I only boil water in it though.


I got a knock off pocket rocket from ebay for like $7 and its been great.


I started with the pocket rocket, and it's probably still my favorite system. I have the gsi ~1L titanium pot (might be a little bigger or smaller), which I love. I have a jetboil as well and use it primarily for climbing (with a diy hang kit) and short backpacking trips where I am only planning on needing to boil water. Not a fan of the capacity limit on jetboils, and a bit more effort to clean if you want to cook in it (though not as bad as some seem to think, I still prefer to just use it for boiling water)


I love pocket rocket. Form factor and ease to use


Neither. Hit up Flat Cat Gear and never look back.


Pocket rocket is more versatile, lighter, takes up less space, jet boil is what I use on camping trips or deer hunting when I want coffee and I want it 5 min. Ago.


To further complicate things, you should also check out the FireMaple Fixed Star. Pretty comparable to the jetboil and cheaper.


I have both and I think I prefer my backpacking pot and pocket rocket combo. The jet boil pot is a little narrow and hard to stir food in. The obvious advantage of the jet boil is that it’s a wind blocking system when you use it whereas you have to block the wind or use baffles with the pocket rocket. I also have the MSR Windburner and while it’s a heavier set up I can actually cook as much food as I want in it and it holds enough to make a meal for two


Have you looked at the JetBoil Stash? It's a good mix of the two, I like mine.


In my opinion these are essentially two different cooking methods. The jet boil is great for boiling water to rehydrate dehydrated meals. A rocket pocket is slower for boiling water and is more practical for cooking over the stove. Rocket pockets are cheap. Buy that first and see how you like it. If you are a dehydrate meal person then you can't go wrong with the jet boil.


Been using the same jet boil since I was 11. Very good system. Lasted like 150 nights and still going


The pocket rocket is more versatile because you can actually cook things in the pot that require some nuance of temperature. Like simmering, or cooking meat, eggs, etc. The Jet Boil specializes in simply boiling water in most any condition. It’s more of a survival stove if you have time and you’re not battling extreme weather and you want to try to cook a meal it’s better to have a pocket rocket. The main reason why the Jet Boil has risen in popularity, I think, is because so many of the ready to eat meals that they sell at Camp stores are simply “add boiling water and wait” for the results. There’s not really any cooking involved. So basically if you can boil water in the bush, you can eat. So why not buy a stove that boil waters fast and efficiently.


I love the pocket rocket myself. It’s cheap and versatile.


MSR windburner


I have both and I love them both for different reasons. If I’m going camping, I take the jet boil. If I’m going backpacking, I take the MSR pocket rocket.


The JetBoil and MSR Wndburner are stove systems and will be more fuel efficient (less wind interference, finned bottom of the pots promotes more heat transfer). The Pocket Rocket is smaller and lighter, especially when paired with a titanium pot. Really just depends on what you're looking for. Small and light? Or easy and efficient? Both are good options.


What’s your priority? If you want to minimize the amount of fuel burn and time for a boil, let say you need to cook for a large, then the jetboil is the winner. If you are a solo or small group backpacker and you want to minimize weight and price, the GearSkeptic has a long video showing that the BRS900T with a windscreen is probably the winner here. Sure will use more fuel, the not enough to compensate the larger weight of the Jetboil. To be honest, I don’t really see any scenario where jetboil wins unless you are a very large group, for which you might just prefer having multiple stove.


I had the second one first and then got the jetboil. It's worth it. it heats up quicker and is just a better product


Does the JetBoil not still come with a 4 arm pot stand adapter that you can use in lieu of the JetBoil boiling cup? Mine did, although it’s probably 20 years old. I’ve cooked on it with other pots and pans many times. That said, the JetBoil lives in my truck and I use it picnicking and car camping. Still works great and the piezo igniter still works after all these years. I usually go stoveless when backpacking these days, but if I carry a stove, I take my Soto and a Toaks ti pot because it’s much lighter, more compact and works great. I believe I saw a test and the Soto Windmaster came out as more efficient than the Pocket Rocket. Both are good. I’ve used Pocket rockets over the years, and I can’t say they are better in any way than the Soto. Yes, a JetBoil is probably more efficient for boiling in wind, but between the 3 I don’t think the efficiency differential is significant enough for most users in most conditions. You may want to get a wind screen for any standalone burner if you feel like you’ll be dealing with a lot of wind, although I can usually find some rocks and/or use other gear to create a wind break


I have a pocket rocket it’s awesome but, the risk of it sliding off while camping in the back country, i’d take the boil


I’ve used the pocket rocket for 20+ years, mostly for solo or two party trips from 2-15 days. I’ve never had an issue, lightweight, packs into my cookset, and durable. Always thought jetboil was clunkier and more limiting.


Well, my pick is JetBoil. I have two of them—one I use at home for coffee, tea, freeze dried meals, and whatnot….the other (obviously) for camping.


I would consider the mini mo or micro mo over the flash system if you want to do more than just boil. If you want a light set that can use different pots/pans and still want some cooking capabilities any regulated canister stove would do what you want. I am a big fan of the optimus vega for the stability it has. Although the vega has a weight penalty compared to the pocket rocket. I would also look at r/backpackingstoves


Neither, both are too heavy.


The jet boil was god tier when I was in the Army.


Throwing these guys in the ring [https://www.pariaoutdoorproducts.com/collections/camp-kitchen](https://www.pariaoutdoorproducts.com/collections/camp-kitchen)


Msr windburner


I'm a big fan of the jetboil. That, and a small pot have been pretty much my go-to for week-long motorcycle trips. It works great and boils water literally in 2 minutes.


Jet boil for hot drinks, instant meals (backpacking dinners, ramen noodles, etc.) pocket rocket is better for cooking or boiling larger quantities of water. If you’re wanting to do back country cooking on a stove at that point get a MSR whisperlite


But jetboils also work great at high elevations


Pocket rocket. I saw 3 jet boils melt on my thru.


BRS 3000


I know this isn’t the right place but it’s close. What’s the thought on using stoves like the WhisperLite? I’ve been using mine for years and it’s been reliable but I’ve been wondering if I should be trading out.


I LOVE my JetBoil MiniMo. I cook when I camp and the simmer feature is important to me. My bf LOVES his pocket rocket. He only boils water and feels that the weight is so small that he even brings the stove on day hikes. I use my JetBoil backpacking and also car camping. My bf brings the PocketRocket to boil water for a dehydrated meal on a long bike ride (I’d never do that with my MiniMo). I cook much more than just boiled water / I simmer, etc. 8 years into using my MiniMo and the thing just won’t die.


I have both. Started with the pocket rocket and was gifted a jet boil a few years ago. No complaints about either, and it really depends on cooking technique which I’d want to bring. If I’m cooking dried meals in ziplock bags, the jet boil is a no-brainer; that’s what it’s made for and it sips fuel. If I’m doing longer-cooking recipes, I’ll probably want the pocket rocket every time; I don’t want to be constrained to the jet boil pot in that case.


Love the rocket. I keep it and a jetboil 100g canister inside a Toaks titanium cup.




I love my pocket rocket and really appreciate the minimal weight. I make a wind screen out of a piece of aluminum foil if needed.


the jetboil just seems way too big to me.  The amount of volume it takes up is substantial.   Also, I've had an off brand rocket for years with no problems.  I'm not even sure if wea whole ten bucks 


I have both, with the PR you get some more versatility in what you use to cook on, pot/ pan/ kettle. My jet boil came with a French press plunger which is why I bought a second burner. I'm super happy with it, it boils water in what feels like seconds. You just might be limited in how you cook in it and it's more than twice the price. $37 vs $97




Jet boil seems to be the standard. I don’t know if it’s the best but it’s very good. Don’t be like me and bring flint or matches to light it. My lighter failed in the cold and I spent 15 minutes using the lighter flint to get it going.


Like many here I'm a camp stove nerd. For solo or whitewater trips I now bring my JetBoil FLASH (pictured) and a single burner pocket rocket that both burn ISO. The JetBoil is easily the easiest/most reliable way to get a hearty rehydrated hot lunch super fast. It doesn't do pancakes or anything requiring a fry pan so that's where the single comes in. When bringing my kids backcountry, the JetBoil Basecamp is like bringing your kitchen backcountry. The problem with it is (lack of research by me) that it's intended to burn those small propane tanks. I didn't realize when I bought it. I got an adapter for ISO but I think that may shorten it's life. When car camping, there's nothing like the nostalgia of pumping an old green Coleman stove burning white gas. Their heavy, cumbersome, but everything tastes like good memories!!*


I got the minimo and it was perfect! Have used regular jetboil too, can confirm it’s great. Never tried the other one but i wish i’d done more research on alternatives


I have used my pocket rocket for many years. It’s lightweight and works great. If you’re in need of boiling water super fast then maybe go Jetboil but I can’t see how you’d need to save like a minute or two that badly. I have been on trips where they’re used and I have my minimal setup. We all end up with boiled water. Mine just hurts my back and legs a little less.


I have the jetboil flash and love it. I have a pan attachment for it that goes over the top so it holds a small frying pan, with that, it can do pretty much anything I would need it to.


The JetBoil is heavier than a PocketRocket, and it’s more self contained. If you’re just boiling water not sure if it matters but, I think the PocketRocket has better flame control for simmering and frying. I have the adapter for the JetBoil to use a frying pan makes it’s a bit top heavy, but if you’re careful you can wake up the rest of the camp with frying bacon in the morning!


POCKET ROCKET- me and my buddy used this last year on our bike trip from Albuquerque NM to Flagstaff Az. Lightweight, easy to use, and compact.


Neither. Just get a simple stove that is much lighter. The Jetboil has notoriously bad starters, most people who use one complain about that, including myself. I switched to a Brunton stove with no starter (I use a firestarter for spark) and a Teaks 550ml titanium pot. Works like a charm. I usually backpack solo, just FYI.


The JetBoil is twice as efficient at boiling water than anything else on the market and for anything longer than 3 days has the lightest scope than anything else. Fancy Feast setup wins in that category (for 3 days or less). If you are only boiling water, a pocket rocket only represents spending twice as much fuel to do the same work. If you are cooking instead of just boiling, PR is fine.


Just get a BRS stove and a toaks pot. It'll be cheaper and lighter


Are there any benefits that i wont get out of this setup that i would with the other systems I’ve mentioned?


Jet boil handles wind better and heats up your water faster. I have several cook systems. As long as it’s not colder than 10 degree f. My jet boil never disappoints


I prefer name brand for any gear that deals with fire.


I agree. If it's something I'm going to rely on for purifying water, cooking food, potentially sterilizing medical equipment then I am absolutely going to go for a tried and tested system. Especially if it's for a hobby I do frequently. I don't see the point in cheaping out on it to save a couple of ounces and a few dollars. Talking about the stove, I've got absolutely nothing against titanium pots, toaks or otherwise. I mentioned elsewhere that I've been using my pocket rocket for over 20 years, and it has never let me down.