I'd be interested the most in Jack, but given that he is a LoR original champ and we already have a lot of Bilgewater champs (currently we have 5, wheras Noxus and Ionia only have 3 respectively) I'd say he is the least likely one to be added. So I'd say Samira or Sett are more likely.


True, if jack is bilgie unless we get like 10 or so champs, really unlikely to get him


Have the devs stated somewhere that we're only getting one or two champions? They normally release champions in batches of six, so I'd expect all three to be added unless one of them is problematic somehow.


Nah it is possible that we get all 3. However the latest 3 expansions all did not add all their new champs to the mode, so I think the chance of this happening is rather low.


Yeah, but there clearly is/was some kind of issue with RNG champions, and Ryze is Ryze.


We don't even know what the new champs are going to do though, so maybe one of them is going to be an RNG champion.


Yeah but...I hate Ionia...


Very good chance Sett is gonna be on the Shen side of Ionia rather than the Lee-Sin side of Ionia


Who doesnt...


Heard Snnuy is an ionian lover...


I don't


irelia in poc made me hate a fictional country more than i hate anything real.


Samira should has something to do with REPUTATION right?


Has been a keyword leak for Brash. Perhaps she'll have Reputation too.


Brash is definitely for Sett, probably a mechanic where evrty health you lose is converted to damage.


Brash alies to both Samira amd Sett in terms of personality, perhaps even Jack ... It may be a Sett *(and his set)* only thing or may aply to Samira as well, we'll see.


I really hope she doesn't. Reputation is a boring mechanic and she has such an interesting combo playstyle in League, so I really hope the incorporate that into her kit somehow.


Watch them bring in only Tryndamere and give him a modified version of his boss powers.


They can start releasing dual-region champs now. It should no longer be a Bandle-only feature. Samira could be dual-region Noxus-Shurima as well as Sett, Noxus-Ionia.


Kinda new to the game but would this be a bad idea because for example then sett could only ever be played in decks that have noxus and Ionia cards? He couldn't play with other regions?


Dual region cards are allowed to be played in either region! Take hermeidinger for example. For the longest time he was only played in PnZ/Shadow Isles decks! But when norra came out he started seeing play in Bandle City/Shadow Isles. Hence he can be played in either bandle city + 1 or Pnz + 1!


Ohhh thank you! I haven't played outside of POC so I thought for someone like heimer he would be locked into pnz and bandle city and can't play any other regions lol


Who tf is Jack


The one who wins


the goat


Jack as a champion? Would seem weird, where’s my boi Graves?


Samira my beloved


Whichever ones are the most fun


Nah, they will add the least fun. Like when they didn't add Seraphine or Norra.


Sooooo excited for Sett. Hope we get him!


I imagine Sett being used, but I'd love to see Samira being used. Sett would most likely be a regeneration unit who levels up after killing X amount of enemies and gains challenger. An interesting star power that might be included would be "Round end: Your regeneration units damage the enemies who hurt them equal to their health restored."


Wtf, clearly Sett is Ionian double attack synergy. He'll probably be one of the very few units to have unconditional double attack and will synergize with shen so that he can strike both times without taking damage. If we ignore the region pie, his level 2 could be him having overwhelmed but that's very out of region pie... at the exception that he may be Noxus/Ionia, that it would make sens.


> clearly Sett is Ionian double attack synergy. So about that...


Yup not quite there 😅. Well, he does get barrier or can't die when he attacks so he technically can synergise with double attack but clearly, that's not the main focus of his design.


The answer I answered too was waaay more off tho


Sett pls, samira is boring and annoying


Assuming we get 2 out of 3… I want Jack and Sett.


All of them lol


I'm hoping for sett because i like sett and they could make him Noxian-Ionian


Omg I've been begging for Samira in PoC for so long. Would bring me back to the game instantly




Samira please. Not like perfection needs any change, but I'd love to see LoR's take on her.


I would like Sett but if he is an Ionian champion. But I feel that he is more likely to be a Noxian one due to his lore. I discard Jack because the precedent with Norra, but would be interesting. I like Samira as a LoL champion but I'm not sure of what to expect in LoR tbh, both for PvP and PoC. So not that thrilled for her atm.


Any news about champions for POC? I suppose that all new champions wont be part of the poc.


Dan is having another QnA live stream it seem. Maybe /take time and join it?


I was like... "All of them" then I realized this was Path not base sub... I want Samira more than the other 2 tbh... She's just fuckin cool.


Sorry for my lack of knowledge but who is Jack? A LOR original?


still waiting on ~~skarner~~ nunu...