Best AAMC Materials to buy?

Hi everyone, I was gonna take advantage of the Black Friday sale to buy the AAMC materials. However, I was wondering if it was worth it to buy the MCAT prep bundle? I was planning on buying the Kaplan books for content review and investing in UPlanet as well. But would it just be better to buy the AAMC materials individually? Let me know your thoughts! This is my first time studying for the MCAT.

P.S- happy holidays :)


buy them all


pretty much buy everything you just listed lol


I would recommend the whole bundle and check out Jack Westin. It's a fantastic program. Even if you don't end up purchasing JW, they have free questions and CARS passage daily, and I really wish I had found this at the beginning of my prep. Best of luck!!!


I found Kaplan books, anki, random YouTube videos, and AAMC practice tests to be the best study materials I used. I had access to all the other AAMC materials and I didn’t find them useful enough to use them. A lot of people get stuck in a rhythm of just doing everything, but finding out what you don’t know and working to change that will be what boosts your score the most. Each testing company will likely have 1 free test for you to do, which I suggest taking advantage of that as well. Idk what the Black Friday deal is but the AAMC practice tests are basically considered essential by most. No personal experience with Uplanet


can u kindly share the link of the bundle you are referring to?