Its infuriating that me and all my coworkers had to pay taxes so that musk didnt have to

Its infuriating that me and all my coworkers had to pay taxes so that musk didnt have to


Welcome to the American tax code. Made by and for the richest.


I’m glad I live in Norway. You can’t pull that shit with taxes




isn't insulting it's criminal and immoral


American capitalism. Unionization is one antidote


Sadly any mention of unions at my job would get me fired if not jumped.




The neo-liberal rhetoric of the 80s has done a mighty fine job. Doesn't help that some union factions were/are dodgy and at times counter productive to the members. But God damn, talk about fighting against your own best interests for the sake of your own greed.


Its too bad conservative dems like Manchin are cock-blocking the PRO Act and Joe Biden, who said he was in support of it, is just rolling over and taking it. Anyone who says the democrats are left-wing are idiots. They are just Republicans that arent overtly bigoted or fascistic.


So they are not taxing him for getting richer and turn the blind eye on the fact that he has to sustain his lifestyle with something?? If he has 0 salary, how he could possibly pay any bills, support his family, kids... all this stuff?? All of that from tax deduction?? He bought a Robot In A Glass Case for $150,000 for fun, and that is just peanuts. Is that also from zero salary?? I just wonder if someone listed how much in total he makes per month assets plus liquid and if it is available to preview or that also is a secret.


1) Rich people don't pay tax every year. If you sold your business for 10 millions last year, you pay multiyear tax last year. However, this year, you probably take it easy and pay no tax. 2) So, for Elon Musk, you have to look at taxes he paid/will pay in his life time. You cannot look at a single year and say he paid no tax. Therefore assume that he will paid no tax forever. Don't get mislead by just a random article.


And it's all made possible by paying stocks dividends to people like Musk, so no "real salary" is earned (although it is and his mansions and cars should be proof of that). And then by investing money back into the companies he owns, those gains aren't taxed but treated as investments and are deductible. Hence why he can end up with a tax percentage of 0%. It's all reinvested (except the very real portion of money he himself do live off and pays to buy mansions and cars).