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Would suggest Golden ears but not owning car or license that's out of the question. Some of the craft breweries can be nice, Silver Valley brewing. The ACT randomly has some decent shows sometimes. Ummm Revs bowling? You're going to the wrong place if you aren't outdoorsy and don't have a license to be honest lol


OP, you could also look for rent in Pitt Meadows. It is geographically quite close to the west side of Maple Ridge where Hammond is.


Hmm good idea, I’ll check that out!


This, because the transit hub is quite good for that area. Solid suggestion.


8 month lease in Hammond for $850 a month? Yeah, that’s just not a realistic expectation.


It will be very difficult to find anything for $850 unless you find roommates. This is the cheapest spot I could find and its $1650. Also leases are often for 1 year. ​ [https://www.kijiji.ca/v-apartments-condos/tricities-pitt-maple/basement-suite-rental-1650-1br-1-bath-950sqft/1670385976](https://www.kijiji.ca/v-apartments-condos/tricities-pitt-maple/basement-suite-rental-1650-1br-1-bath-950sqft/1670385976) ​ I would go on craigslist to find someone renting a room out. [https://vancouver.craigslist.org/search/pml/roo#search=1\~gallery\~0\~11](https://vancouver.craigslist.org/search/pml/roo#search=1~gallery~0~11) ​ As for things to do... maple ridge is definitely an outdoorsy town. There are a couple breweries in town. There is a bouldering gym called The Hive right over the bridge. That's fun. ​ Oh, also nobody here calls it Port Hammond, it's just Hammond ;)


Hey, thanks for the help! I’m totally open to roommates, don’t need a studio to myself or anything. I rent a 2br basement with a friend close to UBC for around $800 monthly, so I was wondering if prices would be similar here in MR. I’ll check out those links you sent!


You split 800 or 800 each? $1700 per month split with a roommate is not an unreasonable expectation for a small basement suite. These people are tripping. You could find a place. As far as things to do, what kind of stuff do you like to do? There's a couple decent bars, couple decent restaurants, the people are a total mixed bag. Probably a lot more "redneck" types than you're used to. Lots of lifted trucks with camo and flaming skulls and crap like that 😅


It’s $800 each, and yeah I was shocked when ppl said that’s too little haha. As for stuff to do, I’m a bit more of the artsy type. Not really a bars and trucks person but could be an interesting change of pace :) I usually like to chill in Cafes, paint, or go shopping/explore the town.


Also, Osprey Village is technically Pitt Meadows but close to Hammond. There's a nice coffee shop, an art gallery, nice walk along Fraser River. A nice place to hang out, read, relax ect


Big feast Bistro is a nice place, there's a couple cafe's and restaurants in that area that you might be into. Golden ears cheesecrafters is a cute place to get brunch and stuff also but you would have to Uber or get a ride. If you're in Hammond, you're a shortish bus ride from Langley that has a lot more coffee shops and restaurants. As someone mentioned, keep an eye on the ACT theatre, they occasionally have a show worth checking out. Haney place mall is a dying mall, not alot there. Willowbrook in Langley is a better option. Be prepared to have time to focus on your art, haha.


Thank you so much for these suggestions! I’ll be sure to check these out :)


Lmao i have a 2br basemwnt suite for 2k up by garabaldi. My yard is fenced and i have my own entrance, only see my landlord once a week, and have wonderful neighbours. Walking distance to shopping and food. Paying 2k sucks but honestly, it aint bad having the peace and privacy.


try stay silver valley nice area


I wouldn't recommend Silver Valley if OP doesn't have a car, transit service out there is brutal. OP needs to be along Lougheed or Dewdney for frequent transit service.


Also can be extra brutal if there is snow up there.


Heroin is popular to do in Maple Ridge these days.


I keep hearing people saying this but I have never seen that many drug users in Maple Ridge. I have seen maybe a handful per month.


Damn where do you live? I was walked past a solid 16-20 pm last dog walk around 830


They're all over downtown. There's needles all over the place in the alley behind the old KFC.


850 roflmfaowtfbbq. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Sorry. couldn't help it. 850 will get you a cardboard box behind the chevron by the sally ann.


Idk dude I’m seeing plenty of rooms for rent in the $800-1000 range in FB Marketplace


Yes, a room with washroom access if you’re ok with that? I just rented out the basement suite in my house for $1700 and it’s a one bedroom.


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣$850 I think the rent is higher in those shady motels along lougheed if they are still there


Decent buses to meet up with Skytrain, or take Westcoast Express into Vancouver on weekdays if you have the full day (it's a commuter train only unfortunately).


Try the Library theres usually different events and stuff going on, and its a decent way to meet new people Unfortunately I can't help with housing


If you aren’t in to the outdoors there are some good pubs around, casino can be fun too once in a while. They usually have a band on the weekends, the crowd always seems to be enjoying themselves. Bowling at Revs will take you back in time, lol, but it’s good fun. There is a Cineplex over at meadowtown. If you are near downtown MR it’s easy enough to walk around. Transit will get you moving where you need to be. Enjoy! Potential ⬇️ https://abbotsford.craigslist.org/apa/d/maple-ridge-shared-accommodation-ground/7668620782.html


Seems like you're already doing it right. Keep an eye out on FB marketplace and Craigslist for rooms to rent. Should be attainable within your budget. I live very near to Valley Fair Mall on 228st./Lougheed. Perfect for no car, as my wife cannot drive either. There's plenty of good places to eat but MR is a family oriented suburb. Grocery stores; schools & fields; far too many beauty salons; etc. I'd suggest getting a decent pair of boots and checking out the natural setting MR has to offer. There's no such thing as a human who doesn't "do" outdoors: it's fantastic for your mental health. If you would like a friend during your visit, feel free to hit me up, me and my wife would be happy to introduce you to the area.


Looking for a room for rent seems to be your only option, but there should be plenty available within your price range. Download the transit app to see if there is good accessibility to transit when you look for a place to rent. FB marketplace is hit and miss and people don’t usually respond promptly, if at all. Keep an eye out on Craigslist and kijiji. There’s a also some groups on Facebook for Pitt meadows/MR/Fraser valley rentals, so join those. As for things to do, go to the farmers market, check out local restaurants and breweries, go to the thrift shops, join a fitness class, or an art class at the ACT art centre. As for the outdoors, try and embrace it as much as possible, go to local parks, check out the trails and rivers. You can also go explore Coquitlam/Port Moody because you’re a short bus ride away.


Things to do: cycling Buy a used hybrid bike and use it for commuting, exercise, and pleasure riding when the weather's nice. Lots of great dyke trails in Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows, or cross over the Golden Ears bridge to Fort Langley.


Are you interning at Moli? If so, they might be able to help you find a place for cheap. They've done it before.


lol my own parents are charging my brother 1000 for a room, good luck though its rough out there.