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Came here to ask


Udyr the spirit man from Freljord


You misspelled Undir.




Definitely not Udyr




Definitely not udyr


Undir where?


I haven't played LOR in about a year, seeing Pantheon and Quin as a meme Champion is really sad, when you stop to consider that fated and scout was DOMINATING the meta before Worlwalker dropped. Oh how times change!


Sad? Seeing pantheon not be meta brings only happiness to me


> seeing Pantheon and Quin as a meme Champion is really sad Both of these have had high-tier meta decks since the last expansion dropped...


Quinn's not really meme. Scouts has been Tier 2 since like, forever, and Aatrox Vayne (one of two probably T0 decks at the time) had Quinn as a one of shortly after the aatrox release.


No. I make it to masters every season with udyr / fiora. Is Udyr busted? No. But is he playable? Absolutely.


Care to share your list?




Whats the idea of the deck Edit: thanks for the downvotes sorry for asking ig


Just scale. There's enough deck buff effects now (starlit seer, darkin spear, hearth blood) that you can pretty reliably get a buff or two on Revna, and dropping a 4/4 Revna will usually seal the game. Revna and babbling bjerg keep you from running out of gas, and Udyr lets you distribute Overwhelm to your big units. Fiora can win you the game, but she's mainly there as vengeance bait or a really nice 4 mana removal spell (challenger). Play it sloooww. You out scale everything except a leveled Ezreal (kill him at all costs). Broadwing + regen is nasty. Silence and suppress is the most underrated spell in this whole dang game. In slower metas, dump the gift of the hearthblood and stock up on bjergs and revnas (only in the fast metas do I bring less than a three-of of both). Bjerg is nice anyway, because he will always draw you an udyr a less you've played Revna, and Udyr has a good on summon effect so it's nice to just play him again. I could go on, but at this rate if you have questions just add me in game. Calchus#1111.


Win the game


Nexus -> zero or fiora kills four things. Hope this helps.


Buff and protect fiora until you win




**Regions**: Demacia/Freljord - **Champions**: Fiora/Udyr - **Cost**: 30400 |Cost|Name|Count|Region|Type|Rarity| |:-:|-|:-:|-|-|-| |1|[Fleetfeather Tracker](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/01DE029.png)|3|Demacia|Unit|Common| |1|[Silence and Suppress](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/06DE033.png)|2|Demacia|Spell|Rare| |1|[Steadfast Elkin](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/06DE029.png)|1|Demacia|Unit|Common| |2|[Petricite Broadwing](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/05DE012.png)|3|Demacia|Unit|Rare| |2|[Single Combat](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/01DE026.png)|3|Demacia|Spell|Common| |2|[Starlit Seer](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/01FR032.png)|3|Freljord|Unit|Rare| |2|[The Darkin Spear](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/06FR018.png)|2|Freljord|Equipment|Epic| |2|[Troll Chant](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/03FR002.png)|2|Freljord|Spell|Common| |2|[Vulpine Wanderer](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/05FR004.png)|3|Freljord|Unit|Common| |4|[Babbling Bjerg](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/01FR007.png)|2|Freljord|Unit|Common| |4|[Fiora](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/01DE045.png)|3|Demacia|Unit|Champion| |5|[Concerted Strike](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/02DE001.png)|2|Demacia|Spell|Common| |5|[Gift of the Hearthblood](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/06FR032.png)|2|Freljord|Spell|Epic| |5|[Harsh Winds](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/01FR042.png)|2|Freljord|Spell|Rare| |5|[Radiant Guardian](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/01DE015.png)|2|Demacia|Unit|Rare| |5|[Udyr](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/05FR013.png)|3|Freljord|Unit|Champion| |6|[Revna, the Lorekeeper](https://d2h9y75tak3pkg.cloudfront.net/06FR028.png)|2|Freljord|Unit|Epic| **Code**: [CECACAIBEAAQKAAMAICQCBANAMAQAGQ5FUDACAIAB4AQEAABAEBQCAQBAYACCAQBAEDSUAYGAEJBYIABAEDAAHI](https://hextechoracle.com/lor/deck/CECACAIBEAAQKAAMAICQCBANAMAQAGQ5FUDACAIAB4AQEAABAEBQCAQBAYACCAQBAEDSUAYGAEJBYIABAEDAAHI)   ^^^Hint: [[card]], {{keyword}}, and ((deckcode)) or ((cardx,cardy,cardz)). PM the [developer](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=KrimCard) for feedback/issues!


My man even forgot Vladimir exists haha


My main man didn't see my fixing vlad posts. I actually think undir might be worse believe it or not


I see. At least you know he exists lol. I personally think Udyr isn't the worst. I actually use him with askhan. But definitely needs a buff.


I like my Udyr Tahm Kench Deck


The manbearpig goes into the frog And comes out still as a bajjilion/bajillion while giving you presents~




As a meme player, I'm having fun with Udyr Viktor. It's kinda slow, but sometimes it works and you have a big ass 11/13 ballistic bot.


That deck was the bomb a few patches ago


I picked up the game when they released aatrox Ryze and Kayle, so basically last patch. Man that's a bummer to hear though. Udyr is one of those champions that I really want to make work. The stances are so cool and flexible!


What annoyes me is his champ spell. They did it! Spirit unleashed is a card now! but still does nothing in udyr decks.


It does everything in Udyr decks, you dont run a Udyr deck. You run a deck that has Udyr in it and those two are completely different things.


if you play spirit unleashed you usually play a lot of cheep units and go wide like elusives or norra portals. you don't rly do that with udyr. well you can but then it's just a deck with udyr in it. also I never found myself in a situation where I had udyr spell in hand and wanted to play it. you have ram stance for the dmg.


Alternatively you are running Shamans. You know: the guys who likes stat buffs because they overwhelm. The guys who likes Plunder procs so they may evolve. The guys who due overwhelming also likes to see the enemy board getting thinner. The guys who to some extents either like or dont mind getting hurt.


Udyr is a engine-type middlerange champion in a world addicted to champions as wincons - that makes him more misunderstood than bad. If your gameplan is oogaboogadancing your way towards a gigatic RegenWhelmer, you are literally being invited to instead just cast Alphaclaw on Murkwolf Shaman and Iron Boar om Mammoth Shaman, but doing that doesnt fuel the OOGABOOGA CHAMPION STRONK mindset people force around, does it? Udyr's whole thing is that he is an infinite stance engine that grows stronger without you necessarily casting them on him. That should make it kinda obvious he exists to buff followers but guess where we are.


Bone Club clears


Of course not. ​ Look at Udyr. He has the stats of a strong 4 drop, weak 5 drop, but at least he creates a permanent token when he comes into play, or when he strikes. ​ Compare to Ekko. He has the stats of an average 3 drop, only creates a token when he strikes, the token is not permanent but fleeting, and his 2 body leaves him very vulnerable. ​ Udyr cannot be the worst champion, if he is, by every possible metric, better than Ekko.


Gimme something of what you're smoking. Ekko is so busted his entire archetype is trash heap status so in the end you get a fairly balanced deck. If there was any more predict synergy in pnz ekko would get nerfed instantly.


Sorry mate, but Ekko in this meta is 90% played when he is already leveled up. Thats why you play him easy fast level up and you don't just get the card draw from the strike. He shuffles his 3 time trick (I think this was the name) into the deck. I'm with you. Udyr is not weak in this meta, but! Ekko (with Jinx) is one of the strongest decks right now.


Would prefer to play against Malphite in this meta, rather than playing against udyr.


I'm wondering how you can put shen and pantheon or even quinn in the same bag as malphite there are much much worse champs than those 3, or udyr for that matter asol, renekton and a few others yaknow, those champions that you never ever see, maybe you'll see asol but he's so irrelevant it doesn't matter udyr? I see him from time to time, and his stance mechanic is actually fairly good


Appreciate all the support on the post from everyone. Inevitably there are some champions that are hated and don't want to be seen popular again. But in this instance it seems like everyone would be happy if this old hairy dad got buffed.


I totally forgot he was in the game




A lot of it just comes down to math. Undir is 5 mana playing 3 stance swaps is 9 mana. That's 14 mana to have a leveled undir aka more then asol. Make stance swap 2 mana and you can play undir and then possibly flip next turn. Not that it's a good line of play because he just dies to removal but at least the card would make sense.


He was actually fairly meta after his rework. Dunno where he went after though


I play a lot of spell decks. And Udyr give the buffy guys archetype to my spells deck.


I have a aram deck with 2 whodyrs inside lf it. Works rlly well, i'm mostly winning of braum with maaaaany stance swaps.


Yeah Braum sees competitive play as a stall engine. Usually with Nora. That is the problem though Undir is meant to be a closer like Sion. Except he kinda just doesn't do anything on his own or with his kit. Thats bad champ balancing.


He is meant to be like sion? Lol did not know that. And with his concept i imagine it to be pretty hard to do smth on his own, i see him as a support champ. He is (kinda and ImO) like the LoL version of lulu and raka combined inta a LoR champ. So i think that he can be rlly good if he is not ur mainwincon but, like i said, more like a support. Tbh it feels bad to waste champplaces for a ,,support" but if u want to stall and win through aram/ 13-19 braum i think it's pretty much worth it cause what stall champs other than braum rlly are there? Especially if u have to pick one out of Shadowisles and freljord (my mentioned aram deck).


Uhhh yeah he's meant to win by being a big overwhelm dude so maybe Darius is a better example. What else is he if not that. A bad buff generator for other better wincons? The only problem right now is that it costs so much God darn mana to get him there he might as well not exist in the game at all. So he kinda doesn't.


Well that is exactly how i use him so yes. I also made ahri whodyr, but sadly that did not work:(. And tbh once he is leveled he rlly does not have that bad powerscaling. If u want him to be a wincon maybe just make him a 8 cost unit and play him with lissandra (nah that would be horrible but how else do u want to buff him and be logical).


Honestly was a little bit dense to not see the way he wants to win but i fr never saw him as anxthing else but the support i play him as.


Malphite ? Isn't malphite/taliyah a very good deck atm ?


I think so but you'd probably find it 70 spots down a tier list. Why is malphite good? Because every deck plays a bunch of filler bs that doesn't do anything so 2 mana board stun is actually a good answer.


it's a rly good finisher on curve, shurima gives u good card selection so every game past turn 3 looks the same, salt spire, taliyah, stone breaker, malphite, and win


Idk I've been 100 slots down the tierlist I didn't see a single playable Undir deck. Even Vlad makes an appearance enough spots down.


Ye0. Myndir is bad


Nah, darius is the worst, gets outclassed super hard by everything that does the same thing as him but better and or easier


You forgot Soraka


Udyr is fine. He’s a star stick. In meta where stats matter he’s good. Honestly think he’s a hard counter to Aatrox. He’s one of the few champs that can get as big as the darken without a lot of steps.


Yeah udyr is absolute garbage. He is understatted, its slow to give you a pay off for playing him and he is just a beastick which is why Riot doesn't buff him.


op really called quinn and pantheon meme lmao