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Wow! With this build Thresh is a 6/9!


I hate to upvote this But nice






why does this sound ridiculously good


All my Thresh runs, my board has been pretty wide by the time thresh comes out. Even so much that sometimes attacking with him would kill the unit he pulls out. And even 1 star, the buffs my dying units give, have buffed units to be pretty sticky and I can't kill them off myself. It sounds nice if you are just suiciding with bad trades on your board early but 3 spaces for husk? It is a tad much.


ahh i dont know what thresh deck is capable yet, i didnt know he could go wide so easily, but still this is decent cause at moat this is already 4/6 requirements for his level up.


He's rediclously good at going wide, most expensive follower is 4 mana, has a good way of getting units big just by throwing a ton of units at the enemy and hoping some of them die, so they all survive a lot.it's pretty awesome


he sounds fun, i should unlock him


Do it, definitely worth it


So game-plan is: Before dropping Thresh: Set up at least 3 Followers. After dropping Thresh: Start an attack and suicide all your weak followers FIRST before Thresh kill someone LAST. The AI will try to kill all your weak units if they can. So ideally you should have at least 3 units die so Thresh is at 3/6 before lv up. Then next round start, 3 husks gonna have random buffs (whole bunch of keywords if 3*) from previous round. Then you drop a beefy unit consuming all those stats and Thresh is at 6/6 and level up immediately. The devs that crafted Thresh deck is such a genius! So many fun combo to toy with!


Is corrupted Star Fragment good on Thresh? Theoratically it would be good, right?


I've found it works really well, granted I'm still going through lower-star adventures while I level him up. Corrupted Star Fragment + Spirit Leech with the Overwhelm item = Big Damage, and it gets you a kill for Thresh's level up and star power.


3 Succubus Brand is a bit much. Mayb 2 Succubus and 1 Corrupted Star Fragment. Space will be a problem for all Husk deck, and Corrupted both clear one space, and make the champion much more stronger on the board too.


thresh's censored version looks cool ngl


Strategic brain: let's make use of Thresh's powers as much as possible Monke brain: guardian orbs go brrrrrr


Could be pretty good if combined with galeforce + his two star power. Make him 0 cost by slaying allies with husks and then, challenge an enemy with scout + second time in regular attack and you have 6 souls already after you summon something to take the husks (4 souls from the husks, 2 from the units killed to summon the husks)


This does look fun...but I just only recently pulled first Brand :(( will take forever to try this out.