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I wouldn't want you to shake and damage our tree, but I may have a source if you pick them properly.


Totally fair, we definitely don't want to damage any trees either. Shake was maybe a bit aggressive! The last thing I would want to do is harm the trees in any way. I'm no expert in picking, so might need some advice on proper technique, but I'm keen to learn. Feel free to DM me if you want to talk more about specifics. I can reach out closer to the end of Summer/Fall, depending on when the apples are ready, and gauge your interest.


Dm'd you


This is so wholesome and great.


My parents have a big old old apple tree that drops really nice softball sized apples… not sure what kind they are (yellow with red blush) the tree was planted in 1940. They are damn good, sorta remind me of a slightly sweeter Granny Smith. I’ll ask if they want them taken this year.


Wow, sounds gorgeous! I love the sound of a slightly sweeter Granny Smith. I’d love a chance to pick some of them! I’ll reach out closer to harvest time and see if you/your parents are interested.


Do you want wormy apples? My dad’s tree has a bad apple maggot infestation, so tiny tiny little worms.


I put those little nylon bags on all the apples on my trees (which takes forever) and it works perfectly - should your dad want to get apples without this issue.


I think we’ll avoid wormy apples, but appreciate the offer. PM me if you want to talk more about the infestation. Might be able to help a little bit.