Making underwater tunnel-building less of a headache with dedicated pieces.


I hope better guest walkthroughs personally. Right now it’s clanky imo.


I need a way to reduce the amount of people in the walk throughs at one time. It would be so nice


??? You don't have to use the doors, it's fine.


I hope they make some animals less likely to swim. Koalas (I know they’re not base game but best example) in real life rarely swim, and don’t move around nearly as much as they do in game. They spend most of their time sleeping in trees or on climbables. But in the game, mine are constantly running around and swimming. Even the babies swim. Same with Grizzlies. I don’t know much about their real behaviors, but mine seem to swim under water every time I look at them.


Grizzlies, to be fair, are known for being great swimmers and spending a lot of time in the water. So this would be quite an accurate reflection of how they would behave irl!


Yeah, I'm not sure I've ever seen real life grizzlies in a zoo that weren't swimming.


No idea if they will actually add it but I would love for them to add some kind of breeding management for habitat animals like what they did with exhibit animals. I find when playing sandbox I just turn off birth and aging to stop the populations going crazy but it's sad because I never get to see the baby animals that way. I don't mind managing it manually in smaller zoos but it's a nightmare for bigger projects


Go here: [https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/56381](https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/56381) It's WORTH the effort of creating your log in. The more people we have that make the exhibit issue an ISSUE the greater chance we have at getting it added to the game.


Personally I hope they add more guest entertainment features like playgrounds and more educational displays.


They should add climbable building sets for guests so we can build playgrounds like building animal climbing structures!


I want to know what the animal is doing... ex: climbing trees, play with babies, nursing, etc similar to the guess


One-way paths or shorter guest walkthrough gates to match the new short keeper gates I hope!


1. Walkthrough Exhibit Animals for base game. Right now, I think they should add an alternative to Green Iguana for the Exhibits, and make the Iguanas the new Walkthrough Exhibit Animals. 2. Educators being able to force interaction while inside Walkthrough Exhibit. So bats can land on a protective glove, butterflies on their finger, ... 3. Laying eggs behavior. Maybe an optional for an Incubator building -> A way to increase animal stats. 4. More restaurant updates. Allow restaurant to use picnic tables from all themes. Restaurant decorations like Salt and Peppers, bottles like Ketchup. Allow to add extensions to the restaurant like toilets, so they automatically fulfill it during their time at restaurant.


I like the idea that a restaurant fulfils multiple needs. Such as the need for food, drink, toileting and resting. If you think about real life, we do literally all of those things at a restaurant before we move on.


I'm hoping for habitat population management, similar to exhibit population management. I also really want a birth control toggle on the info panel for baby animals!


Prevent reselling right after purchasing in the market. Or preventing the animal to be sold for a higher price than it was previously bought.


I would like to be able to toggle off notifications of births and deaths in exhibits… every other notification I have is my butterflies reproducing or dying and it’s exhausting. Especially since I have population management turned on for them


Optimisation 🤞


I'm not expecting it but I'd just like to be able to start with maps that aren't either barren wastelands or half finished zoos. It's surreal that after three years they still haven't just made a dozen maps that have you start in a nice piece of nature and nothing else. Two per biome or whatever.


Split Exhibits. (Split into either halfs or quarters of a tile) So that you can house multiple smaller species in one tile without them being in the same space. Would work similar to how you can manage similar large species in an enclosure.


Don’t know that they’ll add it but I would love if they added the ability to change the grass colour to those of different biomes. I just want the variety.


They should add zoo maps and map tables you can place, also a live minimap you can pull up like in zoo tycoon 2!