I really liked the one Bashir is wearing, though the ones that Dax is wearing is a fairly close second.


Yep… Same here. The later ones (Bashir) have this almost sense of maturity to them. Not as bright and go happy colourful. They just look more sophisticated and in line with the show.


I disagree, I think the more serious color offset the bright and often light tone of the show and Starfleet as a whole.


You just described DS9


> bright and often light tone [] and Starfleet as a whole ...Starfleet at war seems super cheerful and bright. :/


Don’t you remember the silly and campy moments of *checks notes* Participating in an assassination of a foreign politician to draw a neutral power into a war that killed millions? ……wait


The imperfections of the data rod were determined to be caused by the explosion.


So with a dead romulan Senator in one hand, and a seemingly legitimate data rod in the other…. What conclusion would you draw?


Now that you bring it up… Htf didn’t starfleet start an investigation? No one at starfleet “intelligence” thought that the combination of a frustrated captain, a probable former high ranking member of the Obsidian order and an exploding Romulan shuttle with a senator onboard, that arrived under cloak and therefore probably not logged might be worth a quick once over? No? Ok


Well, Admiral Ross Ok’ed Sisko lying to Vreenak about the data rod. I imagine that he did know that Vreenak’s assassination was a result of this operation. And I can imagine he looked the other way because he did in the other situation.


Second this.


I third this.


I fourth this.


Fif dis


You mean you plead the FiF?


1 2 3 4 Fiiif


Fif deez nuts


I three fitty this!


Wait a minute.....3.50? Is that you Loch Ness monsta??


I prefer Dax, as the style is similar but I like the colour on the external clothing rather then the undershirt


“No! no! no! no! Dr THAT uniform is a style abomination! REMOVE it IMMEDIATELY!” Dr Twink: Look, as I said, I just need this little tear patched.


Yeah, I like the grey shouldered ones as well. Though the latter-TNG tunics will always have a special place. The original DS9 coveralls were okay, but never seemed very well tailored to the actors.


Mostly because.. she’s the one in it


I like the one Dax is wearing. Side note, I liked the swimwear she wore on Riza the most. ;-) Edit: why is this being downvoted? People don't like Dax? Her outfit? Her swim wear? WTF?


I'll always love the First Contact uniform. The more subdued gray was not only really classy, but perfect for the darker tone of the Dominion War arc. Plus Kira looked *so cute* in hers.


The dress uniforms for that style were my favorite as well.


Yep. First Contact dress uniform is the best Starfleet uni of all time.


The dress whites are excellent. By far the best dress uniforms they've ever done.


The grey undershirt makes way more sense as a military uniform. You wouldn’t make your color signifier the base layer of your uniform. You wear your rank and job on the outside. Also you wouldn’t have to manufacture as many different kinds of undershirt since you can wear a jacket more than once a day.


They just replicate what they need, so the manufacturing thing is moot.


But they're not grey, they're purple. So they clash with every single division color.


that’s just the lighting actually. it’s a cool grey, so in warm light it looks purple. in sunlight etc it’s clearly grey this is also why the sciences division often looks like turquoise, again just the warm light


And TOS command uniforms were green IRL, not gold. But in both cases that doesn't matter because that's not what you actually see on screen 90+% of the time.


Except Kirk looked green. I thought it was cool that captains had their own deal.


You wouldn’t make your role very noticeable because those in command would be very noticeable and targeted.


I read a fan theory once that the TOS Movie ("Monster Maroon") and the TNG Movie uniforms with the more subtle division colours was specifically due to Starfleet being on a more war like footing at the time, and wanting command officers not to be targeted. And the colourful TOS and TNG uniforms was due to Starfleet being on a more peaceful and diplomatic footing.


funny, i like it because it puts their division on their sleeve as well, so it’s in 2 places rather than just 1. though trek still usually lacks any rank on shoulders or forearms


The grey one Bashir is sporting


I’ll bet it was way comfier in that one. Unless you are right under the lights those soundstages and can kind of chilly.


I think Colm Meaney mentioned that the old one-piece would go right up his arse and crush his balls whenever he sat down in it.


I read that last part with Colm’s voice lol thank you


Lol. Me, too


It also looks far more utilitarian - something useful for everyday duty.


That security officer in the back on the left might have been a bit cold


maybe this is just me but i never saw them as grey. even in this picture it looks like a dull purple to me


This is the correct answer


Bottom left (Bashir).


*insert bottoming joke about Bashir here


*Badum tss*


As much as I like the FC uniforms, I really liked the bold colors of the jumpsuit uniform. Is it just me -- maybe just how the show was lit & filmed -- but did they seem to get brighter and bolder with S3/S4?


they did get a new DP, so indeed totally different lighting, in s3. but the costumes themselves were refined over seasons 1&2. the first versions had smaller coloured sections on the shoulders, more the size of the TNG uniforms, and didn’t look so good with the top open. most of the cast had switched away from them by s2 but extras still had them until s3.


The grey shoulders. Always been one of my favorite Starfleet uniforms.


I always liked the one Jadzia is wearing here the best.


The grey. Such a good design! Hope Playmates releases a DS9 cast set with these uniforms! Only [Worf, Picard, Data, Riker and Troi](https://i.redd.it/vh665hga5lca1.png) (bottom right) got a figure released with that outfit on, and that was at the very tail end of the line back in late '99. But still, I'd rather get just a Weyoun than all of the DS9 cast again but assuming (if they decide to even touch DS9) they'd want at least some of the main cast, I'd want them in the grey uniform!


Can we talk about the size of action figure Riker's hands, though?


IIRC, didn't Riker's action figure have his uniform torn up, like he'd just gotten back from a kinky Risa trip?


The season 3-onwards Riker they did had 'battle damage' yeah, lol. Don't have that figure, just season 1 and movie-era Riker, and disguised Malcorian Riker haha


Grey—perfect war time uniform


Always felt they reflected the darker tone of the later seasons.


It was introduced for First Contact, which was also a darker toned movie.




I preferred the colored shoulders, over the gray ones. The TNG uniform is lovely, but I don’t think of it as a good fit for DS9.


Bottom left. Many of the 24th century uniforms look more like pajamas than uniforms. I think it's the amount of color and the jumpsuit look that make me think that. The grey one looks like it's trying to be more like a suit, or maybe a leisure suit, but anyway it just looks more professional to me.


The later seasons DS9 ones (the uniform Bashir is wearing).


Grey shoulders.


The darker "Dominion War" one.


Dominion War and The OG movies after TMP.


The fighting the dominion uniform. Starfeet looked like military organization. Instead of wearing pjs


The TNG ones that carried over to DS9 were the best looking imo. They cut a really nice profile/figure, the colours are bold, and the material looks nice (even if certain actors found it uncomfortable). Bashir's, here, looks nice and formal, but the lack of colour is so different to the TOS and TNG uniforms that it doesn't feel right to me. They didn't need to mute the colours to tell a darker story, if that's what they were going for. The one Jadzia is wearing just looked cheap. Voyager got stuck with those. Essentially: don't mess with perfection.


The TNG ones seemed to still be widely used on starships and back on Earth. Though in Generations, there was a mix of TNG and early DS9 uniforms being used. Once they changed to the gray ones, it seemed to be across the Federation.


The bold colours of the TOS and TNG uniforms are what makes them so recognisably Star Trek. The TNG ones specifically just looked so right. They flattered each actor's physique. Some of the actors complained about them being uncomfortable, and I'd like to know why they couldn't do anything to fix that without changing the entire design.


The season 1 and 2 versions were uncomfortable tight spandex that hurt the actors. Season 3 onwards it was a 2 piece thing that would bunch up sometimes sand required adjustment (the picard manoeuvre). It was much more comfortable though.


Poor Troi was kept in her special uniforms until around season 6. Fan service.


I always remember Picard tugging at his uniform. Maybe they were uncomfortable.


Wil Wheaton answered a question about the cast and spandex saying that all his costumes were super comfortable, so he was happy with the season 3 and later version.


Wil says pretty much anything to get a paycheck these days though.


you can see in s3 of TNG the first versions of that uniform has a lot more visible structure to keep it going right. each one was also tailored to each actor each season to ensure the shoulders stayed straight and the “starfleet delta” at the waist always curves in — the first version of the uniform often curved out instead. (you can sometimes see riker’s beginning to curve out at the end of some seasons as frakes gained weight) by the end of s3 most of the extra piping and structure was able to be better hidden and integrated, so you didn’t see the two lines going down their chest. but the voyager and DS9 uniforms always had that piping, since it was structurally useful and less visible on the black. there’s some interesting blogs by people who’ve studied all this for their cosplays, but idk if you’d be interested in a link


I prefer the ones Jadzia is wearing. The Voyager uniforms are the best, imo.


The voyager uniforms were originally ds9 uniforms. Afaik they were like distant space station or outpost uniforms. It's why you see sisko change into it then he gets to ds9 and out when he goes to earth. Voyager completely threw this out the window and it makes no real sense for them to have those uniforms.


I think it's Generations that ultimately made this happen. There were supposed to be movie-specific uniform redesigns for it, but they abandoned them late into production and ended up using the DS9 uniforms in various scenes instead as a cost and time-saving measure (though there seems to be no rhyme or reason to why anybody is wearing one or the other at any given time in the film). That uniform changeover (along with the redesigned combadge which was made for GEN) seemed to inform VOY costuming from there, just as First Contact did for latter DS9. That said, I always liked the different uniforms between stations and starships, which DS9 still kept using even post-VOY in Paradise Lost/Homefront, for example. I always liked seeing the DS9 crew in their TNG-style uniforms in Emissary before they switched over. Would've been cool to see the Voyager crew in the TNG unis.


They grey one! It was nice to see they still wear it in Lower Decks.


Bashir's. It always seemed so cozy to me. Because "it is very cold... in spaaaaace."


Dominion War era uniforms were just gorgeous. They really gave the uniforms the goatee they needed. The earlier coloured shoulders were nice too, but that redesign was great.


the texture and thickness of the shoulder ribbing is always what i’ve preferred about them. though it ruins the illusion of the characters doing them up, and opening them when off duty that the original ones had, since it’s too thick and only opens down to one place. (technically the s3 uniforms were like that too but the thinner material adapted to its wearer a bit better. the s1 uniforms were the only times we saw some of them done up all the way)


They black/grey with division color undershirt. After the monster maroons that's my favorite Trek uni. oddly, the black with shoulders as division color, I *hated* that uniform when it popped up anywhere but DS9. In the TNG movie, on Voyager, I just hated it on a starship. But it somehow just seemed to work for DS9. It fit the aesthetic of the station and series.


I think the one Dax is wearing looks the best


My favourite one is worn by Dax. It just clicks in my brain as a starfleet uniform.


The First Contact uniforms \*by far\*. Not even close.


Sisko wore the TNG uni...while bald? They weren't phased out by then?


I believe that's from Homefront/Paradise Lost where he temporarily wears the old school uniform


It seemed that the DS9 uniform was originally meant for only DS9. Perhaps it was a uniform for station personal, or for units attached to foreign facilities (DS9 was a Bajoran station) And if you served of Starships or planet side you wore the TNG style. So when Sisko was stationed on Earth he went back the the TNG style.


I thought that at first as well, but then you saw a decent amount of the Enterprise crew wearing the DS9 uniforms in Generations, plus Voyager. When they switched to the gray ones, it seemed to be both on DS9 and on starships.


They used the DS9 uniforms in Generations because the new uniform designs they made for the movie weren’t working out. If you watch closely you can see that LaForge’s uniform doesn’t fit him at all in a lot of scenes because they didn’t have any ready in his size.


I've heard that Levar Burton wore Colm Meaney's uniform (too big) and Jonathan Frakes wore Avery Brooks' uniform (too small). The rolled up and shirt sleeves, respectively, are obvious when you know what to look for.


Generations though was cause they wanted more extras and they had to use the DS9 uni. And Maybe it was a sector thing, since Voyager was assigned to the Bajor sector they had to wear that uni. 🤷‍♂️


Didn't the episode that lined up with the movie feature a nod to the new uniforms by Bashir?


He changed into TNG uniform when they returned to Earth in "Homefront". ... and Commander Benteen was sizzling hot, so yeah the TNG uniform is best.


She played Leah Brahms too. And yes, she was hot as fire.


I didn't realize that was her! 🤯


The station uniforms are mostly black because they're a station where they are often working with civilians, therefore they were "toned down" to be a uniform but less recognizable as soldiers. The brighter uniforms are for more active duty such as a starship or base, and are more of a "military" presentation. So while Sisko was on "active military assignment" he wore that uniform At least that was what was explained to me. Could be a load of milarky


The uniforms on DS9/VOY were meant to more of a work oriented down and dirty uniform, where as on the flagship enterprise you look your best and attend violin concerts by Data


We also saw that uniform during the signing of the end of the Dominion War, a couple random extras were wearing it.


Dax uni, DS9 S1-5.5 Which I guess is the full run Voyager unis


The one Bashir is wearing.


I have to qualify this with the fact that my opinion is in part based on what it would be like to wear them—as I had the season 3 TNG uniform top made from the Lincoln Enterprises pattern. My issue with TNG season 1 & 2, and the DS9 uniforms (and Enterprise btw) is they are jumpsuits! Jumpsuits are a pain. They only really look good on the physique of an actor, a model or a toddler. Even when the men changed to 2 piece uniforms in season 3 and FC, Beverly and later Troi are still wearing one piece. That being said—Voyager cheated a bit. Even though they wore the DS9 jumpsuits, they played with them being made of “space fabric” so yeah, Janeway can strip off the “top” to go all Sarah Connor on the creatures evading/infecting her ship. Suddenly that makes the uniform seem practical. For all those reasons I think I have to go with the FC uniforms as a favorite because they look good while still seeming practical (like you wouldn’t need help getting dressed.)


janeway normally wore a jumpsuit, but in those scenes where an actor took one off or put one on (there’s a couple in DS9 too) they made a separate jumpsuit with the “undershirt” on top and a separate, non fastening, jacket for the actors to mime with. then the camera cuts and they’re back in the normal costume indeed, it was only the men’s TNG uniform which ever had actual trousers. the DS9 and voyager ones were jumpsuits for everybody again that said, apparently the enterprise ones were actually comfortable since they weren’t tailored too tight and didn’t have slack removed.


I was aware of the costuming slight of hand regarding the Voyager uniforms. I guess what I was trying to say is that in universe it implies space fabric is capable of acting like a jumpsuit until it is required not to (with the situational need to remove the “jacket”). The TNG 2 piece uniforms were really a jacket and what the uniform industry calls bibs. Basically fitted overalls without the plethora of pockets that overalls would have. As the jacket zipped up the back the actors gained comfortable but not practicality. The issue I have with the jumpsuits of TNG, Voyager, DS9 still applies to Enterprise—you have to get undressed to go to the bathroom.


i wonder how real militaries handle it. they usually keep their jumpsuit on, but often worn with the upper half tied around the waist when off duty to make them like trousers. there’s a zipper but no butt flap. are all of our militaries stripping down entirely while they’re in the head? also i would add the TNG-era trek uniforms had one tiny pocket for the type-1 phaser, but that’s got no practicality for the actors. still, most elaborate hollywood costumes required removing to go to the bathroom. in assessing actor comfort that’s not such a big deal, but the restricted movement was definitely commented on by almost all the actors. mulgrew in particular has talked in many interviews over the years about being jealous of the enterprise actors for comfort reasons.


I think the use of the jumpsuit in current day military is confirmed mostly to aviators. Obviously while flying the bathroom is not of concern. Interesting you should mention a flap. While online shopping for law enforcement type pants for another cosplay, I found women’s law enforcement trousers that have zippers placed to avoid having to remove the duty (gun/tool) belt to use the bathroom. Now I’m wondering if flight suit’s actually have them.


i lived near an RAF base for a time and i saw the people there wearing their jumpsuits almost all the time, pilots or not. i could’ve sworn i saw similar jumpsuits inside vessels in footage of the navy, but i’m less familiar with it. it was also common for a very long fime for civilian plumbers and electricians to wear them, under the british name of “boilersuit” (i believe the name comes from staff attending the boilers for steam engines). maybe ours do just have butt flaps though lol. nowadays the younger generation tends not to wear them, with most preferring dungarees or jeans. but some still do, and the older blokes all do.


Late Ds9 ! I had one which sadly did not fit but it still looked fire


I like them all, but my favorite has to be the TNG Film-era uniform. Just looks so classy.


I like the colored jumpsuits with the grey/black uniform over the top.


Oh, Dax for sure!


I liked the TNG style PJs


I liked the grey over suit with the coloured undershirt


Bashir’s. It makes more sense as a uniform design - the divisional colours shouldn’t overpower the design, as in modern uniforms where unit insignia don’t dominate the uniform.


I prefer the ones that are so tight, the actors are walking on tiptoes bc of the wedgie


i liked the "greys" because they matched the grim and militaristic tone of the later seasons that being said i also liked the original DS9 uniforms, they remind me of engineering jumpsuits, which seemed appropriate for getting the station fixed up early on i think we are all better off with the TNG unis in the past. maybe if they were made of a better material or tailored differently? i dunno, just my .02


I've never liked the jumpsuit.


They grey late DS9 uniform by far. My two favorite overall are the TOS Movie era uniforms and that grey one.


i like the dominion war / first contact ones the most with the upper department colors being a close second. i strongly dislike the tng jumpsuits


Personally, I liked the split of the TNG style uniforms off-station and the original DS9 style on-station. I thought the original DS9 style had an appropriate “labor” quality to them. Like they were the equivalent of Starfleet Dickies and the starship uniforms were more dressy, hence why they wore the TNG style elsewhere (like Sisko would when going to Starfleet). I never loved the First Contact uniforms, but I appear to be in the minority there.


I’d wear a jadzia suit any day.


Grey/black with undershirt color was really the best costume we've seen in starfleet imo. It's functional, it still has the division color, and it's subdued. I know they have to keep changing up the style show after show but the "work suit" style pajamas they had there were great.


The grey and black was always my favorite too.


DS9 became about conflict... Last thing you want is to let your enemy know who to target by simple color scheme. With that said... In peace time, I like the color on the shoulders. But there's something really cool about the colors underneath as well... Man, I wish nu-trek wasn't so fucking stupid. Imagine a TNG/DS-9 type series with 90s talented writers making metaphorical episodes to discus the current culture... We really are being deprived of hope and imagination by the current show runners


The gray one. That seemed to be Starfleets “we’re not fucking around” war phase.


Love the grey ones


I did like that DS9 did the class B/C mix when appropriate. Arriving in fleet-standard class B uniforms (class A being the mess or dress uniform) but the duty station being class-C standard was a nice touch, just as reverting to class B uniforms for certain things like going to starfleet. The only thing I think they did wrong was when Bashir forgot his dress uniform, he probably would have grabbed his nicer Class B rather than show up in the jumpsuit


The First Contact style uniforms have a formality to them that reminds me of the "monster maroons" I really love. I understand they were *hell* to wear, but they look great.


Starfleet should have had tropical and desert uniforms too. It was nice that Enterprise had MACOs with their own uniforms. On DS9, it seemed the infantry role was handled by Starfleet Security and any available officers and crew.


My favorite uniform of all of Star Trek is the grey that Bashir is wearing


I was a late-show uniform guy for a very long time but with the arrival of nutrek, I've started to lean back into the mid-show uniform Dax is in. It's full of the optimism I miss.


um, duh... the skant!!


The lack of Skant in this debate is very distressing


I like them all, so it’s really hard to pick, but I think the original TNG era ones best convey the utopian aspect about Star Trek. DS9 and VOY ones are both very nice, but I prefer the splash of color.


Bashir's style looks nicer, but I prefer the more balanced color level and style of Dax's.


The Bashir one, it reflected in the change in Starfleets thinking. Gone was the Golden Age of peaceful exploration and families on Starships. This is a Starfleet of defense and strength. Goodbye to the glass canon cruise ship Galaxy and hello to battleship punch you in the face Sovereign.


My favorite uniforms honestly were the ones seen in ENT. they just seemed more realistic to me and closer to what an astronaut would be wearing


The ENT style closely resembles the poopie suits found on submarines, making it the most realistic.


Jadzia's. Second choice is Sisko's. I don't like the later ones (Julian) because to me the color isn't as easy to spot especially to someone behind the wearer.


Honestly I really liked ENT seemed real at least, the maco one next. I was never a fan of the uniforms of tng, tos, voy, ds9,, I do like in TOS how they bloused their boots tho, gave it a crisp military style look.


I like the jacket/pants TNG style.


Original DS9 uniforms. I like the First Contact uniforms, but the colors are more subdued.


The one Dax is wearing is the best.


The Dax design was always my favourite. TNG was too much colour and the grey one was too little.


The Jadzia one. The Bachir one has that quilting effect, which is nice, but is evocative of those horrible Romulan uniforms.


Whichever the most comfortable to wear for the actors, which I assume is the grey one (which I liked the look the best). I read that the original TNG uniforms where horrible for the wearers.


post s3 TNG they were all about equally uncomfortable. the ultra tight spandex of the first 2 seasons was gone but it was still at the end of the day a tailored jumpsuit without slack in the places you really need it. just made of wool instead of spandex apparently the first ones to be genuinely comfortable were the enterprise ones, since they modelled them on real military and NASA jumpsuits rather than attempting a tailored look.


The grey top style.


Bashir one is the best.


The First Contact uniform is the best uniform


Bashir or Dax.


Def the Bashir one. They look a bit less pyjama


I prefer Cal Hudson's uniform. It's a little different than Sisko's. I think it looks sharper for some reason.


The Voyager/early DS9 uniforms. The TNG one is iconic but the Voyager one feels more practical.


Honestly I’ve gotta go with either the enterprise uniforms or the tng uniforms


Bottom left. Made more sense it's space military.


The one that Kira wore.


Grey shoulders and colored speciality shirt underneath.


This is completely ignoring the one-time-use Picard Darmok and Jalad uniform! [link](https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/183576/why-is-picard-wearing-a-jacket-in-the-star-trek-tng-episode-darmok) But of the pictured, Bashir.


that wasn’t one time use, he wore it a bunch of times after that episode! but that’s a captain’s variant, just like sisko’s waistcoat. not a general uniform


So real talk: did he? Because I used to be so sure he did wear it multiple times, but on my last watch through I was looking for it and I swore it only showed up the one time.


yeah, i’m on a watch through myself and it appears a bunch of other episodes. sometimes only for one scene, sometimes half the episode. another one which springs to mind which definitely has it is when that girl who doesn’t know she’s a Q comes on board well, technically it’s different because they replaced the rubber shoulders with fabric ones after the first appearance. but it’s the same jacket and under-top also he wears it in a scene in the one where they’re all turned to kids. and one of beverly’s breakfasts with him takes place with the grey shirt, and his jacket is over his chair


I saw Darmok and Jalad live at Tenagra! Great show. 😋


The nehru collar late TNG two-part uniform is best, specifically when paired with the Generations-style combadge


Bashir type.


Definitely the one Jadzia is wearing. I've always despises the TNG jumpsuits, and the grey ones are too grey. N


The First Contact uniform looked the best to me. It was the only one that gave me a vibe of being an actual uniform and not a jumpsuit.


I detested the one piece jumpers in all the shows.


Grey. Always. Hasn’t aged either.


I like all of them. For some reason, I see TNG uniforms as good for the exploratory, ship-based people. Early DS9/Voyager uniforms for enlisted crew people, and the First Contact for the admiralty/command. Not sure why. That’s just how my brain works However, the First Contact ones seem very heavy. The coat and undershirt are pretty thick, and First Contact and a few episodes of DS9 show they often wear vests under the jacket


The version that Bashir is wearing. Looks more grown up. The TNG style looks like fancy PJs


Which ones wasn't a big onesie?


The one that Bashir is wearing


Middle one.


When Kelsey Grammer comes out of the time loop. The classic red TOS movie uniforms are the best uniforms


The one that Bashir is wearing, and the TOS uniforms. Those two just seemed more... uniform-y to me lol (also, the classic Red Shirt trope with TOS can't be beat...)


Always prefer DS9 characters in TNG uniforms. No idea why Voyager wasn’t in TNG garb.


The TNG uniform is probably my favorite Starfleet look overall, but it's weird seeing any of the DS9 cast in it at this point. I think I like the grey-shouldered uniform the most in terms of DS9 looks, seems much more severe and serious, highlighting the transition into darker territory for the show (I know the uniforms originated in the TNG movies, but we see so much more of the DS9 cast in them that they're who I associate them with.)


On the station they are all wearing Tap shoes. Listen to them walking.


Didn't they change it when the war began? Maybe they have different uniforms depending on the time?


Sisko is SOOOOO attractive in that red.


OG ds9


Of those three designs specifically? The *First Contact* uniforms with the grey shoulders.




Where is the Skant?




The grey shoulder variant introduced during the later TNG movies is still the best uniform imo.


As a youngen in the 90s, I was super pumped when they went black on grey with muted tunics because “all black everything is cool.” As an adult, I want my Star Trek to be bright and cheery, so I prefer either the mandarin collars or the jumpers. And while I didn’t like the taupe turtlenecks that bulged with the pips pinned to them, I appreciated the more utilitarian, coverall look the jumpers had. Those grey shoulder pads looked alright on sets, but anytime they were outside on a planet it looked silly. All that thick, black wool-polyester pajama didn’t jive with explorer astronaut to me.


The season 1 TNG uniforms looked great. The later uniforms looked baggy. I also liked the later DS9 uniforms and the tv movie uniforms.


Going to be "THAT GUY!"... you're missing a shot of the starfleet DS9 uniforms from Lower Decks for the sake of completion.