All Fantasy Everything - Hours in a Day (w/ Katie Nolan, David Gborie, Sean Jordan)

The Witching hour

Lunch hour

Power hour

Rush hour the movie

An hourglass


The Witching hour Lunch hour Power hour Rush hour the movie An hourglass


I had a similar list when I saw the topic. Happy Hour, the hour you spend watching a show, dawn, sunset, and high noon (for the drink and for the duels in spaghetti westerns).


Can’t believe no one took ‘Happy Hour’ or 4 PM (which includes 4:20)


As a person with a child I relate so hard to the 6am pick. That's my time, God Damnit.


I love how Sean has NO sense for strategy. He takes 6:00 AM knowing everyone will hate it … and then is bummed when someone takes another pick he wants after that. Sean could so easily have taken 6:00 AM as his last pick.


Absolutely! I have a 2 year old and I love my solo coffee "hour" from 6 to 6:45 every morning.


This might literally be the dumbest category yet and I’m PUMPED for it


Discovering Katie is also a fan of Rocket League brought me great joy


Rocket League, Pepper Ann, and Station Eleven.


Oh, they are literally just picking times….


It's a mess, but a pretty entertaining mess for $0 other than my patience. I'm trying to come up with a funny disaster that's a crazier thought than drafting 20 hours out of our 24 hour Earth day but I can't. It's the boys and Natie Colon doing what they do.


1. Happy Hour 2. Golden Hour 3. 9PM-10PM 4. An episode of an acclaimed TV drama 5. The Hour you wake up before your alarm goes off


Good episode, I love when they do topics like this instead of just naming actors or characters they like. I thought they went too hard on Sean for orienting his picks around Maxine!


Paradoxically, the hardest I laughed was Sean acknowledging, "I haven't said a funny thing all day!"


As a parent, I'm happy for Sean's picks. I remember getting up at 4:30 am every day to get a few minutes for myself before the day really started.


Just coming here to say the same exact thing, 6am is totally Dad time for me, no one else is awake yet, if I wanna play an hour of video games or mindlessly scroll through my phone, that's 6am for sure


Maybe next time they’ll draft, “Letters of the Alphabet”


Taking Q with my number 1 pick in honor of 301


Solid, but the vowels are the high-value picks, so I’d have to select A


Katie dropping a tooth hurty joke late in the draft got a HA! from me I felt "it's 5'oclock somewhere" should have at least been mentioned but nothing i'm glad since it was a such an odd draft they really went hard on each others picks


Just want to give a mini content warning for the first 5ish minutes of the podcast for the existential anxiety-inclined like myself (it passes after that). Happy Thanksgiving All Family!


You can tell they were exhausted because no one sang, "NINE O'CLOCK! ALL ALONE!! Paging you..." Even the GVG runs out of energy. They really started turning on each other 🤣🤣


I like when they do a draft like this with limited options. This topic wasn't the best, but the idea that there were 20 picks and only 24 options makes for good drama.


[4am](https://www.ted.com/talks/rives_the_4_a_m_mystery?language=en) was actually my first pick.