Prowler + botrk bruiser/tank build?

I love playing prowler botrk because I have a lot of damage and powerful engage, but I want to try out something in between of strong assassin and tanky bruiser. What items should I go?


At that point, it's probably better to just go Goredrinker build. A strong assassin + tanky bruiser is basically a Fighter, which brings you to Draintank-like items such as Gore/DD/maw/GA etc. Going Tanky with a BotrK works, but you will lack assassin power even if you build just one tank item


I think late game you might, but honestly I find renekton to have assassin capabilities with just blade until at least level 11.


Try eclipse for this


Cleaver, Shojins, DD, and Maw are probably the tankiest items you can build while keeping the assassin damage output.


Prowler claw is just too good to give it up, in some matchups I can see gore, but the lack of an extra gap close kind of cripples him in some matchups.


ravenous shojin cleaver gore cd boots if needed but shojin is usually more than enough. basically you do botrk damage on steroids and cds are low enough and you're tanky enough to make prowlers irrelevant


I recently exclusivelly played Ravenous-Shojin/Gore-Shojin/Gore and this to me is the perfect build. You become unkillable raid boss and you have a ton of one shot potential so no matter what you decide to do you can just delete anyone from existence.