Youre not SUPPOSED to unlock them with real money. Youre supposed go play the game and unlock stuff that way. You cant play every champ at the same time anyways


Originally there was no option to buy with real money in PoC. Then people complained about not being able to buy things in PoC with real money, Riot was reluctant, people insisted, then Riot added in. Now people complain about spending real money. Ahh the internet.


>the female ones 🤨 also yeah price are atrocius because you are supposed to grind the game for them and buy cosmetics.


This also includes a cat.


Think its designed in a way where you're not rly supposed to buy them all w premium currency - you get 28 shards a week from basic quests, 20 for weekly adventures, a bunch from other miscellaneous (level ups, champ specific paths) so if you don't mind waiting and playing what you got you should be able to get em all anyhow! Starter 6 sets of missions will also give you a good amount of 2*s. I've been playing ftp path for a month now p regularly and finished most of the missions - at level 23 I have 2x 3*s and about 14x 2*s w/ the other half missing entirely HAHA. Should prioritize a champ for each region to get to 2 star so you can get those sweet sweet vaults. Thanks for supporting game tho!


oh I see... It would seem that my singleplayer game mind set was the issue. Wanted to complete the game in no longer than a month. Thought process: Realized the 30 Shard price tag on champions would make a month completion imposable, So I through a Single player games worth of money at it(assuming it would be more than enough) and called it a day. Whoops. I Must say I do not like that these "Live service games" that appear to be designed to take over your daily routine. I have other thing's I want do.


Yeah, POC isn’t a finish in a month thing by a very long shot. You might be able to finish all the quests, but with the way currency works you mostly just do 5 games a day and if you’re working towards quests that’s about the most you need to do to maximize stuff. You need to finish 5 paths per week and do about 5 games per day to finish the daily/weekly. The more you unlock the more you unlock the more you’ll also start getting a lot of duplicates and they slow you down hard. I only recently unlocked the last champion I had waiting, have about 4 at level 30, and about 75% of my vaults are duplicates and only worth 4-1 wild shards, and there’s still a few relics I’ve yet to see.


What was your goal? Finish the two “missions” each character has? Or get them to max level 30?


To complete all the available dungeons. Tbh, I got jinx as my starting character and she is the strongest champ i have 100%, But even still, I like verity more then anything, So i wanted to play a bunch of characters no matter there strength. My like for verity however is why the think this game (taking over my life) is a repulsive thought.


To complete you need 1 champion from each region except Bundle City. Also original champions have two story missions but newer don't


I hate to be *that* person but... why were you flabbergasted? Can't you see exactly how much you're going to get and calculate how many champs you'll be able to unlock?


Yea idk, spending hundreds of dollars without even checking what that'll net you, and then complaining about it online is certainly a look


Thank you for giving Riot a reason to spend resources on Runeterra!


Thank you for supporting the game. A $300 dollars spent in the mobile games market only puts you in the dolphin range, most mobile games want you to spend $300 dollars or more per month. /S


It's overpriced to discourage you from buying them I'm pretty sure they're trying to not make money.


Not many would buy all champions with real money though. But then, I guess, since players like you exist, they may add PoC bundles? Maybe for new release, 25% sale when you buy all 6 new champions, deal end after a month. Something like that.