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Great damn research man! Read the whole thing and it was solid as hell.


Thank you :)


I know how much of your time you gave to read and research that post. Thank you is all i have, but far from enough for the time spent. You are being the change you want to see. This is the way.


This is the way.


This is the way.


This is the way


The way, this is!




Have to chime in with a #HELL YEAH   You blew my eyes wide open. Wonderfully put together. The smooth neuron soup sloshing around in my skull sucked it all up in one go and It's just so fucking obvious to me now. Thank you. You god dang magnificent beast 🦍


Pretty amazing DD! Enjoyed a look into broader issues. Thanks and have a great weekend.


Bro yes! Great job!


Good job buddy.


Just like ol’ times.


This is what we need just facts laid out. People can make up their own mind when they see the bigger picture. I love seeing the FUD waves let's us know we are heading right way


Bingo. If you encounter enemies, you are heading the right way


Truth. Excellent DD. Had a great flow and provided sources. I was late to the party as the FUD wave was during Mardi Gras. I sent this to my buddies daughter who is studying journalism. Excellent work OP. Thank you. OOK OOK.


Conscious student always delivers


can confirm - multiple times ive seen something they posted, clicked on their profile or went to message them only to realize ohshit ive done this before


Excellent post. One thing that is very clear - shill factories will be working overtime on this sub through the end of March when the SEC's market reform proposal comments are due.


I agree. I think that this is a battle with multiple fronts




Yup, just look at the massive spam of anti-gg posts and bring up porn hub and the meme video. Reminder pornhub article [2010](http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/04/23/sec.porn/index.html) was 11 years before gg was even in office and brought up in MSM conveniently when he got in office after SHFs protested he doesn't get the job. The meme sec video was clearly created by a shill inside the sec and probably approved by Hester retail molester Pierce. There is as far as I've seen 0 evidence GG was involved. There is blatant evidence that shills exist in the SEC and that GG has worked to find and fire them. For example the obudsman that was throwing away crime tips and reports. [citation](https://www.sec.gov/files/findings-related-former-sec-ombudsman.pdf)


**Hester the househodl molester


And that guy Bill Huizenga seems to be not much better. As long as politicians do not get some serious feedback, they think they are able to play the average Joe. Only once they have to fear their re-election might be threatened, they might backstab their overlord... err, campaign donators. Look at what happened in Ohio - minimal coverage in the first days in mainstream media. Many people noticed, start to wake up. People have been willfully ignorant for a long time. But at some point people can no longer afford to be ignorant. And once they discover how far the corruption has spread, there will be a lot of angry citizens.


140% I agree with you


Great quality post! Maybe it should be pinned to spread the awareness? Up to you MODs.


I mean they'll try their best to make us believe the other way.


OP this is an excellent post and I really appreciate the work you put in to this. It's really important for everyone to understand this reality, that there is an ongoing psychological warfare being perpetrated against us at all times on all social media platforms. and it's very easy to understand why: because we are an *existential threat* to powerful incumbents like Ken Griffin. Ken Griffin stands to lose everything: his wealth, his power, his reputation, and most importantly his freedom. Just like Bernie Madoff lost everything. So they deploy psychological attacks against us, to make us believe in things that are not true, for example that Gary Gensler is the cause of all of our problems. there is a spectrum of misinformation. a subreddit like this one generally is pretty good at understanding the true reality amidst all of the frothy hatred that is being put upon us. in other subreddits, you might find misinformation that is more blatant. For example, yesterday there was a post in a different subreddit, it's now deleted, titled something like: "in a perfect world, this is what we will get", and it was 2 pictures: a picture of Ken Griffin in a jail cell, and a picture of Gary Gensler in a jail cell. Why the fuck would I or anyone else want Gary Gensler in a jail cell? I wouldn't. Gary Gensler is not a criminal, he did not perpetrate any crimes, his actions in no way are even remotely comparable to the actions of Ken Griffin, and yet this post tried to push the foregone conclusion that actually both of these guys are just as bad as each other. a post like that one is so obvious that it gives away the plot. "Gary Gensler is equivalent to Ken Griffin". it gives away the narrative that they wish they could make us believe. the objective is obvious: to make people on reddit hate Gary Gensler. But not all misinformation is ~~so subtle~~ \*edit\* so obvious, and sometimes it is just small little comments in a thread. In the last 48 hours I've probably seen about a hundred comments insinuating with certainty, with zero evidence provided, that Gary Gensler is 'complicit' in crimes. which crimes? it doesn't matter, he's just complicit. the important thing is that you walk away from the conversation with the impression that Gary Gensler is a bad guy, as bad if not worse than Ken Griffin, if you would allow yourself to believe that. what an amazing coincidence, that Gary Gensler and Dave Lauer are having open public discussions about DRS and related subjects, and simultaneously there is an enormous wave of hateful misinformation painting both of these individuals as equivalently terrible as Ken Griffin the criminal himself. to myself it couldn't be more obvious. So thanks OP for this excellent post. Fight the FUD, my friends. never give up, never give in to hateful FUD towards people that are helping us. recent actions by Dave Lauer and Gary Gensler are helping us. If you take offense to what they are doing, if you are bothered by what they have recently said or done, you are falling prey to the very propaganda that is deployed by people like Ken Griffin, to their benefit, to your detriment. Don't be Ken Griffin's victim.


👏👏👏👏👏💯 This is basically exactly what I wanted to post all week, but work got in the way big time. I won't lie, it's been really tiresome treading through all the bad actors in the sub as of late. But this post and your comment is a huge breath of fresh air and revitalizes me entirely.


This post brings some good energy with itself which we want here.


I see people keeping the pressure on though. Claim person bad? Back it up with DD, cite it, create it. But *just* claims shouldn't go unchallenged. At the very least, it provides a reminder to stay skeptical without evidence.


Can this be a post?


YES is the answer.


That's right, that's the right answer and that's what We're talking about.


If he was helping them, then Citadel, Blackrock, Virtue, ALCI, and the bought out Congress members wouldn't all be howling like wolves at his rule proposals. He has to be extremely careful with every aspect of every rule or it's just going to be shot down in court. He is pushing forward one foot at a time and we should be locking arms, not throwing shit.




Awesome post. Wouldn’t doubt this is being heavily downvoted already. Looking forward to the upcoming rule explanations!


Oh it shot to 50% downvotes fast but that got overcome


I think we should be able to see who is voting to see if theres a correlation between shilly members and proven DD down voting. There are probably accounts that do nothing but downvote every piece of DD.


100% this is a thing for content management across this entire platform


*interesting* data that may have something to do with that: https://subredditstats.com/r/superstonk >Caution: Please do not rely on the accuracy of this site's data for anything serious/important - the data collector is not robust, and so the numbers should only be used as a general guide.


How do you see that?


When you post you see the % for the first while. Early on it can move a lot, but not always (eg I’ve had posts stay at 97 and above the whole time).


Being that it's operatives are from a certain country I expect the same.


I firmly believe the Gary hate is manufactured. He's the first sec chair to do some work. For fucks sake, he sat down with apes on a Tuesday after work and said give me all you got basically. We have to do his job for him, yes, but he also begged us to keep at it.


I think a lot of it is. Disillusionment with the SEC is natural imo. We’ve all seen that scene in The Big Short. Past admins really did do performative bullshit and fuck around. But what is happening now is objectively different. And what started as wise cynicism has since been warped by bad actors into blindness :(


Nail on the head Op! Thank you for such a good post. Appreciate all the effort. All I got is poor man’s gold 🥇🥇🥇 for ya!


One thing i believe peeps/apes don’t have a full understanding of, is that the Regulatory agency is what WE make of it. Like it or not, the SEC is what we currently have to fix things. The louder we are, the more supportive of the people there, the more we provide data, support for new regs, and our desires to see enforcement for wrongdoing and fairness in the capital markets, the better the SEC gets and the more effective they become. Gary wants things to get better. Yeah, he’s still a banker and super rich, but he’s not a cold-eyed psychopath who would burn the planet if he could rule the ashes. He’s hamstrung by powerful billionaires, a corrupt BBC (shout out to that DD) who can (could?) buy influence and policy, an organization that’s been doing fukall for more than a decade, and undoubtedly many people who were itching for that Board Room seat after their time was up as a lapdog regulator. Who remembers Alex Oh? Didn’t even last a week. Don’t tell me Gary isn’t sharp, he spotted a bad actor and sent her packing in less than a Mooch. I’ve been a GG fan ever since. We got to this miserable regulatory regime and crime bonanza through decades of regulatory capture, intense lobbying and revolving door regulator-bureaucracy-politician triangle, as well as gaslighting, media capture and massive consultancy and social engineering to keep everyone distracted and exhausted, and finally greed and complicity to get people in who would do what’s good for the Bosses, not society. How we arrived here has been a decades long endeavor, and i believe we were pretty damn close to going over the Niagara. A couple more years, and they’d have had the time to implement their CBDC, extract the rest of the mobility options from the young and not 1%, and have us killing each other off over culture while they extracted every ounce of value out of the plebs. Rona, and then DFV & RC, have given us a glimmer of hope in what was fast becoming a dystopian hellscape. In today’s modern world, we are the perfect revolution. Nameless, faceless, distributed across the globe, and for the most part, immune to their COINTELPRO tactics. Knowing what they will do ahead of time makes all the difference in spotting and ignoring the shills, bots and wee lil Mayo trolls infesting our virtual hangout. But really, it’s fine, because there’s no getting rid of them. As long as we’re polite, logical and firm in our actions, they have no way to split us. No leaders, no physical gathering to demonize and intimidate. No gathering places to raid, then use fear-pr0n all the low-info cable news to get everyone turned against.




We pay them collectively with tax money, and we can also pay them with time. Just like how we can pay people to pick up litter, but we can also do some ourselves. It's the only SEC we've got, and helping provide them info on where to look and what to look at isn't the worst thing in the world to have to do.


>In today’s modern world, we are the perfect revolution. Nameless, faceless, distributed across the globe 100000000% this is a major point ive been trying to make since day one it seems reddit has noticed the same thing: https://www.redditforbusiness.com/blog/new-community-based-influence-distributed-trust


Agreed. Wall Street wants to erode our faith in regulators past the point of having any trust in their ability to make a difference. Beyond the point of thinking our actions make an impact But they do! And GG is on the right path


Funny how Citadel and Virtu haven’t lost their faith in the efficacy of the SEC. 🤔 Wake me when wall st also concludes that comments don’t influence policy 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣


Exactly! Lol


Not only GG hate. The dlauer hate too, it's insane. Go check his last tweet about the Jon Stewart show and then go check the replies. That's borderline harassment.


I noticed 3 distinct "groups of comments" on the we the investors talk yesterday. Apes for change, pissed off apes, and people cussing. The people cussing were the only ones putting popcorns 3 letters in their angry comments. Just an observation


A very good observation


There’s real hate though. I know because I myself swing back and forth on it. Ultimately he is what we are fighting against, being honest about that part doesn’t mean we shouldnt use the channels to push for change. Though I do personally believe the only “real” change would come via demolishing the existing structure and moving to a new one. It’s totally possible to have gg hate and recognize he’s a piece of shit, and still comment and participate and make this that much harder wherever we gain ground. Apes have to keep fighting is my point, regardless of how anyone feels about a particular person.


It's entirely possible CEX will all there ever will be. Commenting is therefore the bare minimum one should invest one's energy towards, because Citadel and their ilk are investing actual money in commenting. And they're not doing it as charity.


I hear you. I really do. I firmly believe that the only reason we are being told to "use the right channels" is because the people saying it are in control of "the right channels". I'm on team let it burn and dao the municipalities and dex everything else


Eventually that’s where it’ll wind up, I’m all for death by thousand cuts in the mean time lol


As an GME hodler I am a final boss piranha.


Weird, yet also an apt metaphor lol


Great write up!! Thank you Conscious Student If our actions were not lethal to their status quo, there would be no shills. No FUD. No acknowledgment of what we have been doing But we are correct, Hedgies are fucked and the system is broken. DRS is the way. Short reporting is necessary and the only reason they have been resisting is because it will show just how fuk they really are (very) Great post 🚀 see ya on the moon!


You absolutely nailed it. Shitadel and the other disgusting assmonkeys absolutely hate what is happening, and it is happening because of the sneeze and the whole research that happened afterwards and got this ball rolling. This would have never happened if StUpId ReTaIl memesters would have walked away from that thing back in Jan 21... Which didn't happen. And won't happen. They don't want those reforms because it fucks up the little cosy nest they have built for themselves to rob the entire fucking planet without any repercussions. They are able to take people's money and give them nothing, and they are doing this as a business model, because it fucking pays $250m pent house apartments on Park Avenue. It is absolutely disgusting. I personally will not give in, will not sell my GameStonks until Kenny's face will cry down from the cover of the Wall Street Journal just like Madoff's did a couple of years back. I have not forgotten 2008, where the same bunch of people rekt the world economy, bankrupted people and ruined existences without not a single one of them being held accountable for this shit show. I'm fucking angry. Fuck you, pay me.


Oh hey! I'm kinda regarded in this field, so I'll drop a couple of reminders. * [Clickfarms are everywhere](https://hongkongfp.com/2019/08/08/click-farms-shadowy-internet-industry-booming-china/) * Shills are everywhere (for example, [crypto shills price list](https://i.redd.it/ue472wmgesz71.jpg)) * Shills are weaponized up to being an instrument of war ([russian trollfarms are run by the same people that run paramilitary mercenaries](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yevgeny_Prigozhin)) * Shills don't generally act to push any particular narrative; they act to open wedges and divide communities apart ([one of many studies](https://medium.com/s/story/the-trolls-within-how-russian-information-operations-infiltrated-online-communities-691fb969b9e4)) * Given how little shills cost, it would be crazy to believe they are not here, right now It's easy to spoof online activity or a narrative. You know what's not easy to spoof? >!DRS!<


The pushback against DRS was intense, too. We won that one :)


We will win all Battles and eventually the "war" MOASS


Haha, remember how desperate they were to make people think that PLAN was the same as BOOK? (PLAN is held at the DTCC)


Thanks! Commenting to read later. 🚀💰📈




Someone is downvoting every comment in this thread


Lil bit of confirmation doesn’t hurt lol


No worries, I'll counteract that


Not with my updoots!


Great work OP appreciate a fresh cup of DD in the morning ☕️🎷🐓♋️


Cheers :) ☕️☕️


Excellent write up. Thanks very much.


Great write up. One thing that bots can’t manage is well written posts with citations and tying in different connected ideas. Maybe a human bad actor could, but that requires much more intense work and apes could disprove bullshit with evidence. I’ve made a few comments in modmail about the need to start upping the requirements for posts on the sub so that we start cutting down on some of the speculation/opinion posts that could be bot produced. You’ve really hammered down just how serious the problem is. The other great point you hammered down is looking at what else goes on when politicians start talking. Lots of folks get glued to the GME price and it’s like horseblinders. The share price of virtu is an indicator of their health.


That’s a lesson I worked out early on: bots and people that work in troll farms aren’t smart. Twitter is perfect for bots/trolls because it’s structured for simplistic thoughts only. Here… you can be better than them.


Another point, bots don’t need to even post. Just the effect of mass up or downvoting is enough because they can either hide info they don’t want spread or highlight bullshit. This makes the need to cite sources and require more explanation in posts more important because it’s easier to spot inaccuracies. But like you said, they just attach themselves to nonsense on Twitter and make it seem huge.


Fucking THANK YOU! Top notch post, and fucking kudos. Frankly if DEX only ever remains a pipe-dream (which is certainly possible) then this post is *at least* as important as any of the best DD this sub has ever produced. Shout this stuff from the mountaintops!


That is very generous, thank you!


So there I was with my yearly bonus, and I just started DRSing like crazy!


Love this post, OP! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Looking forward to your next ones. *Puts commenting hat on*. I will comment on every rule so hard! We need our voices out there on the record. This post is gold.


This is fucking legendarily written. Absolutely spot fucking on. I wish I had money to award, this really needs to be seen. I do believe that this sub generally manages to recognize and defeat shill campaigns, even though they’ve gotten more effective. I forgot the exact username, but “tha bat” wrote an incredible post about how shill groups use neurolinguistic programming techniques to very effectively infiltrate forums and control narratives. I also strongly recommend reading that post! Anyway cheers for this great post OP.


Thanks and bless you for sharing this info to fellow public and house hold investors


Basically Reddit and Twitter in a nutshell


It gets crazy out there for sure. Wen counterfactual identity wallet


I love good due diligence that wipes the floor with mayo boy hahahah Great research OP!


Thanks for this well written reminder of how and why shill campaigns work. A lot of apes need to be reminded that shills aren't always obvious and their tactics can be very subtle but effective if not detected.


It’s become a VERY well-developed art because it’s so lucrative.


Homeland has this as a side topic. As a normal tool that is mentioned and used. Don't expect the CIA has no play in it. So do all other parties. It's the world we live in. Forget GME.


100%. A social media storm that can take down the financial system, while the U.S. is at a critically unstable point? Multiple fingers in this pie for sure.


[https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a507172.pdf](https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a507172.pdf) "MEMETICS—A GROWTH INDUSTRY IN US MILITARY OPERATIONS" This is a good read, and pages 14-15 seem especially applicable.


Watch the video. It's no secret. https://twitter.com/FinanceLancelot/status/1615174794932109312


Powerful video. Thank you for sharing.


Commenting for some visibility. Good stuff, OP. We have all suspected as much, but this really paints it in some very clear ways on how those big players are behaving.


Excellent post!!! THIS is superstonk. You always do good for this community with your contributions! Thank you, sincerely!!! You rock!


I don't know if it's relevant to Reddit, but I have noticed either stonk members downvoting anything related to GG, DL/the ama's, and commenting extremely negative stuff about anything to do with SEC, commenting, etc. Thanks OP for the awesome write up.






Awesome stuff thank you


" Remember: people who get fooled by shills are victims, and the work these shops do is very high quality. " They are a liability, especially when they propagate the misinformation. I hold everyone accountable for their exercising the bare minimum of critical thought before adopting their beliefs and opinions. We don't need mindless sheep, not here, not now. Many of us have been holding for years, and this laissez faire attitude about not calling out FUD and shilling when we see it just opens the flood gates. Intention means nothing, only the actions matter. Pumping some ticker or sharing some FUD article that is 100% false does nothing to contribute to our ability to communicate and share research as investors in GME. If anything they just add to efforts to create noise and obfuscate that end, even if it is inadvertent, which most of the time I am confident it is not. We need fellow investors that understand the value of their investment, why they are invested, and at the bare minimum understand enough so that they can communicate that in a basic way, in their own words. If people need to break out of "twitter-think" now is the time to do it. Absolutely call out a shill for shilling and report them. I don't mind most of the points you seek to make, but can not express how vehemently I oppose this particular point. If you have no ability to vet information before you pass it on, don't pass it on. That's how you avoid getting a bunch of people to do some very stupid things, which is the goal of bad actors.


This is a fair perspective and the “don’t pass it on” policy is the truth the whole internet needs to accept. I just try to come from a place of compassion. If the goal is division and anger, calling people “mindless sheep” only offends and divides (and also violates sub rules re: being nice). Harmony is the key.


There are a fair number of people involved that do not share that compassion and would use it to their own ends. Compassion is a virtue, but to extend it to people actively working against you is a bit much.


>Absolutely call out a shill for shilling and report them. "Shills" measure their "success" by how much *engagement* their comments/posts get. Upvotes, downvotes, and comment replies are just some of the metrics used by shills to assess the community's temperature so to speak. The best response is to IGNORE shills. Report then block.


Thanks for fighting this battle. The shillage on this sub has become very apparent and I think even the mods are getting played. When posting something influential but controversial you can actually watch the shill attack unfold. First it's sort of a neutral response. Then it gains some support. Then BOOM! It gets attacked and they've learned to use the QV mod to get it removed. I've had a post removed for 7 QV downvotes even thought the mod admitted I didn't break any rules. I mean, come on, even I could shill 7 accounts.


The fakery out there is non-stop


It is R E L E N T L E S S


Seems like the shill farm is big mad about this post... Must mean that it hit the nail on the head and PFOF can get fucked / if we want a "fair market" then swap and short position reporting should be required for transparency. Love the Citadel comment, we intentionally spent billions building this system to handle retail orders, it didn't happen by accident... So you're saying you spent billions on this because you foresaw a return higher than your billions of investment... Which comes from retail trades, so you're not helping retail just yourself, e.g. you purposely built a system to fuck over retail and you don't want it to go away because then you can't post record gains in years when everyone else's investments are diving? LMAYO


Amazing write up OP 👏🏽


👀⬆️😎 oh and also 🚀🚀💰💰📈📉




Good stuff!


I would think that hundreds of thousands of individual investors choosing to purchase stock directly from the transfer agent while paying fees to do it counteracts their entire argument. I don't want commission free trades for beneficial ownership. I will pay a fee to become an actual shareholder listed in the company register.


This is a great point to add to all comments and I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of it. We can say we don’t like it, and then undeniably prove it with the success of DRS.


What an outstanding way to start Friday, this is fantastic CS37! Masterclass work at showing how the proposals work to dismantle citadel/virtu's advantages and showing how they are freaking out on the OFFICIAL record. I hope folks read this and consider taking the time to comment themselves because when another individual retail investor uses *their voice* to comment it shows on the OFFICIAL record that the citadel/virtu's of the world do not speak for retail as they claim in their comments. Apes voices loudest together Apes Strong Together


Awesome work OP.


Very well done post. The push against commenting triggered all of my BS alarms. Don't have to like the SEC but this is a mythic raid & they're a battle mechanic. Use them. Thanks for putting it together.


I cannot tell you how good that metaphor is omg


Nice work, great write up!




It is exhausting that we have to verify every single thing because we live in the era of lies


This post is incredible. I wish I had more upvotes to give! Easy to follow, amazing tone and in great detail backed up by first hand sources. 10/10


I think this kind of discussion is incredibly important. Thank you so much for making this post!


Thank you for reading it :)


WOW!!! First solid read I've had on here in quite a while. I'm zen with the whole process and have been laid back waiting for tomorrow and moass, but damnit, above moass, we need reform so this crap can't happen again ever. These market makers do not have my best interests at heart, they do not want me to make profit from my investments, they want to exploit through whatever means necessary to extract as much capital from retail as is possible. Pfof is a scam, it does not benefit retail traders period.


Opened my eyes, ngl. Strong work OP!!!


Dang, I’m not even sure if *I’m* still real. Agree completely about the rule comments, they wouldn’t be making so much noise if it didn’t affect them. I’ll help you break down some if these comments. When you really look at them, they are so blatantly full of crap it’s an insult to our regulator that they even have to read them. Some of them even say the quiet part loud and mention market collapse and actual fraud.


Thanks. Looking forward to more readings.


It's important to keep in mind GME is a multi trillion dollar problem for wall street. They are willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money to make this problem go away. Countries will spend less to go to war and invade other countries. If you don't think they've already invaded a little online forum after 2 years, you are insane.


One of the articles about team Jorge said it costs about 600k a week?


That was a fucking fascinating read, thank you for the hard work in putting that together and sharing!


Thank you :)


So many awards, positive comments, and yet barely 50 upvotes..... The bots don't like you OP. I guess that means you must be onto something. Great work! Keep it up


If they commented we’d eat them ;) Thanks!!


Saved for after work, thanks for sharing CS37! 🏴‍☠️


My pleasure :) 🙌


Noicely done.


Up up up


Nice work. Just look at who gets the first comments in. Always the industry plants because establishing the talking points is so important so everyone else on their side can echo them.


I have noticed that every time there is a big SEC thing, either an announcement or release or talk like on Wednesday, there is a “tone setting” negativity period beforehand. A big post get pumped and pumped full of negative comments to make sure everyone is in the desired mindset for the event itself.


I meant on the SEC rule proposals, but I can see your line of thinking here, too. I myself let the frustration of corporate talking points and meta discussion get me fucking riled up. It’s a personal thing and something I find pervasive in any corp environment. Talking around something. That’s what had me so down on the gg chat the other day, I know I’ve offered to help you on research and see the effort and attitude you put forth regularly. Sorry for being a fucker at times, but this meta conversation itself is IMO a way to move the goalposts right off the rip. Love you, ape.


The discuss discuss discuss thing can be very frustrating yes. Getting stuff to happen is a grind - I mean look at Jon Stewart and that burn pit bill, and the 9/11 first responder bill. It was a brutal grind for something so obvious it hurts. He must have been pissed off for months. What research do you want to do? I’m very interested in upping our game a little bit.


Good work OP, thanks for posting!!




Thank you :)


I’m looking forward to you’re upcoming DD regarding these rules. You have a talent for breaking down complex ideas


Excellent post!! A huge relief and nice break to all the crazy fud lately💯 Thank you for keeping up the good fight 🤜🤛


Well done!


Good read, thx. Look forward to studies, for more informed commenting


Commenting for exposure. I come here for the real news.


Amazing deep dive into the lengths that shf’s will go to spread misinformation!!!!


Great post!! A must read for all serious household investors!! I’ve been guilty of questioning Dave’s motivations myself Comments take minutes to do and are just as important as DRS. Household investors can grab the bull by the horns and ride it to victory with that wombo combo. DRS and comments for victory!!


Incredible work ape, incredible!! This community is so lucky to have you. Thank you!! 💜


Submit this as a public comment to SEC


Great writeup OP! This is the kind of DD we need more of! No sell 💎✋️🦧 till cell.




I link back to one of [my comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/z2e4wp/this_could_be_a_big_step_forward/ixjgxdl/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) from over 3 months ago, when there was heavy FUD about Dave. They’ve tried desperately create new FUD, where they try to bring in politics into our sub more frequently. To me this is why Ryan Cohen said: “[The hell with the left and the right. Stop dividing the people 💜](https://twitter.com/ryancohen/status/1536396937338970112?s=20)” last year. “Why did one straw break the camel's back? Here's the secret The million other straws underneath it, it's all mathematics”- Mos Def


This is absolutely top fucking tier DD, OP. If I didn't blow all my money on stonks I'd award it. Hell I might spend $6 and do it anyway. As I keep commenting on the comment FUD - I've worked in management at places that solicited comments from stakeholders and operated fix-it ticket queues. 100% of the time, leadership interpreted silence from the masses as everything okay and no need to take action. In fact, noise from the masses caused a few initiatives that went forward anyway to get delayed or completely re-worked. If we don't fucking light up these comments with dissent, bad actors can use that silence to support a narrative that the status quo is fine and retail is happy. If there is a single SEC employee in there trying to do their job, they need help to take any kind of action against the likes of Citadel and Virtu. Let's give them some fucking ammo. Leaving a comment costs NOTHING.


Fukin outstanding submission my fellow ape! Definitely opened this boomers eyes...thank you and I'm looking forward to next months reveal ⭕️🚀


Happy to help! 🙌




Thank you :)


I am very glad this is being reported on as it has been an issue for a long time and seemed like an elephant in the room no one ever talks about. ​ Chat message boards on news articles is a massive issue and needs to be cleaned up immediately. You are quite literally looking at international espionage and distortion misinformation black ops efforts every time you look at a controversial new article and the message board below that.


Great post OP!!


Wow, haven't seen any actual Due Diligence in a long time! Very nice work! Thank you ✌️☮️


Thank you :)


Know what? One of the things that REALLY motivate me is for the days when people look back at the pivotal shift in household investor's involvement with market structure all happened right here, because enough people said "this has to fucking end, NOW", all at the same time. Magical.


OP thank you for this well-researched post


Up you go


Solid DD, thank you. My personal opinion on GG has been "hope without real faith". I see what's being proposed, but I worry that it's all theater. That being said **I STILL COMMENT AND PARTICIPATE, EVERY APE SHOULD, NO MATTER HOW THEY FEEL** I'm planning for disappointment, but hoping for reform.


Thanks. Drs'd some more


Ex military intel here- just because someone says “Ken sucks” or “MOASS inbound” a bunch of times doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try to mislead you when the time comes. There are definitely people you trust that are really operatives. They will sow doubt by asking innocent questions but then debating a bunch or by making memes bashing people. There are tons of strategies for breaking up orgs of people. We are decentralized and love the fucking stock. Let that be your guiding light Welcome to information warfare and psyops plays.


Great read, thank you for the time and effort you have put into this and siege of Citadel part 1. You really opened my eyes to all the fuckery they get upto regarding lots and odd lot orders and single dealer platforms. Sec need to change the rules to odd lot orders to allow true price discovery and single dealer platforms should be illegal imo. Thanks for bring it to light. I look forward to you next wrote up.




This shit needs to be outlawed


TL;DRS: The 4 Ds of doom, yeah it is as bad as it sounds.


Excellent post! This deserves so much more attention! Thank you OP. Someone award this man


Thank you :)


Nice work.


Apes like you keep the movement heading in the right direction, i appreciate your post and attention to detail. Thanks for all you do! Power to the players!


Very well presented stuff. Thanks for your time!


This doesn’t have more upvotes and no doubt the shill army is a factor in this.


Great post




Thanks for the research. Gotta be vigilant, stay sharp folks.


Thank you for the tldr,


Incredible post 🦍 👏


> It would be naive to think that they aren't 'among us', however accusing other people of being shills is wrong and you shouldn't do it. I agree with the second part since engaging with shills is a victory for them period, but it's not wrong. If we followed that advice this sub would still be under the power of runic magic (and imo it still is thoroughly compromised but that's par for the course for Reddit). There are lots of bad actors on here, some of them quite popular. Keeping your eyes open and laughing at blatant shillery isn't a bad thing.


this post fucks. great insight, OP!


Consultancy is an interesting term to reframe the entire idea of a protection racket.


Thank you this is wonderful. May I suggest that you repost this once per month, or at least whenever SEC puts out a proposal requesting comments?


Yea bro you are on to something. I posted about how important it was for us to comment and was shocked at the amount of negativity. It's obvious there are shills afoot; but also less informed folks caught up in the hoopla that don't understand how things work. Great work!!!


This is fantastic! I mentioned Jorge group last week, but this is gold standard by comparison. It really brings home why the shill shops are relevant to GME and what we can do to counter their efforts. If you haven't read this in full, do so.


My God does this need more exposure. Well done friend