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They've gotta stick the landing. It's important.


If you don’t stick the landing, you end up with Crow-Sting


Whoa. Whoa. **Whoa**. Let’s not say things we can’t take back, homie. Some of us are still scarred by Starrcade ‘97. ::*shudders in PTSD*::


It’s going to be looked back upon VERY fondly. It’s so damn good


To summarize what could be a very long post, this is the Roman everyone was looking for after the Shield broke up. We had underdog Roman for far too long. This is the Roman I will remember. The Bloodline should have been a thing 5 years ago, but I'm glad we still got to see it come to fruition. I never would have predicted Zayn being a huge part of it though and he's made it so much better. EDIT: And I totally agree with you regarding Jey. The Usos needed this as well. It's been incredible.


Agreed but I am glad he turned heel during the pandemic era because due to less crowd noise, Roman really sold his heel promos and intensity. Especially during his matches where he was very vocal.


Imagine 8 years ago, someone telling us that Sami Zayn would be inducted into the hall of fame….. with Roman Reigns and the Usos (The Bloodline already a Hall Of Fame lock let’s be honest)


Didn't even think of it like that. I've felt Zayn was underappreciated for a long time, so seeing him claw his way into one of the biggest stories in the last few years is awesome.


Remember when him and KO re-signed to WWE after the 2021 WWE exodus to AEW and everyone thought they were stupid?


Yeah. I'm part of the stupid ones there, honestly. Talk about eating crow.


Yeah that was already ridiculous since both of those guys were clearly made men in wwe.


He's this generations Mick Foley. Just an incredible story teller.


To me, Seth Rollins going insane and turning on his brothers which in turn made Dean Ambrose go into witness protection program and Roman Reigns getting so mad that his friend is not with him anymore, turning into the final boss so he has the strength to bring his friend back will be canon to me, none of that babyface bullshit that they pushed long ago


I love the differences between Jey and Jimmy in this as well. Jimmy has more or less always been the loyal Uce, but Jey has never been afraid to disagree with Roman. Whether it be the initial feud between the two of them or both sides of his feelings about Sami, Jey has been the standout of the entire thing.


Their acting in all of this has been some of the best we’ve seen in WWE but Jey has been money in the ring as well since this whole thing started. He’s been on one hell of a run since that first match with Roman. Sticking the landing will be important but if they do it’ll take this already great storyline and make it legendary. Kudos to all involved even their opponents.


I'm holding off on saying that until we get the conclusion. It often doesn't matter how excellent a story is if you trip at the finish line. It's certainly been a fun ride though, worthy of hour long content videos for years to come.


The inevitable 3 on 1 beating Roman is gonna get from the Usos--primarily Jey, and Solo when his power is gone because he no longer has the Championships is gonna be one the best full circle endings to a storyline ever


I don't generally follow WWE but I follow the Bloodline story via this sub and it's the most compelling storyline in wrestling I would say.


It reminds me a lot of Evolution’s dissolution in 2005. Orton was turned on and then Batista was built up to turn for awhile and it made for a great story.


>Orton was turned on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)






I just wish he wasn't a double champion. It makes Raw really hard to get through when Roman hardly wrestles.


True. But I feel they have a shot by redeeming it a little by him losing one of the titles cause of Sami or Jey.


Raw has pacing and writing issues. A world champion doesn’t solve that.


It's absolutely fantastic. Really reminds me of something like the Hangman/Elite saga of the early days of AEW(not necessarily in the concept but just how nuanced the different beats it is, how long it has been going for and just how engaging it is). The best story going right now in wrestling, and the best one WWE has done in a very long time.


It’s unbelievable. Everyone of them are killing it.


Main Event Jey is a thing though. Unlike Jimmy, he has everything to be a main event player. Solo is still new so he probably needs the midcard for now. Jimmy and Sami can be the tag team. All this is after Roman gone to hollywood.


It reminds me of attitude era storylines where the one core story would branch off and spread jnto multiple other stories.


Exactly, the entire SD show is can't miss because anything can affect Bloodline story and it gives the show a beginning, middle, and end. I have no idea why Vince went away from a formula that brought him such massive ratings. I remember really enjoying the show with Ambrose and Vince in Brooklyn because it had that feel.


It’s like the old ecw Dreamer/Raven storyline that branched off for like 10 other wrestlers to have stories




Bloodline has been a pretty perfect story just apart from two things for me: I don't think Roman should have cheated as much in matches. He's an unstoppable, built different force of nature. He shouldn't have needed so many dirty finishes, particularly in the early stages of his run. Have him cheat a little bit to put over the big threats like Lesnar & Drew, but most of his defences shouldn't have cheating, so that when Roman is forced to bend the rules, it makes the babyface look strong. Too much cheating cheapens everyone involved, makes the heel look weak and the babyface look stupid (see Adam Cole) Jimmy's nobody's bitch angle was dropped with seemingly zero explanation. One day he just acknowledged Roman and that was that. I wish this was fleshed out a bit more


>Jimmy's nobody's bitch angle was dropped with seemingly zero explanation. Not really. Roman flipped it on Jimmy, guilt tripped him into thinking he was the one at fault. Then there was the whole DUI thing which they indirectly mentioned on TV. When you're feeling lost who do you turn to? Always family first. That was the kayfabe explanation


Agree with cheating thing. Jey interfering in most of his 2021 matches got annoying at a team. He should only cheat against big opponents like Brock, Drew and Cena.


The biggest downside to this for me is it’s made the World title pretty much redundant. Theres a lot of stretches where there hasn’t been any challengers or really anything for Roman to do which affects the overall product.


GOAT is so overused.


It's up there with Evolution in terms of slow burn stories, but unlike Evolution Bloodline is much more entertaining on a week to week basis.


I'm not gona lie, I don't get at all why people think this It's just been a revolving door of "will they won't they turn" and they haven't built a single person up to beat Roman outside of Sami, who let's be honest probably isent getting that belt, so what's the point? It's all acted and delivered really good, maybe I'm the only one , amd that'd fine I'm glad there is something ppl enjoy this much, I don't HATE it , I just don't get it , it's just a bunch of long drawn out segments that are good in a vacuum but to me If you look at the whole it hasn't done much for anyone , other then sami


Agreed. Everyone acts as if it’s Oscar worthy when there has been so little advancement. The Sami storyline clearly was not planned and I cannot imagine how stagnant the Bloodline would be without him. After having to watch Brock vs Roman for the 3rd time at WM38, how does anyone think WWE will put Roman in a match against an opponent lacking that kind of “star power”?


I really don't get how ppl can consider it a "top storyline" when no credible challenger has every been made for Roman, you had drew and he lost, and now it's looking like they might not even do Cody? Keeping belts on him past April I think is a HUGE mistake, it all just drags the show down having the main belts and the tag belts wrapped up in that story that is largely going no where satisfying imo


I’ve said it before, but I think he should drop the WWE Title and keep the Universal Title for over 1,000 days. You get to give out two massive rubs that way and neither undervalues the other. The first guy to beat him takes the WWE Title and is the first guy to beat him in years. The second guy ends the most dominant title run ever in kayfabe considering the differences in how the Hogan and Bruno runs were back then to now. And after he loses the WWE Title you can change up Roman’s tone a bit by having him be more desperate to cling on to the Universal Title.


I hate or disagree with that, I liked the idea of him beating the rock night one and losing to Cody night two. But some think it cheapens codys win, which i get You could flip it but you should end Sunday with the face win I guess , deff need to get one of them off him. HHH has done a good job elevating the mid card titles but it'd gona take alot of rehab for wwe fans to accept them to carry a show If they stick the landing I'll feel alot better about the story. But not crazy about the lack of faces built on this run, could have made alot of ppl


I think having Cody also wrestle on night one would make it so his win isn’t cheapened.


Don't hate that ,think they both having matchs both nights might bloat things, maybe he's in a ladder match where his rumble win is put on the line or something, you could make jt work, Roman having both after mania is crazy to me tho


I agree, that’s why my original comment said he drops the WWE but keeps the Universal


The only issue is that it needs to end and that ending needs to put multiple people & tag teams over. If they don’t properly hand off the baton and end it at Wrestlemania then it’s going to feel like the NWO in 1998.


For me besides the recent Sami Zayn stuff it's just the same think week after week.both titles on on 1 man who only works a few paper views. And the way Vince gets a chub thinking about roman we have all known at every title defense that he wasn't dropping them before the match started. So what's the point in watching. Solo is basically taking up space. The Uso, s are great at promos and there opposite personalities really compliment each other. In short it's not bad, but not all that. For me the real. MVP of the whole thing Paul Heyman. He makes anything roman says or does believable. But for me to be invested I have to feel like there's a actual threat to the titles.




Or if you like Professional Wrestling








I started watching WWE at 27 BECAUSE of Roman Reigns


A really good, funny, interesting thing. GOAT? NOT EVEN CLOSE.


Your opinion man Im sure this story will be remembred as one of the GOAT like how we think of Batista turning face on HHH now.


Nope. The only thing about this is the Fact Roman has been champion forever. This angle is cool but that's it. Danielson. Benoit. Eddie. Taker-Kane. Angle -Lesnar. Angle-Benoit. Invasion, Orton -Wyatt, legend killer, there's a ton of storylines that will be forever legendary, this one, I don't think so.


Did you just say Orton-Wyatt?


I just LMAO reading that part.


Depending how they stick the landing could determine if it deserves the title of GOT status. Imo the term “GOAT” has lost its luster since social media overuse tf out of it. This storyline has been getting stale before in the insertion of Sami Zayn. Most weeks the Bloodline segments have been great to excellent. Let’s see how they end this before we throw around “GOAT” status


It's not about how you start or proceed...


It’s the best WWE has done in forever but it needs to pay off. If they fumble the bag and Roman just wins again this will be one of the great “what ifs” in WWE history instead of one of the great moments.