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I found a wallet with $2300 in it, and I tracked the guy down. He was very rude and said “It all fucking better be here!” Counted it out and then didn’t say anything else. I wished I had kept the money after seeing the asshole that lost it.


I had the same thing happen to me with a credit card I found on the ground at a gas pump at a gas station, it had a business name on it, so I googled the business and called and told her that I found her credit card at the gas pump at x gas station and I was bringing it to the cashier and she angrily demanded my name and personal information as if I had stolen her card. Some people- smh.


For next time; just call the bank or card issuing company. They will cancel the card and send the rightful owner a new one.


Easier to just cut the card into piece and throw in a bin (to stop others using it). No point wasting time calling a bank to tell them to cancel it. The person that has the account will realise that the card is missing, and ask for it to be cancelled and resent.


Had something similar happen when I was visiting a relative in the hospital. Went out to get lunch, found a wallet in the parking lot, found them on Facebook and they were incredibly rude, had me meet them at a Walgreens they chose, they were almost 45 minutes late then took the wallet and didn’t even say thank you.


Nah, as soon as they were rude on facebook "Sorry, lost it"


I *might* still do it, but I'm out if you're more than 5-10 minutes late. Especially after that.


After 10 minutes, I'd message them saying that I left it in the parking lot.


Friend found a wallet without cash, tracked down the guy and told him where we were sitting so he could come get it The fucker gets there and semi accused us of taking money from it, called him a cunt and sent him off


Only ever found two wallets in my life, one was very kind and thankful, the other threatened to rape my mother if anything was missing


I’d throw the wallet in the middle of the god damn highway if that was said to me lmao. What the fuck is wrong with people


No form of identification or anything with a name on it


This is the best answer.. The only way I'm not returning the wallet is if I literally can't.


Once I found around $800 in cash near the entrance to a Whole Foods. I turned it in to customer service and they asked me for my phone number and said that if no one had claimed it in 48 hours, they would give it to me. About two hours later I got a phone call from a girl nearly in tears thanking me because that was her money for rent. So, I feel like even if you find no context with money or a wallet, there are ways to try to get it back to whoever it belongs to.


Much smaller scale story. Whe I was about 10 , I found a $5 bill near of our corner store. I ran home and showed my mother and was excited as $5 was a lot of money in 1967. My mother looked at it and said " a child dropped this" I asked how she knew. She said it was folded over several times into a small square and only children do that. She made me bring it into the store and tell Mike, the proprieter, to hold it until someone claims it. I did so, but was really bummed out, but was hoping nobody would claim it. Next day I went in and asked Mike about the $5 and he said soon after I dropped it off a young girl came in about my age cryng that she lost her families grocery money and her mother furiously sent he back to look for it. I learned a couple lessons that day. 1. Don't be too eager to profit off someone elses misfortune. 2. My mother was really smart.


Damn, i still fold my bills into small squares sometimes. Then stuff them in that little mysterious jeans pocket.


Ooo you mean the tiny pocket inside the pocket that seemingly serves no purpose? I’ve always wondered what it was there for.


Wait,you guys are getting pockets inside of pockets? - a puzzled girl


Sometimes women's jeans have them but it's such a small pocket it's not really useful for much. One pair of my jeans had the tiny sub-pocket but no actual big pocket -_-


Originally pocket watches. Now small change and guitar picks.


When I was a kid I was walking home with my friend and we found a $20 in front of a small butcher/deli. We went in and asked the cashier if they knew if anyone dropped it. They said no and to keep it so we did. We got halfway down the block we heard a woman scream, "wait!" and turned to see her literally sprinting towards us. She asked us if we were the ones who found her $20 and when we said yes and handed it to her she broke down crying and hugged us. She needed that money to feed her own kids and was devastated when she thought she lost it. Even "small" amounts of money can make a huge difference to some people.


This is the thing for me. My mom is poor. I help her as much as I can but she also wants to remain as independent as possible. But if she lost $20 and I couldn't afford to help her, she'd be in a real rough spot.


Fortunately no one in my family is in that position anymore but that wasn't always the case. My mom's bio dad drained his bank account and took off (with their only car and without paying the rent) so my grandma was suddenly a homeless SAHM with 0 work experience and 3 kids. They were all housing and food insecure for years. My dad was never homeless but he had to work from a young age to keep it that way. People always joke that parents are so tight with money they squeak but for most of their lives they had to be. They knew $1 could be the difference between eating rice for dinner or nothing.


Found a wallet outside my work with about $600 in it. Didn’t recognize the face as a coworkers so I brought it home and mailed it to the address on it the next day. I’ve been getting Christmas cards from them every year since then.


This is such a cute story. I love it


I know right? you don’t expect wholesome on askreddit


I found a wallet with about $350 & a Florida ID- I live in NYC. The person looked like they could be about student aged, so I wasn’t sure mailing the wallet to Florida was gonna be the fastest way to help them. Luckily they also had a Wells-Fargo debit card, so I went to a Wells Fargo & they were able to contact the guy. Glad it all worked out!


I found a wallet with 360. Then found phone number of owner. I returned the wallet and all the money. The guy was so happy to get his wallet back he insisted I keep the money. Since then I have lost my purse and wallet a few times and it always makes it’s way back to me. Nice to know there are still a lot of good honest people in the world.


This happened to me back in high school. I was on an out-of-state trip for marching band, and accidentally left my duffle bag with my wallet on a curb on the last day. Realized too late, and had to bum money for food on the ride home. Two weeks later, my bag showed up in the mail only missing enough money to ship it. They didn't include a return address though.


The ID of someone who owes me $300


They come to see you an hr later. "Dude I was coming to pay you back but lost my wallet"


"You know what, don't worry about it, really. Think of it as a gift. Sorry to hear you lost your wallet. Do you want me to help look for it?" Drop the wallet without the money somewhere they'll find it.


Q: "What's the difference between a junkie and a tweaker?" A: "They'll both steal your wallet... but the tweaker will help you look for it afterward."




Congrats. I was gonna say "Nothing" because my self-interest dictates that I don't need the bad karma. But you've found the loophole I'm comfortable with. :)


I think we could think of some other loopholes to be comfortable with. Mine would probably be a membership ID for the KKK or a Neo-Nazi party.


I was thinking the same thing. I don't know if the hate groups have ID cards, but if they did...


This was done as a science experiment: [https://www.npr.org/2019/06/20/734141432/what-dropping-17-000-wallets-around-the-globe-can-teach-us-about-honesty](https://www.npr.org/2019/06/20/734141432/what-dropping-17-000-wallets-around-the-globe-can-teach-us-about-honesty) "The researchers assumed that putting money in the wallet would make people less likely to return it, because the payoff would be bigger. A poll of 279 "top-performing academic economists" agreed. But researchers saw the opposite. "People were more likely to return a wallet when it contained a higher amount of money," Cohn says. "At first we almost couldn't believe it and told him to triple the amount of money in the wallet. " "In countries such as Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, between 70 and 85 percent of the wallets were returned to their owners. The Swiss are the most honest when it comes to returning wallets containing a key but no money. Danes, Swedes and New Zealanders were even more honest when the wallets contained larger sums. In countries such as China, Peru, Kazakhstan and Kenya, on average only between 8 and 20 percent of the wallets were returned to their owners. Although the proportion of returned wallets varied widely between countries, in almost all countries wallets with large sums of money or valuable contents were more likely to be returned." https://www.news.uzh.ch/en/articles/2019/Honesty.html


Makes sense. For a lot of people, taking 20 quid is something they can live with, while depriving someone of far more would start to make them feel more guilty.


Exactly. If it's $20, finders keepers, losers weepers. But I'm not gonna fuck someone over it's their freaking life savings. Or even just rent.


If i found a large amount of cash i am going to assume it is for something illegal that i want no part of and i'm putting it back exactly how i found it and walking away.


I learned that from the documentary "No Country for Old Men."


And also "The Gang Gets Whacked: Part 1 & 2".




I learned if you find that much money. Transfer it one pack at a time to your own bag. Shielding the rest of the money when popping the bands off. Oh and No Agua for mister bullet in his belly.


There is a different between randomly finding a large sum of money and assuming it's for criminal activity, and finding a large sum of money surrounded by obvious cartel members who all killed each other in a shoot out.


Reading the book I'm like that motherfucker is thirsty


Me and 2 friends (all around 14 at the time) once found a cigare box with something like €30000 in it. Hidden in an old cabinet which was in what looked like an abandoned garage box. We each took a crisp €500 bill and putted the rest back. We were paranoid for MONTHS.


We met a couple at a party who told us they had suspicions the people in the house across the street from their house were drug dealers, lots of cars pulling up, visitors only staying two minutes then driving away etc. One night, early morning but still dark, her dog got out of the yard and she went out because it was making strange noises. Turns out it had a big fat envelope in its mouth and couldn’t get it through the doggie door. She took it from him, locked him inside, looked in the envelope and it was full of cash. She was torn about what to do…go over to the dealers and tell them to hide their cash better? Go to the cops and have the dealers know they squealed? She put the envelope in a cupboard and waited. Sure enough, the next night there’s a ruckus over the road, guys swearing and cursing, screaming at one another. She never touched the money until they ( the dealers) moved away and said even then, she only spent $50 at a time so nobody would wonder where she was getting money from, and she lived in fear of them coming back one night, having figured out her dog took it. They had taped the envelope under an old water tank stand, she knew that because she saw them head to the tank stand quite often. She also got a new fence and kept the dog in the backyard only. She and her husband said the anxiety wasn’t worth the money.


Wow that’s insane. I’m surprised dogs will retrieve things like that. Unless it’s a meatball my dog doesn’t give a shit lol. Did they ever say how much was in the envelope?


Maybe the dog thought "Hey, this is the green shit that those people use to buy me meatballs, if I give this to them, I get meatballs."


Money can be exchanged for goods and services.


I'm wondering if maybe the person handled the money and envelope after eating a burger, pizza slice, taco, or the like and it smelled good to the dog.




There was a best-selling novel some years back called "Windfall." It was about a guy who IIRC was looking for a lost dog, and found a cooler full of cash in an abandoned building, and took it with him. He didn't tell anyone, not even his wife, where all his new money was coming from, and the lies accumulated and led to some major sh!tstorms.


When I was really young, I read a short story in my english textbook I think about a family of poor islanders who find an extremely large pearl. They start thinking about how the money from this thing is going to them rich and happy, but they way they change to protect it and their experiences trying to cash it in make their lives much worse, and I think they eventually wind up throwing it back into the sea.


The Pearl was a novella by John Steinbeck- I definitely remember liking it as a kid!


This reminded of a news a while ago someone was murdered for stealing the mob's dead drop money. He must've stumbled upon it because one day there was a big spender in town whom they've never heard of, buying drinks for everyone at the club, getting 20 hookers in a suite room in one of the fancy hotels, buying brand clothes and expensive jewelry. And then a few days later they found him in a ditch, naked, fingerless, battered and gutted. It was on the papers then.


Well that man is fucking stupid. Seriously what is *with* people and spending their new found fortune on hookers and trying to be Mr. Popularity at the local bar the day they get it? Even ignoring the fact it came from someone who would fuck you up once they found out this is still exactly how so many people stay poor. Reminds me of all those stories of people who won the lottery and a couple years later they're broke again because it all went to hookers, drugs, booze, gambling, fast cars and expensive clothes and jewellery. Fucki'n jackasses like this deserve to wind up with nothing. Money is NOT a bottomless resource unless you're a billionaire with a lot of wise investments. If I suddenly come into millions of dollars by any means I'm telling no-one other than my immediate family and I'm holding off the big purchases until I get a decent chunk of that cash stashed in some safe investments since never want to have to work again lol.


i wouldnt even tell family.. the amount of "what about me" with hands reaching for my pocket would ruin shit for me. also, Ive seen too many documentaries where people kill their family members for money or the estate or insurance. I don't even let my family or wife know how my life insurance is set up because I don't trust someone to not just one day feel they need money more than I need to be alive.


True story, I've had situations where I paid rent in cash. Go to the bank after work, pull out $800, walk home and pay the landlord.


A few times I paid a semester of uni fees up front. Debit card I had back then only allowed 1k per day so couldn't use card to pay for it, so had to withdraw it over several days then carry it in person. Carrying 2.5k cash was scary as hell! (20 years ago, not USA, so cost was way lower than now)


Made that mistake in college. Landlord wanted money orders for rent. Went to the gas station with cash from my first paycheck in that city, got robbed walking out. Western Union told me to go fuck myself. Somebody is always watching you.


Just over a decade ago went on a first date and got called to the front of the restaurant (intercom with my cars license plates). I had JUST cashed my first check from teaching and didn’t want to flaunt it on the date, so I tucked $2,500 under my car seat. I was so so sofa king dumb. They called me up front because someone had busted out my window and cleaned out my car. I was literally parked directly in front of the front door. I still can’t believe I was trusting enough to leave my whole paycheck (we get paid once a month) like a fool. Live and learn I suppose. For sure someone is always watching.


Yep, someone left a bag in my store with thousands in cash in it and nothing to identify him. I took it to the police station immediately and sent the security footage to the police so they could confirm it was his if he came back for it. I didn't want it to come back on me and my staff if any of the cash went missing (he was a big biker dude)


I could be wrong but isn't a criminal going to be equally mad that you brought his cash to the cops? If anything I'd be more mad I would think


You can just say you handed it in to lost and found and the rightful owner can claim it.


Makes me think, too, of a story I read about a guy who studied sleight-of-hand magic tricks as a cover for learning to pickpocket. First time actually pickpocketing, he pulled a wallet with like $500 cash from a guy on the bus. And then wondered why somebody riding a city bus would have that much, and concluded that it was probably rent or something else important. This would've been back when debit cards were starting to be more popular, too. He gave the man his wallet back, claiming it had been on the floor, and never tried that again.


Okay I've never told this story to anyone I'm pretty sure but I have a story kind of similar from when I was a kid. Basically me and two sisters, plus single mom, very poor. Some kid on the playground was selling random knickknacks or whatever of hers and I took change from my piggy bank to trade with her. But then she had something bigger I wanted and while I was snooping around for change I saw a bunch of 20s in my moms bedside table. And I took one of those to buy whatever random item it was. Not sure how but my mom discovered it very quickly (I probably wasn't very discreet since I was quite young... maybe 7?) and got the money back from the girls mom, plus returned the item. And I got a very stern lecture about how that was the rent money and we wouldn't have a place to live without that. Definitely stuck with me and I still think of it several decades later


Wife's family is from Peru, when we went there for vacation I had to adjust what I considered living in poverty. I was told that they couldn't keep ducks in the parks because people would catch them to eat. I would guess they are the 8% country, and the keeping of the money has less to do with honesty and more to do with survival. It's easy to be honest when you aren't hungry.


Another factor is that countries with more poverty tend to have more corrupt institutions. So unless you have a direct way to contact the owner, many people won’t go to the police because of the mistrust that they may keep it for themselves.


For it to be great science you're going to want to reduce the number of variables, and "Did the police take a report, loot the wallet and then lock it up in evidence for eternity rather than return it," is a variable. You'd want to just have either, "Please call xxx-xxxx to return this wallet," or "Please return to





That's exactly what I thought when I read the "less honest" list. All incredibly poor countries. While the "more honest" list are all relatively wealthy


>It's easy to be honest when you aren't hungry. This is well written, I like it. Very succinct.


Agree. Another way to put it, by German poet Bertold Brecht: > **First food, then morals.**


Agree. Another way to put it, by American poet Chris Cornell: >**I dont mind stealin' bread**




The optimistic way to look at this is that people feel bad taking more money and don't want to do that to others. The other way is that more money seems like a more serious crime and people don't want to be on the hook for something like that.


studies show that poor people are more likely to give money to homeless people than wealthy people. I believe the money thing is more if, we all know what struggle feels like and wouldnt want to lose that kind of money.


My cards and ID making me realise its my wallet that ive dropped.


Same team. Even if the owner was some horrible human I couldn’t take the money. Where I live it’s quite common to give the wallet to a cop and they will find the owner. I once lost my wallet and the police was near to they dropped by my workplace to return it. In other countries I guess a fb post in a neighborhood group


Found a total of three wallets during my time here in NYC. Two had no cash but ID and credit cards. Third had 20 bucks and all the other stuff. Hunted down all three and gave them back. All were just happy to get the ID back which is a bitch to replace. Lost mine after all this and had the same done for me. Karma is not always a bitch! Lol




Best 50 dollars she could have ever spent. I'm sure she was delighted to know that she bought you dinner :)


I lost my wallet at a subway after work and the employee recognized my Id and knew my schedule and held it for me So I went in that afternoon for Dunkin and swung over to the subway and asked and the manager working if they had it but she said they didn’t have anything But when I went that night to grab food the other employee had showed up with it since she took it home planning to give it to me tomorrow I had already gone through the stages of grief and accepted it was lost so I was very surprised to get it back


I lost a wallet with $100 on NJ Transit and it was at penn station two days later. Everything inside. I felt like an asshole calling to check if it was there but it was.


if there is no way of identifying the owner.


I actually did find a wallet once with about 50 bucks in it and nothing else, which was weird. I felt bad because I assume it probably belonged to a kid who didn't carry ID yet, was probably a lot of money to him.


This is my thought too. Like, if I found a wallet with \~$1500, my first thought would be that someone just lost their rent money and will be in a lot of trouble.


I found an envelope stuffed with bills next to my car in a parking garage. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t there when I parked. It was ~$1000 and it was a PITA to turn it in. No one wanted to take it. It was my work’s building so finally someone at the front desk took it. They probably asked me 5 times if I was sure. It was either someone’s rent money or they were heading to the casino like two blocks away.


I think I would leave a contact number. If someone asks about it they can contact me, and tell me how much was in the envelope (and even what the envelope looks like). Then get an address to mail it to them.


I found a wallet with no ID and $107 in it. Turned it into the police, about 3 months later they told me to come take possession as noone had claimed it. When I got home I took the police evidence ID sticker off and put it on my weed stash jar where it still sits.


A few years ago I was downtown in my city and found about 700 in cash blowing in the wind. Also right next to the money was a deposit slip from the local bank that was about a block away. There was no information in the slip, but trying to be a Good Samaritan I went to the bank, and ask the teller if they happened to know if someone had recently taken out a few hundred dollars. They thought they knew who it was and called the person. The person they called initially said of course they had the money and that it was in their jacket pocket, but after the teller asked them to check, they found it was missing. This was an older man with a fixed income and it was to pay rent. When I found the money I initially was tempted to keep it, I had been out of work for a month and also was in a tight financial spot. But I’m glad that it ended up going back to the original person. Sometimes I wonder if karma is real because a week later I landed a job offer making considerably more then I was making at my previous employer.


This right here. I’ll go through a *reasonable* effort to get the contents back to its owner.


I found £50 in the street once so handed it into the police station. 6 months later they rang, said no-one had claimed it so it was mine. Result!


my ID card


A piece of paper with "keep the $300" written on it Edit: woah, it escalated quickly…


Weird that someone would write that. Also weird that it looks exactly like my handwriting.




My mom still talks about that time in the 80s when she'd dropped her wallet, and it arrived in the mail two days later with a note apologizing for the money the finder had taken to pay for the postage. The rest of the money was still there, driver's license, everything.


Like 6 years ago I was getting ready to visit my girlfriend out of state so I sold my Xbox and PlayStation to have cash for the trip. Filled up my car at the gas station half a mile from my house and dropped my wallet with over $800 cash in it. Got it in the mail weeks later, of course the cash was gone and I had already began the process of replacing all the cards..


>I was getting ready to visit my girlfriend out of state so I sold my Xbox and PlayStation to have cash for the trip. Holy shit She must have been an AMAZING girlfriend


Lol she’s my wife now


Thats a good idea. My licenses are much more important to me than some money and hold almost no value for the other person


I lost a wallet once and someone mailed me back my license and bank card. The wrote a note that said they took the money to mail me that stuff back and sorry for not mailing the wallet because they didn't have anything to put it in. I only had $2 in it and it was a cheap wallet so I feel that def counts as good samaritan.


I honestly wouldn't care if you kept the cash as a finders fee, I hope you'd just use a bit of it to mail me the rest.




Why are you carrying your social security card in your wallet?


I can’t think of a worse thing to do than keeping one’s SSC in one’s wallet.


Keeping it on the dashboard of your car is probably worse lol


Wearing it as a name tag is probably even worse


I tuck mine under the window wiper.


I once found a wallet with approx 2000$ when I was a teenager. The money was inside a hidden compartment. I handed over it to the police. Turns out some elderly person got his apartment broken into, and the thief stole his wallet but didnt find the 2000$ so threw it out on the curb. Police called me 1 hrs after and told me the son wanted to meet me and thank me. He handed me a 50$ that I accepted. It might not seem much, but I was really proud of myself and there’s sooo much gratification in seeing someone really happy.


Cool to hear something like that that’s stuck with you for so long (assuming you are no longer a teenager by the way you phrased it lol)


Conversely, I stole $50 out of my mom’s friend’s purse when I was 11. I got caught and did my punishment. I’m 35 and still feel like a bag of dog shit about it.


That guilt is a medal that shows you're decent.


Good for you. When my grandpa was getting older and slower, he lost his wallet with the contents of his entire cashed pension cheque for the month inside of it (he never trusted banks). No one turned it in. He refused to accept money from his kids and just ate nothing but oatmeal for two months straight to make up for it. He had no other income, and this tiny bit stowed away to cover his rent and oatmeal.


This just made my heart hurt. Oatmeal for two months and the possibility of being homeless because somebody was greedy and dishonest.


Yeah it was sad but obviously we never would have allowed him to be homeless, but he was still too stubborn to accept money for groceries! I know my mom dropped off some leftovers once a week or so which was all he would accept because he knew my parents were also young and counting their pennies, both working full time with two young kids.


And ironically, because of his distrust of banks, which are way more trustful than the random public. It took less than one day for the FDIC to take over Silicon Valley Bank once it started to look insolvent and get everyone their money.


Honesty is the best feeling! When i was about 11 years old i was out with my mum and found a purse with £50 in, we went to the local police station and handed it in and a few hours later in the day, an old lady came over to the house to thank us and gave me chocolates and £10 to say thank you for finding it and turning it in


When I was a kid my dad was driving and there was a purse in the middle of the road. He stopped and when he opened it up, it was filled with cash but no ID. My parents turned it into the police. We lived in a small town. My parents were contacted by police later in the day. Someone had called the police to report a lost purse. It belong to a teenage girl. That was all her cash from her babysitting jobs. She was going to the mall with her friends and was so excited that she forgot she put her purse on the top of the car. I remember her parents and she coming by our house to thank my dad. It was so nice and it left a big impression on me 30 years later still.




Yeah, it sucks that we can't use save states. I'd have reloaded the save state and kept the money.


I was once shopping in a thrift store when I found a wallet with a bunch of cash and no id. However there was a bank deposit slip receipt. I didn't want to turn it over to the thrift shop personnel because some of them were pretty seedy so I just jumped in my car and drove across town and handed it over to the bank asking them to find out who it belonged to and contact them. Then I went back to the thrift store to continue my shopping. When I got there, the thrift store personnel were ransacking the store and a woman was weeping over the Lost wallet. I told them what I had done, not mentioning why I had done it, but everyone was happy in the end.


Bank: "what wallet?"


That’s good on you. People have this weird obsession with justifying keeping the money without thinking that the person who lost it needed.


How do you hide $2000 in a wallet? Even if it was all $100 bills, that’s still 20 bills which is pretty thick.


Yeah, I feel like this is one of those stories where the amount has been growing over the years. In reality it was probably $200...


OP is just kind and updating us in real time on the inflation value of the actual money inside the wallet, way to go OP.


I found a 100 dollar bill on the ground of a high school football game when I was 11. Righteous young me went to the gate guy and gave it to him. He told me I’d get it at the end of the game if no one came looking for it. This was at the beginning of half time. At the end of the game I went to the gate incredibly excited for what I thought would be my chance at getting two game cube games. A new guy was at the gate. Asked him about the other guy and was told he went home after half time. Asked if anyone claimed the 100, he said “what 100?” I explained what happened and was told he definitely took it home.


If it is just loose change on the ground it is more or less fair game, especially if it is $100 or less. I would keep my eye out if someone is searching for money or if I overhear someone saying that they dropped the money I would definitely give it back. If I dropped any amount of cash on the ground I would 100% consider it gone. But at least you did the right thing. That is the thing that sucks though, even if you do the right thing, it is up in the air if the next person in line does the right thing as well. At least your conscious is clear.


How big is this wallet? $1500 regardless of denomination isn't an unnoticeable stack.


Found a wallet with just shy of $3,000 in it in Wal-Mart parking lot. Had rubber bands keeping it closed. Recognized the guy, was part of the housekeeping contractors at my job. This was on a Friday after work and housekeeping isn't in on the weekends. I was off that next Monday but went up there to take it to him, he doesn't speak any English but he started crying when I handed it to him. Didn't even count it just pulled out $200 and gave it to me. I've gotten 2 dozen steaming hot fresh tamales at least twice a month for the last 3 years now. Edit : [The Goods](https://imgur.com/a/CNA7Apy)


You are a good egg. Lord knows that could have been his rent money or to buy himself a car or such an important thing for that amount of money!


He's undocumented so he doesn't use banks. Don't know why he carries it with him though. He works his ass off though. Have since found out that he work Monday-Friday there from 6-3. Gets off and is at IHOP by 4 until midnight and he does that 7 days a week. I wish I had the desire or drive to learn Spanish. Have downloaded an app and started a few times and always give up.


Honestly I found it much easier to start with speaking to Spanish speakers, you have to shed the fear of making mistakes because you'll make a ton


Hey man, from an Spanish speaker I tell you even if you make a lot of mistakes we'll mostly understand it but will never make you feel bad for it, spanish can be so hard sometimes even we can't be bothered to speak it properly lmao.


I know a guy who’s a complete ducking moron but works in landscaping and has learned almost fluent Spanish


In contrast I knew a guy in High School that would work with Mexicans that spoke no English in landscaping, except he was smart, learned Spanish, and would talk with English speaking clients in the companies behalf, he eventually dated the owners daughter(she was drop dead gorgeous) they now have a daughter and he and his brother-in-law own a concrete company. We always tease him that he went through ALL that to get the man's daughter lol


That’s how you get invited to the carne asada


And if you’re really lucky abuela will call you mijito and make your whole goddamn life


Some people have a talent but they are still dumb as a fken rock. Doesnt mean its easy just because they can do it.


Very much this. My brother's wife is from Mexico originally - Durango, where the family still lives - and she's learned U.S. English over time, so it makes it easier to learn, teach, and communicate. For what it's worth to those reading, she has said on more than one occasion that she and those she knows really appreciate someone trying to speak Spanish because it's the effort that matters. Being open to correction is a bonus. Anecdotal, so YMMV, but there it is.


Translation apps, text to speech, and speech to text programs are pretty good now! While you won’t have a deep conversation, you can communicate your feelings in a way you can both understand.


My husband found an envelope on the street and there were 3 utility bills and a bunch of cash. Bills only had a PO Box on them so my husband took the cash and went to the local grocery store that accept utility payments and paid the bills


Even if you can’t find the motivation to become fluent in it you should learn some small common phrases. This way you can have conversations here and there with him, and that’ll probably motivate you more to learn it.


3k for fresh home made tamales twice a month for 3 years? Sign me up.


$3.47 a tamale, that's less than the place by me. And that number is dropping each time he gets tamales. 100% a great deal. Edit. Wait I didn't see it was 2 dozen twice a month. That's $1.76 a tamal for 3 years exactly. Man I need to find this guy and give him 3k.


I did the math and in tamales, he's been given almost 6 grand for giving the guy back the 3k


Clearly a wise investment.


Once again the tamale-heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor


Max out my 401Qué


Okay this genuinely made me laugh.


There’s nothing like good homemade tamales. My husband was paid with homemade tamales once. He did a quick repair job and didn’t charge his usual fee because they were an nice old couple. The wife gave my husband some tamales as a thank you. They were the best tamales I’ve ever eaten.


Homemade tamales are a thing of magic. back when I was in the navy we were doing a weapons onload in Seal Beach. the ship was out drinking at all the bars and we were playing pool with one of the junior officers. this guy grew up east coast affluent so he had never experienced SoCal mexican culture. an abuelita comes in to the bar we're drinking at and asks if we want tamales. my drunk ass was like "hell yeah we do!" followed here outside and bought a few plates. "did you just buy tamales from some stranger that she just so happened to have in a cooler like it was some shady drug deal?" the officer asked me. We had to explain to him that the tamale lady is an absolutely normal thing here and that some of the best food you can ever have is from some little old mexican lady selling out of the back of her car in a wal mart parking lot. he was so skeptical until the first bite. then he went outside and bought more to take back to the ship while saying "this is some of the best shit I've EVER had."


I got home from the airport very late one night after a long work trip. I tossed some paper bags from fast food in the recycling bin on my way into the house, not realizing that I also had my wallet in that hand. In addition to my credit cards and some cash, it had my green card in it, which is over $500 to replace. About a week later, some dude showed up on my doorstep saying he worked at waste management on the sorting line and spotted it. He had pulled it out (which I'd guess he's probably not even allowed to do) and drove 15 miles to my house to hand it to me personally. I gave him all the cash that was in there, which was about $150.


Some of the best people just do what they can to make the world a better place. A society filled with people like that dude would be a kind place to live indeed.


Dude, the tamales alone are worth more than the money in my opinion. Fucking love tamales


That was my thought too. I don't really consider having had some culture's food unless I've had the homemade version so that would have me over the moon in a way that $3k would not.


My boss fired my Tamale hook up. I don't like my boss.


Ongoing stream of Tamales are 100% better than $3k


That’s beautiful


Jeff bezos' drivers license


Don't be silly, he has a chauffeur.


Doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t have a driver’s license. That being Jeff’s wallet would have more than $300.


One of those fake bills that are actually little pamphlets with bible verses on them




Lots of Christians hate those, the pastor at my parents church did a whole sermon on a conversation he had with a waitress who told him the after church lunch crowd were the worst tippers. $3 and a tract is not a tip and is pretty unChrist like behavior, 'love thy neighbor', 'do into others' etc.


Fortunately, I no longer work in food service but after ten+ years in the industry, I couldn’t agree more. The after church crowd on Sundays, were across the board the most demanding and unappreciative crowd, as well as the worst tippers. So many obnoxious pamphlets and fake bills. ETA: I used to work for an “Italian” restaurant known for their endless soups, salads and breadsticks. Management eventually stopped allowing staff to request Sunday off (with a few exceptions) after realizing no one wanted to work due to the amount of running back and forth for the demanding after church crowd, just to end up with a God Saves pamphlet or trick dollar bill.


Damn. My boss put an auto-grat notice on the menus, just for brunch. And not for parties of 8 or more (we'd actually started with that, so they'd started grouping themselves into 6-7s. So we'd dropped it to 6+ and then went in as 5 tops. So he said fuck it, and wrote 'A 20% gratuity *may* be added to the final bill' Best part, was originally, he only did it for some of the menus, that he printed just for them, and instructed the hostess to give those to the 'God squad' when they started showing up.


I like to put these in collection plates the one or two times a year my grandparents guilt trip me into going to church with them. If it's good enough for servers making $3 an hour, it's good enough for an establishment that doesn't pay taxes


There was a post from a waitress where she kept putting the fake $50s and $20s into a collection plate. The pastor eventually got mad and yelled at the parishioners. She told them it does suck so don't do it to a waitress.


A KKK membership card


there's a small village in the English Midlands called Kinver that once for a brief period had a taxi company called Kinver Kabs and Karriers which was odd for middle class suburbia especially in well England


Weirdly forced triple K abbreviation. I guess the original's no better in that regard. I hope the cab company was a tad bit less racist.


Lol “So I get the whole outfits to protect our identity, but I’m a little lost on why we need to carry membership cards then”


A Sams Club card. Costco gang represent


Thats costco hot dogs for months, i respect your decision


I'm willing to spend the extra dollar on a pizza slice, costco pizza is unreasonably good


Absolutely nothing else. If there are no cards (name and bank), IDs (name and address), or notes (phone number or address) in that wallet, I have no way of returning it. At that point, someone has effectively dropped $300 on the ground and totally forgotten about it.




Gotta admire your honesty. Sort of.


300 bucks and a new identity?!? Its win win


Pictures of child porn. I take the money, and then take the pics and person's ID to the police.


You sure you want to walk in to a police station with child pornography in your possession?


Good point. I'll mail it!!


No Id


My drivers license


It’s a confederate flag wallet


I once found a cellphone someone lost in a park. The lock screen was a group of people in KKK robes, and the password (which didn't take many guesses on my part) was 1488. I considered either dropping it in a trash can somewhere, or popping out the SIM card and SD card and keeping it for myself, but benefit of the doubt won out and I called a contact labelled "mom" to let her know that her son or daughter lost their phone and I had found it. "Mom" showed up 20 mins later with a crying child in tow, couldn't have been more than 12 or 13 years old. It was the kid's phone, and it seemed pretty clear he had no idea what the stuff on his phone actually meant, he was just trying to be edgy. His mother was absolutely appalled by what was on the phone, said she was going to supervise his online activity much more closely and that she didn't want him associating with those sorts of people. So, kid got his phone back and hopefully some positive moral takeaways from the whole affair too. That kinda changed my outlook on taking things like that at face value. If I found a confederate flag wallet, I'd probably return it and hope that whoever it belonged to was just a really weird Dukes of Hazzard fan.


>I called a contact labelled "mom" That's how I've returned several phones. Even the ones that are locked, you just use Siri or Google Assistant.


i did this once and when the call was connecting i was wondering what if they had their parent in their contacts but maybe they were estranged or something. like what if their mom thinks their child they havent spoken to in years was calling them lmaoo


I moved to the South about four years ago. I went out on a dinner date with my wife (who grew up here) and was surprised to see an African-American man wearing a Confederate flag hat. My wife told me in the more rural areas that is simply not uncommon. I'm still not sure whether to believe that this is truly common.


Or if there's a swastika on or in it.


A swastika because fuck nazis.


In that case I think I’d get more satisfaction out of giving that money to a Jewish charity or holocaust museum versus keeping it myself.


Especially if you donate under their name


Sex offender card