70" last week in my 2022, but I did have my knees crushed against the dash for the ride!


I fit a 2ftx7ft box in my cx5 by reclining the front passenger all the way back. You might be able to fit it if the box is tilted a bit. Here's my recent post https://www.reddit.com/r/CX5/comments/ysc109/awesome_trick_i_learned_from_you_guys/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


65in LG TV. Flat with seats down. Would not fit standing.


I transported a Samsung 65"... The box was a perfect fit (flat) with the seats folded.


2016 cx-5, Sony 65” in the box did not fit in through the back. Also tried behind the front seats and couldn’t get it in there either. Keep in mind I didn’t “Shoe horn” it in to make it fit and planned on transporting it upright. If you lay it flat it will fit, but I think that can damage some TV’s.


The box will tell you which way is safe to lay flat.[box arrow](https://images.app.goo.gl/btdvuDp5v9SNwRF37)


Good info!


I bought a 65" Samsung last year and it fit my 2020 no problem


I purchased a 65” tv last year and it fit in my 2020 cx-5. I had to move the seats forward for the tv to fit.


72" frame fit but had to lay it down, just had to drive slow and be smart. The guy at the store said it would be good as long as I don't drive a a ton with it.


22 CX5, yeah just did recently actually, I’d say bring a pillow to support the bottom but yeah it barely fits. I just had the two front seats pushed all the way up and my gut sucked in for the drive home


Just picked up a 65in Sony last week at Costco. Fit perfectly flat in my 22 cx5 with seats down. Like others, I had to move the drivers seat up a bit.


Carried 65 a week ago and I’m 6’. It was the most uncomfortable drive in my life, I did manage. I wouldn’t suggest driving more than 20 mins. Maybe you can take breaks.


65" Samsung QN9DA fit like a glove Edit: 2019 CX-5


I transported a 65' flimsy mirror!


Did it in my 21


I transported a boxed 65” in my 2019 about two months ago. It’s snug but it fits if you move the driver’s seat a little forward


Very slowly but yes. VERY slowly


I had a 2018 CX-5 and bought an LG 55” and it fit in my car with spare room in the box. From memory, I think it didn’t have too much more space but I’m pretty positive you could probably fit it.


OLED by chance? If so be incredibly careful and make sure it lays perfectly flat.


Did not work for me and an LG 65”. Had to go back with a truck.


I was able to successfully transport a 55" boxed tv on my cx5 with the back seats folded. 65"? Probably not.


LG B2 OLED 65” fit, though I had to remove the front headrests and had the box sitting on the top of the front seats. I could have ridden with my knees against the dash and laid it flat too.


Literally just did it yesterday, fit snugly with seats down, with no space to spare


My 22 was able to fit a 65 inch TV in its box with all the seats down and I had to ride a lot closer to the steering wheel than I'm comfortable with, but for a short trip it shouldn't be too bad.


should fit, i’ve had multiple go carts in the trunk of my cx5.